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  • Caesar 1992 Impressions

    ManualThank you for buying this product. It is the resultof a great deal of hard work and careful thought,and we hope that it will give you many hours ofenjoyment.

    We are proud of our games, but we know thatthey can never be perfect. If you have any ideasabout how we can improve, we would be de-lighted to hear from you. Please take the time tofill out the enclosed registration card. We can thenadd you to our mailing list, and keep you informedof new products and special offers as they comeout.

    Caesar: Copyright Impressions 1992

    INTRODUCTION~~~~~~~~~~~~Welcome to the grandeur and glory of imperialRome! It is the first century BC, and the repub-lihas just fallen to the first Emperor, CaesarAugstus. Positions of power change hands as thewould-be masters of the Empire rise and fall in theEmperor's favour.

    You are one such ambitious publifigure. Throughpatient skill and hard nosed dealing, you havemanaged to secure the governorship of a provinceof the Roman Empire.

    If you can turn the undeveloped backwaterinto a secure and prosperous home for itscitizens, you will rise in rank, and in the Emperorsesteem. If you can repeat that success throughoutyour career, anything is possible - perhaps eventhe throne itself.

    ABOUT CAESAR~~~~~~~~~~~~~In Caesar, you job is to govern your province asefficiently as possible. Much of your time will bespent in the capital city of your Province. You willhave to design & build this yourself. Housing,water-supply, industry and many other factors willhave to be balanced to produce a successful city.

    However, your citizens do not live in an ideal,insulated world where the only problem is how tospend your money. Beyond the Imperial frontiersare barbarians of many tribes, constantly trying theEmpire's defences. If life under your rule is miser-able or harsh, you will also have to face oppositionfrom within. You must ensure that the entireprovince is well defended, and that safe travelbetween its towns is maintained.

    OBJECTIVES~~~~~~~~~~~Your objective in Caesar is to govern your provinceof the Empire sufficiently well that you will bepromoted. If promoted, you will be given control ofa new region where standards must be higher.With enough successes, you could eventually riseto the rank of Emperor yourself.

    Your performance as provincial governor will beassessed in four ways:

    Peace - the degree of security your people enjoy.

    Culture - the publiand cultural amenities avail- able to the citizens.

    Prosperity - the wealth you have bought your province.

    Empire - the communications and transport network in the region.

  • You will also have an overall rating based on these factors.You can always get a report on your current performance byconsulting your administrative advisor, from the forum.Click on the base of each pillar in his report for a resumeof the requirements to increase in each rating.To gain promotion, you need to achieve a certain overall rating,and have at least a minimum in each category. You can see what those figures are, again, by going to the forum - this timeto see your political advisor. Once there, just click on your current title.

    The imperial favour rating on the same screen gives a moregeneral indication of how important and how competent theEmperor considers you to be.

    TITLE IN CAESAR~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~You start the game with the title of Decurian, one level above the citizens of the province. The ranks which existin the game, from lowest to highest are as follows:

    Citizen - Decurian - Magistrate - Praefectus - Legate - Quaestor - Senator - Praetor - Consul - Proconsul - Emperor.

    INTERFACE INTRODUCTION~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~This game has been designed with an easy to use mouse drivenpoint and click interface. Each command you mighyt wantto issue will be associated with an icon (a small picture)on the screen. The icons are always along the bottom ofthe screen.

    To give the command, just click on its icon - move the mousepointer onto the icon and firmly press the left mouse button.

    Keyboard commands are also included for pusers who do not havea mouse.

    COMMAND MODE AND SCROLL MODE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~After you load the game, you will see terrain over all of thescreen except a strip along the bottom - the icons.

    The mouse pointer initially looks like an arrow. This means that you are in command mode, and can issue iunstructions by clicking on icons.

    If you give a command that needs a location to bespecified (like building something), the pointer willchange - usually into a picture of the thing youwant to build. You are now in Scroll Mode.

    Clicking the right mouse button (right clicking)anywhere will also toggle you between the twomodes.

