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  • 8/12/2019 AMIGA - Cobra Manual


    Cobra 1991 Bytec


    1. General Information

    Cobra is a fast action game which demands full concentration as well as conditioning from it's players in order to successfully perform the demanding Karate mones. This game, which has more than 48 colours,animation

    which is completely free from shaking and music will thrill every amiga owner

    2. The Story

    Deng Dao is a master of the martial art, Karate, and has already led many of his students to success in some of the most prestigious competitions, His reputation had long ago spread throughtout his country and across the borders into foreign lands. Deng Dao is, however, not highly respected by everyone in his country. He is, in fact, a great danger for the evil Black Monk who wants to become the most powerful man in the land of the Rising Sun. with the help of his soldiers, the Black Monk plots to kidnap Deng Dao. Following the successful abduction, the Black Monk leaves the famous Karate teacher at the mercy of his murderous

    followers. there would not be anything standing between the Black Monk and control of the country if it weren't for Deng Dao's favourite students, Cobra. He has already won many prizes and trophies and only little remained which the master could still teach him. Cobra swears to avenge the death of his beloved teacher and sets out on the long journey to the Black Monk's territories. If he wins, peace and justice will once again rule the land. If he loses, however, his country is doomed...

    3. The Controls

    Joystick without a fire button

    left hit and jump up right hit turn around \ | / \|/ walk left ----+---- walk right /|\ / | \

    elbow left duck elbow right

    Joystick with a fire button

    left kick up and straddle right kick up turn around jump

    \ | /

    \|/left kick at stomach level ----+---- right kick at stomach level /|\ / | \

    kick in the left foot kick kick in the right skin skin

    5. Starting the Game

    Press F1 for one player to fight one of the black Monk's man

    Press F2 for two players to challenge the Black Monk's man

    Press F3 to train before the demanding fights

    6. The Levels

  • 8/12/2019 AMIGA - Cobra Manual


    Level 1: The guardian of the bridge will throw razor sharp boomerangs at you, which you should dodge.

    Level 2: A given number of fish must be caught within a minute, otherwise you'll sink into this mound of creatures.

    Level 3: Wang Chong, one of the Monks's best fighters, will try to disarm you with the help of a deadly stick.

    Level 4: Jump onto the scorpion's back in order to kill it. If you find this a little to squeamish you can also try to keep out of it's way. Kawa - Yohanda is an excellent substance to ward

    off these creatures.

    Level 5: Your next challenger employs a particularly severe method in order to rid the Black Monk of you. Avoid the wip and try to bring her to her senses.

    Level 6: Increase the railway carriage to 75%. Only then will you appear on the screen

    Level 7: You will be attacked by a drunk punk whose speciality is bottle-throwing. You can test his ability but don't let him hit you.

    Level 8:

    You have one minute to escape from crazy motorcyclist.

    Level 9: Mike Shugar Ray Ali, the Boxer, will unfortunately beat the living daylights out of you, if you don't keep clear of him.

    Level 10: Packages will fall from the conveyor belt. Try to catch them and replace them on the belt thereby deactivating them.

    Level 11: The Black Monk has sent all of his soldiers out to kill you. It's your last change to prove your mettle.

    --- Typed by SELIM ^ RUDI / THE COMPANY

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