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Portrait Session Information for 2014


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ambient art photography2014 Portrait Session Information

ambient art photography2014 Portrait Session Information

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Ambient Art Photographyc/o Kali Ann BauerPO Box 5212Grand Forks ND [email protected]

I always try to stay connected and love interacting with my clients online. Pleaseconnect with me onsocial media! I’d loveto stay in touch!to stay in touch!





(701) 578-5952


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My love for portrait photography came about when I was very young. I used to flip through my grandparents’ heirloom albums and ask about the people in the photographs, many of whom I never had the chance to meet. Those pictures tell stories and recall memories that would normallynormally be long forgotten, and the physical photographs themselves have lasted for generations.

Despite the transition to social media, I still delight in producing quality prints and beautiful customized products. I long to share the feeling of discovering a photograph of a memory long forgotten. With the premium photographic products that I provide, I’m sure that your images willwill one day be looked at by your grandchildren, and I hope with all of my heart that they will treasure these photographs just as I did when I was young.

As the owner of Ambient Art Photography, I strive to bring you only the best products out there. I want you to showcase your favorite images in a customized style that matches your personality and your lifestyle. I look forward to creating beautiful works of art for you, and for your friends and family!friends and family!


Preserving Memories | [email protected]

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Individual Portrait SessionsSessions include unlimited clothing and location changes. Also includes a complimentary video slideshow and private, password-protected online viewing gallery. Products sold separately.

Mini Portrait Session (30 minutes) $149Classic Portrait Session (60 minutes) $199Deluxe Portrait Session Deluxe Portrait Session (2 hours) $249Premium Portrait Session (3 hours) $299

Specialty Portrait SessionsThisThis is what lifestyle photography is all about! We custom create a one-of-a-kind session that fits in everything you want to document - friends, family, work, play, special events, and just about everything that makes your lifestyle unique! This all-inclusive session includes up to 6 hours of journalistic-style images to make any day one to remember forever.

“A Day In The Life Of...” (up to 6 hours) $399

Portrait Session PackagesTheseThese packages bundle together your most essential portrait sessions and make them easy to plan for. We even send you reminders when it’s time to schedule your next session! And the best part? There are NO time restraints, and NO session fees! That’s right, the amount that you pay goes straight toward your final product order in the form of a print credit with a minimum order requirement.

“Oh Baby!” Newborn Package (4 sessions) $399(includes maternity, baby shower, birth/hospital, and newborn sessions)

“Grow With Me!” Family Package“Grow With Me!” Family Package (7 sessions) $599(includes maternity, newborn, 3 month, 6 month, 9 month, 1st birthday, and family sessions) | [email protected]

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I only have one rule that I make sure everyone follows: take a deep breath and enjoy the session. It’s often a natural instict to want to make sure everyone is smiling and “saying cheese” while looking at the camera, but I’m all about a different kind of experience. Lifestyle photography is focused on photographing those real moments and true emotions that people experience. I pride myself on engaging with everyone in a way that elicits a naturalnatural response, without faking a thing! I work with men, women, couples, families, seniors, and children all in a very different way, so I ask that for every photo session, just sit back, relax, and most importantly...have FUN!


Session Success

and | [email protected]

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A Few Helpful Hints1. bring at least one change of clothes. 2. don’t forget a brush or comb! 3. bring an easy snack and bottle of water...just in case! 4. bring any props or items that you might like to include in your photos...anythingphotos...anything goes! 5. finally, get plenty of rest and be prepared to have FUN!

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Let’s be honest, sessions with younger children often don’t always go as smoothly as planned, which is why I have a few hints on how to help.

First,First, I strongly encourage you not to bribe your children or promise a surprise prior to the session. In my experience, children can be so focused on earning a treat they want to rush through the session. However, with your permission, I would like to offer your child a surprise as we near the end of the session. This usually lets me in capture additional frames that may have otherwise been missed, and can evoke more positive emotions if children are tired or uncooperative.tired or uncooperative.

Finally, I also encourage parents not to try and get a child’s attention during a session. I advise against doing things like clapping, calling out a child’s name, or telling them to look at the camera. Children can get frustrated when more than one person is trying to talk to them, and may often feel confused on who to listen to. Instead, quiet is best, and it lets me focus on getting your child’s attention only when necessary.

If your child becomes restless at any point during the session, please remember that it’s not uncommon for me to set down my camera and play with your child or talk to them for a few minutes. This gives your child a break, and helps establish trust. I wantwant your child to have fun and to feel safe, so if they aren’t comfortable right away with being photographed, know that I will always have their best interest in mind.

Working with Children

Break Time | [email protected]

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Tips for selecting outfits for your sessionA common question among clients is “what should we wear to our session?” Clothing choices can often make or break an image, so here are a few things to keep in mind when selecting outfits, shoes, and accessories.

Coordinating colors tend to photograph better than outfits that are perfectly matched. Gone are the days of jeans and white t-shirts! Try selecting a pallette of several coordinating colors and choose outfits using those guidelines. For larger groups, select a more general color scheme instead of specific colors. Also decide what style you want to go with, and make sure everyone sticks to a similar style. No gym shorts mixed with dinner jackets, please!shorts mixed with dinner jackets, please!

Coordinate Colors & Styles

Layering vests, sweaters, jackets, and scarves is an easy and natural way to give depth to your final images. Layering also works when you mix in different textures, patterns, or fabrics. You can even tie in things to the overall look using shoes and hats. Try not to overdo it, though, or those items may end up being distracting. Be careful when choosing jewelry, and beware of socks! Finally, don’t forget to choose articles of clothing that fit your body type - nothing too tight or that fit your body type - nothing too tight or loose.

My goal is to capture real, authentic images that reflect who you are and your everyday lifestyle. To best reflect who you truly are, be sure to select clothes that reflect your personal style and taste, rather than coercing yourselves into something trendy or outside of your comfort zone. Being comfortable is key to a fantastic lifestyle photo session!

Layer & Accessorize

Be Authentic | [email protected]

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“When I first saw the photos from our shoot, I was blown away! I loved them all...and I loved how Kali was able to capture our crazy moments. You could see it wasn't staged and that it was just my family doing what we do best...having fun! I wouldn’t change a thing about our pictures!”


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custom products and packages availabe upon request



up to 40 small prints (up to 8x10)

($270 savings!)

complete set of high resolutiondigital images with print release

($2,800 savings!)

up to 30 small prints (up to 8x10)

($190 savings!)

complete set of 4x6, 5x7, and 8x10 prints

($400 savings!)

up to 20 small prints (up to 8x10)

($110 savings!)

up to 10 small prints (up to 8x10)

($50 savings!)

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Thank you for selecting me to be your lifestyle photographer. I strive to provide each and every one of my clients with a unique set of photographs, exceptional customer service, and a fun experience. My hope is that the images from your session will be treasured for many years to come. I can’t wait to get started!

~ Kali | [email protected]