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Amazing but true dont take that ease about hinduism.,,,நந நநநநநநநநநநநந நநநநநநநநநநந! " நநந நநந நநநநநநநந பப . நந நநநநநநநந நநநநநநநந, நந பப,நநநந நந நந நநநநநநநநநநநநந நநநநநநநநநநநநநநநநநநநந. நநநநநந நநநநநநநந நநநநநநநநநநந நநநநந நநநநநநநந நநநநநநநநநநந பபப நநநநநந நநநநநநநந நநநந நநநநநநந பப 3 நந நநநநநநநநநநநநநநந . 3 நந நந நந நந நந பபபப நந . நந நநநந நநநநநநநநநநநநந, ந நந ந .நநநந ந நந நநநநநநநநந நநநநந நநநநநநநநநந நநநநநநநந. நநந நநநநநந நநநநநநநநந??? - நநநநநந நநநநநநநநந, நந நநநநந ந நநநநநநநநந, நநநநநந நநநந ந ந .நநந! நநந நநநநநநநநநநநநந நநநநநநநந நந -நநநநநநநநந நநநநநநந நநநந நநநநநநநநநந- நநந ந நந நநநந நநநந நநநந பப ந நந நநநநநநநந 3 நந நந ந . நநந நந நநநந பப நநநநநந ???நநந நநந நந நநநநநநநநந நநநநநநந நநநநநநநநநநநநநந ந நந நநநந ந நநநநநநநநநநநநந நநநநநநநநநந.நநநநநநநநநநநந நநந நநநந நநநநநநநந நநந நநநநநநநநநநநநந ந பப நநநநநநநந நநநந நநந நநநநநநந நநநநநநநநந. நநந நநநநநந நநநநநநநநநநநநநந நநநநநநநநநநநநநந நநநந நநநநநநநநநநநநநந நந நந நந நந பபபப . நநந நநநநநநநநந ந ந நநநந நந ந பபபப .நநநநநநநநநநநநநநநநநந நநநநநந ந ந நநந நநநநநநந நநநநநநநநநநநந 'நந ந ' நநநந நநநநந

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Amazing but true

dont take that ease about hinduism.,,, ! " . , , . 3 . 3 . , . . ??? - , , .! - - 3 . ??? . . . . '' . . . . ." . , , . . . !! !! , , , ... ??? !!!! ?? .. . ........................

5, , . 5SNONatural Elements Name of GodPlace of WorshipLatitudeLongitude

1AirSri KalahastiswararSri Kalahasti13 74' N79 69' E

2Land EkambaranatharKanchipuram12 84' N79 69' E

3SkyNatarajaChidambaram11 40' N79 69' E

4WaterSri JambukeswararThiruvanaikaval10 85' N78 70' E

5FireArunachaleswararTiruvannamalai12 23' N79 06' E

Dear devotees, the Panja Boothangal are Air, Land, Sky, Water and Fire. So our ancestors build five temples for these five natural elements, the greatest thing is that where these five temples are situated, from the below links you can come to know the geographical location. More over if look into the Latitude and Longitude from the above table, you will come to know that Sri Kalahasti, Kanchipuram, and Chidambaram will be in the same Longitude (i.e) 79 69' E, Please click the All below link that you come to know these three temples are in straight line. From north to south. Really its an amazing one to know.

Arulmigu Sri Kamalavalli Samedha Kailasanadhiswarar AalayamFounder of this templeWith the evidence of Rock inscription we came to know that all the kings who ruled Karvettinagaram belongs to Karikalachola generation. From a Sanskrit scriptural (poem) "Sri Padmavathi Parinaya champu" written by poet "Sri Saila" also confirmed the same. "Nisangu Durgam" belongs to 15th century. Temple "Sri Kamlavalli Samedha Kailasanadhiswarar Alayam" situated in Echambadi was built by Raja Raja Thirubuvana chakaravarthi and Raja Raja Chola II in the year 1157 A.D. Before construction this temple, they arranged eight days Yaga and they donated lands for three Lord siva temples. It was proved by the rock inscription found in "Sri Arulmigu Venugopal swami" temple. These kings had the affection with the cauvery river, so they created many villages called Kavadipuram, Kavarajapuram, Veerakavaarajapuram and so on. "Sri Subramaniya swami" Temple situated in Tiruttani also built by these kings. Moreover these Kings donated lands to the following temples. 1. Avimukikasivara Aalayam also known as holi Varanasi Vishwanathaseewarar temple. 2. Illakeswara Aalayam. 3. Akka Kuleswaram. Sri Kailasanadhiswarar Temple Entrance

Evidence found in the templeRock inscription was found inside "Arulmigu Kamalavalli Amman Sanctum". A separate sanctum in this temple, to the Northern side. The rock impression is sent to Archaeological department.

To, Government of India, The Chief Epigraphist, Office of the Chief Epigraphist, Archaeological Survey of India, Old university office buildings, Mysore - 570005.