    In Scroll Mode, when you move the mouse beyondone of the screen edges, the screen display willmove in that direction up to the border of theterrain area. Both of the main terrain displays inthe game are of an area much larger than what isfirst visible on the screen.

    So, if you want to build new houses, say, youmust be in Command Mode and click on the iconthat looks like a house. The pointer will become asmall house, indicating that you are now in scrollmode. You can scroll all around, looking for a goodsight to place your building. Click on a site tochoose it. Having done so, you will stay in ScrollMode, with house-building still the selected com-mand, until you right click, and shift back toCommand Mode.

    GETTING STARTED~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Please refer to your technical supplement forinstructions on how to load the oame on yourcomputer.

    Having done so, you will be shown the optionsscreen. Here you can either load a partially-finishedgame you saved earlier and carry on, or set theparameters for a new uame.

  • In a new game, you must first set a difficulty level,which determines how much money you start within each province. You can also personalise thegame by naming your new governor.You can rename your character later, or gain areminder of where in the Empire you have beenposted, by clicking on your Name and your prov-ince within the Political Advisor's report (see 'Inthe Forum ').

    THE CITY LEVEL AND THE PROVINCIAL LEVEL~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Once past the options screen, you will be shownthe area where you must build your new city.Initially, this 'City Level' is a bare landscape ofrocks and trees. It is here that you will clear theway for housing, hospitals, schools and all theother buildings of the capital. Eventually, most ofthis countryside may become a bustling urbanlandscape.

    Whenever you take control of a new province, theterrain of the City Level will be generated randomlyso as to maximise replay value.

    If you click on the arrow icon on the left, you willbe taken from the City Level to the ProvincialLevel. This shows the whole province, not just thesmall area selected for the new Capital. The mostimportant elements here are your main city and thelarger towns of the region. You must add roadsand walls, and base garrisons where you expecttrouble. The red battle standard next to the build-ings marking your city represents the Prima Cohors- your first cohort of soldiers.

    The shape of the Provincial Level will reflect theactual province you are in.

    TIME IN CAESAR~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~While you are looking at the City Level or theProvincial Level, time is always ticking away inCaesar. You can pause the game by clicking on theDisk Options icon and choosing Pause.

    Time also stops when you leave the two maindisplays altogether - for example when you consultyour advisors in the forum, or inspect a Mini Map.

    THE MINI MAPS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~As well as the normal City Level, there are anumber of small 'Mini Maps', each of whichsummarises information about one specifiaspect ofthe city, all on one screen. Select the Mini Mapicon, and you are presented with the following listof available maps.

    Land Shape Water Distribution Land Value Administration Trouble Areas Road Layout Urbanisatinn

    Below that, the name of the map currently se-lected for display is given. This is the map that isactually shown to the left of the list. Click on thebutton next to an item on the list to select it. Notethat most Mini Maps will initially look very boring -a display of your road layout won't be too interest-ino until you have built some roads.

    IN THE FORUM~~~~~~~~~~~~The large F icon will take you to the forum - theadministrative centre of your city. Here you cancheck up on the state of various things, and getinformation from your main advisors and assist-ants.

    Each of the six figures in the picture is such anassistant. To get a report from any one of them,just click directly on them. From left to right, theyare:

  • The Political Advisor (BIue clooked man)The Military Advisor (Red uniformed soldier)The Financial Analyst (Man with blue robe)The Treasurer (Orange robed man)The Administrative (White robed &Advisor hooded man)The Slave Foreman (Man in white tunic)

    MONEY~~~~~The figure on the right of the icon bar is theamount of money left in the Province's coffers.This is a crucial fiqure - if you run out of money,you are doomed. Without money, you will not beable to build things, maintain them, support aworkforce or keep a standing army. Eventually, theannual tribute which you are expected to pay toRome will be missed enough times that you will besummoned to face the wrath of the Emperor.

    All expenditure is measured in Denarii, theDenarius being the basic unit of Imperial Romancurrency.

    There are five main costs you will have to face inthe game

    * Construction costs * Paying your soldiers * Looking after the slave population * Paying the Governor * The annual tri