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AMC Square learning, Hyderabad

AMC Square learning is one of the pioneers of career based learning programs along with professional certification courses. We are specialists in providing premium training in the areas of software technologies like Java, .Net, Android.

AMC Square learning is committed to make globally competent I.T professionals through innovative teaching strategies and advanced courses. Our mission is to ensure opportunities for our students, employees and business corporation to gear up for a better quality life.Continueds

We have resourceful, experienced trainers to groom the learners professionally and personally. The expertise of the training is coupled with a strong commitment in providing the best-in-class education. Among the seventy courses we are offering, the most hot selling courses are- Big Java, R and Hadoop, Hibernate, ASP.NET MVC 5. Continued

Enjoy the benefits of our sculpted courses at a comparatively reasonable fee structure. You can never expect an immaculate training anywhere else.

Learning is fun and absolutely stress free in our learning centres. Learners are helped to learn through cool tools.

Videos and game like labs. Learners can use the latest in peer-to peer social learning tools and connect with smart and innovative people.Continued

Well researched online training as well as instructor-led classroom pedagogy is AMC Square learnings highlight.Placement assistance is provided, partnering with organisations of national repute like AMCAT, FIRMNXT.COM.

The career readiness certificate issued by AMC Square learning is an entry level yard stick in many corporates. Continued