We received a feedback and came to know that the "period and the Kings" who build this Temple. Great Kings, Emperor, all are gone but the state of temples, poojas are still there, which every one knows. Maha Kavi Kalidas as prised this temple as "Nagareshu Kanchi". Famous temple like "Sri Kamachi Amman Samedha Ekambare Natheeswara" temple Maduri "Sri Meenakshi Amman Samedha Sockanatheeswara" temple, Kasi "Arulmigu Sri Visalatchi Amman Samedha Sri Kasiviswanatheeswara" temple. In all the above three temple, during the "Urchavam" time first honour "THAMBOOLAM" and first priority is given to lord "Arulmigu Sri Kamlavalli Samedha Kailasanadhiswarar". Rock inscription

The below Rock inscription impression was written by Sri D.Markandeya Achary AVL, seeing the above Rock inscription by his own hand writing and sent to Archaeological Department.

Feed back from Archaeological Department.

Myth of this templeKarvattinagaram Kings used Koormam and Varagham as their emblem. The same was sculptured in the first entrance roof. Which result the temple was built by these kings, The river called "Kusassthalai" just 0.5 km away from Eesanpadi to the south, a village named Ramachandrapuram in which "Arulmigu Sridevi Bhudevi Samedha Vijayaraghava Perumal" sung a song on Arulmigu Sri Kamlavalli Samedha Kailasanadhiswarar, hence the place is called as Eesanpadi, which in turn called Eechambadi now. The place where Sridevi Bhudevi Samedha Vijayaraghava Perumal stood and devote songs on Arulmigu Sri Kamlavalli Samedha Kailasanadhiswarar called "Peramalnallur". In the song for Kailasanadhiswarar a stanza "Perumal nindru eesanai padinar" is placed.

"Peramul nindra oor", so called as Peramanallur"eesanaipadinar", so called as "Eesanpadi" (Echanpadi).

Koormam and Varagham at Temple Roof

Architectural design of this temple"Sri Kailasanadhiswarar" is seemed to be very glorious in sanctum. (The Lingam is found as Round in shape) Outside of the sanctum "Lord Nandiswwarar" said glory presented before Lord Siva. During the "PRODHOSHA KALA" pooja will done to "Lord Nandiswaran". To the eastern side of Nandiswwarar "pali peedam" is there. Separate sanctum is there for other gods also. To the south of Lord Siva, "Sri Vinayaga Perumal" sanctum, and beside "Sri Dhakshina Moorthi", to the northern side of the Dhakshina Moorthi" Sri Nanmugan Bramha" and beside "Sri Durgai Amman" are Presented.Opposite to "Sri Nanmuga Bramha", "Sri Sandi Kesawarar" Sanctum is faced towards South.To the south-east of the temple, "Arulmigu Suriya Narayana Murthi Swamigal" sanctum is there, it faced towards northern side. This sanctum is faced towards south.Eesanpadi VillageEesanpadi is situated 2 K.M away from Pallipattu.

Where is Pallipattu?

Geographical Location: Thiruvallur District, Tamil Nadu, Southern part of India.Geographical Co-ordinates: 13 20' 0" North, 79 27' 0" East

How to travel?

Bus is available from all major towns. Frequent buses are available from Tiruttani.

Pallipattu by Road1. 117 K.M from Chennai via Poonamalli, Tiruvallur, Tiruttani. 2. 34 K.M from Thiruthani,(Thiruthani is the nearest bit town from Pallipattu.) 3. 54 K.M from Tirupathi Pallipattu is very closed to Tamilnadu and Andra Pradesh border.

Pallipattu by Train

If you are willing to travel by train. Get down at Ekambarakuppam Station, is between Chennai Central to Renigunta Junction

Pallipattu by Air

Tirupathi airport(Andra Pradesh) is the nearest airport to Pallipattu. From Tirupathi we have to come by Train or Road ways

About Pallipattu As of 2001 India census, Pallipattu had a population of 8650. Males constitute 50% of the population and females 50%. Pallipattu has an average literacy rate of 71%, higher than the national average of 59.5%: male literacy is 79%, and female literacy is 63%. In Pallipattu, 12% of the population is under 6 years of age. The town constitutes 50% of people who speak Tamil language, 40% of people who speak Telugu and remaining 10% people are Urdu speaking Muslim community. Pallipattu is blessed with the flowing of river, from west to east, named 'Kusasthalai' also called as 'Kotralai' which is the main source of water for Poondi Reservoir. The north side is covered by a Lake.

The speciality of this village North side - Lord Siva Temple and a pond called as "Seethalakulam", South-East - "Mahatheesiwara" temple, South-West - "Perumal" temple, To the northern side of the "Seethalakulam" (pond) "Sri Kamala Venayagar" temple faced towards eastern side. Seethalakulam (pond)

The above map shows where the Pallipattu is located.

Arulmigu Sri Kamalavalli Samedha Kailasanadhiswarar AalayamMain EntranceSide view of the temple

Side view of the temple with Dhakshinamurthi swamiDhakshinamurthi swami a closer view

Side view of Arulmigu Kamalavalli Amman sanctumRock inscription found in Arulmigu Kamalavalli Amman sanctum

Full view of Arulmigu Kamalavalli Amman sanctumNandi statue

Swami NandiSwami Devi

Other statues