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AmeriCorps 101 Key AmeriCorps Grant Terminology for Reviewers. 2014 AmeriCorps External Review Training. Training Objectives. Describe CNCS’s AmeriCorps programs Define basic AmeriCorps grant concepts and terminology Identify AmeriCorps’ six Focus Areas - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Understanding the CNCS Grant Application Review Process

AmeriCorps 101Key AmeriCorps Grant Terminology for Reviewers

2014 AmeriCorps External Review Training

1Training ObjectivesDescribe CNCSs AmeriCorps programsDefine basic AmeriCorps grant concepts and terminologyIdentify AmeriCorps six Focus AreasDescribe the differences between the categories of AmeriCorps grant opportunities22Preview of Assessment Questions(Multiple Choice)Which AmeriCorps program serves as a full-time residential program for men and women, ages 18-24, who are serving in short-term projects across the country?

(Short Answer)List the six AmeriCorps Focus Areas

33AmeriCorps Programs4

4AmeriCorps is an Umbrella that Consists of Three Programs5AmeriCorps VistaAmeriCorps State and NationalAmeriCorps NCCC

5AmeriCorps Focus Areas6


Disaster Services

Veterans and Military Families

Healthy Futures

Economic Opportunity

Environmental Stewardship6AmeriCorps Terms and Concepts77AmeriCorps Terms and Concepts (cont.)88Who are AmeriCorps Members?Individuals enrolled for a specific term of service with an AmeriCorps program Members are not volunteers or employeesSome AmeriCorps members receive a living allowance, health insurance, and child care assistance to support them during their term of serviceAmeriCorps members receive the Segal AmeriCorps Education Award upon successfully completing a term of serviceAll AmeriCorps members are subject to criminal history checks9

9Member TerminologyMember Service Year (MSY): One Member Service Year is equivalent to one full-time AmeriCorps member (not always equivalent to one personsee slot type below). AmeriCorps funds are contingent on the number of MSYs requested by the program.AmeriCorps member term/slot type: There are five types of AmeriCorps member terms or slots: full time, half time, reduced half time, quarter time, and minimum time. (i.e. Two members with half-time slots can comprise one MSY.) The total MSYs a program requests depends on the number and type of slots/AmeriCorps member positions included in a particular program design.

1010AmeriCorps State & National GrantsRequires an applicant to propose an AmeriCorps programApplicants submit an application explaining their programs:Program DesignOrganizational CapabilityCost Effectiveness & Budget Adequacy Other important submissions include a detailed budget, performance measures, and/or additional documentsAs an External Reviewer, you will assess the Program Design. 11

11AmeriCorps Program DesignDesign/structure of AmeriCorps programs vary Not prescriptive or cookie-cutterMembers can provide their service with the organization receiving the AmeriCorps grant, or Members could be placed at community organizations by the grant recipientMembers can serve as a team on a single project, or Members could be placed individually or in small groups on various projectsMembers serve as teachers, health care providers, police officers, engineers, or other professionals in communities where there is an inadequate number of such professionals1212Categories of Funding for 2014 AmeriCorps ReviewAmeriCorps State GrantsNational Direct GrantsEducation Award Programs (EAP) Fixed Amount GrantsProfessional Corps GrantsUS Territories and Indian Tribe Grants 1313AmeriCorps StateState grants address needs within one stateSingle state programs must contact their State Service Commission to apply for AmeriCorps fundingAmeriCorps National grant programs address community needs in at least two states

1414National Direct GrantsNational grants address needs in a multi-state areaGrantee has relationships with entities in different states that will operate the local programs

1515Education Award ProgramsFunded directly by CNCS or through State CommissionsAre separate fixed-amount type grants May enroll less-than-full-time members in addition to full-time members Receives minimal financial support from the AmeriCorps grant and has fewer fiscal reporting requirements

1616Professional Corps GrantsGrants are awarded to organizations that propose to operate a Professional Corps program in a single or multiple states 1717US Territories and Indian Tribe GrantsIndian Tribes ProgramPer CNCS legislation, a minimum of 1% of funds for AmeriCorps programs is set aside for Tribal applicantsIndian Tribes can also submit applications for any of the other grant programs.States and Territories w/out CommissionsApplicants from these locations can apply directly to CNCS CNMIUS Virgin Islands

1818Wrap UpDescribe CNCSs AmeriCorps programDefine basic AmeriCorps grant concepts and terminologyIdentify AmeriCorps six Focus AreasDescribe the differences between the categories of AmeriCorps grant opportunities

1919AssessmentTo check for understanding and to verify that you have completed this orientation session, please complete the Assessment at the following link: