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  • Detroit (AGA) 1994 Impressions

    Manual DETROIT - OWNERS MANUAL =======================

    Thank you for buying this product. It is the result of a great deal ofhard work and careful thought, and we hope that it will give you many hoursof enjoyment.

    We are proud of our games, but we know that they can never be perfect. Ifyou have any ideas about how we can improve, we would be delighted to hearfrom you. Please take the time to fill out the enclosed registration card.We can then add you to our mailing list, and keep you informed of newproducts and special offers as they come out.

    Please read the file on your game disk entitled README.TXT for informationon changes made and additional features added to DETROIT after this thismanuscript went to press.

    TABLE OF CONTENTS-----------------

    Welcome to DETROIT Objectives Installation The Game Interface

    The Basics Starting Off in DETROIT The Main Factory Screen Essential Concepts Setting The Game options

    Getting Things Rolling Summary Of Game Play The Roads Must Roll: Producing Your First Car The One To Buy: Creating The Demand and Supplying It.

    Shifting Into High Gear The Car of the Future:Designing New Automobiles Your Own Personnal Growth Industry: Expansion and Innovation

    Charting Your Progress Feedback: Gauging Your Progress with Reports Analysis: Finding Trends Over Timw With Graphs

    WELCOME TO DETROIT------------------


    DETROIT begins in the year 1908. The streets of the world are filled withhorse drawn carriages and wagons, and no one has even heard of gas stationsor auto mechanics bills.

    You're going to change all that.

    You are a bright young entrepreneur with a dream: to use the newtechnology of the assembly line to bring the automobile to the average man,and thereby to build a company that will last a hundred years and reachevery corner of the globe. You start with a single factory, one salesoffice, $60,000 in capital funds and the design for a prototype car. Fromthat foundation, you will guide your company`s expansion, while constantlyworking to stay ahead of your competitors by creating better and bettercars for your factories to produce. You`ll make marketing decisions, hireand fire your employees, build and modernize your factories, invest inresearch to stay on the cutting edge of automobile technology, andincorporate that technology into successful designs for new cars. Yourgoal is to see to it that your company survives to the year 2008, and, inthe process, becomes the most successful automobile manufacturer in theworld.

    Happy Motoring!


    For complete instructions on how to install DETROIT and where to find helpif you need it, please refer to the technical Supplement and Tutorialbooklet

  • The Game Interface------------------

    DETROIT is designed to be played equally well with a keyboard and mouse, orwith a standard keyboard alone. Since most players prefer to play with themouse this manual assumes that you have one. If you don't, you can find acomplete list of keyboard commands on the included icon card

    The Mouse and the Pointer

    In general, clicking the left mouse button executes a command, and clickingthe right mouse button causes the game to exit the current screen withoutexecuting any of the commands you may have entered. When you are told toclick on something, assume that you should use the left mouse button unlessthe instructions specifically say otherwise.

    On every screen that appears in the game, you will see a number of commandbuttons, which appear as small rectangular boxes with keywords for variouscommands on them. Clicking on a command button is the easiest way to giveinstructions to DETROIT. In many cases when you click on a command button,additional screens or "panels" will pop up on your monitor with morecommand buttons or more information, or both. Most of the time the buttonsare obvious but on some of the game screens they have been incorporatedinto the scenery. When the pointer is over a hidden button, the pointersymbol changes from a red "X" to a green arrow, and a message appears inthe message box (which will be described a little furthur on) telling youwhat that button does. Most panels will have a button labeled Done orExit, which you should click when you want the game to save your changes orexecute your commands and then close the panel. Some panels will offer youa lettered list of choices, and expect you to highlight the one you want.You can do this by clicking directly on your choice, or by clicking andholding down the mouse button while dragging the pointer through the listuntil the one you want is reached, then releasing the mouse button.

    The Keyboard Input Box

    Sometimes, when you select a command button, a small rectangular windowcalled a keyboard input box will pop up. This happens when DETROIT wantsyou to type in some information. If DETROIT is asking you to namesomething, such as your company, your save file, or the new car model youjust designed, you should type in the name from the keyboard and pressenter. The first letter of any such entry must be a character, not a spaceif you type a space accidentally press Escape and start over. If you wantto edit the text already in the box, use the left arrow key to back upwithout erasing the entry. The mouse commands will not work when thekeyboard input box is in use.

    Sometimes, when DETROIT is asking you for a number instead of a name, theuse of the keyboard is given as an option instead of a requirement therewill usually be two mouse command buttons nearby, one with a plus sign andone with a minus sign, which you can use to enter in the requested number.Clicking on these buttons raises or lowers the value in the box until youhave the number you want. If you click on one of these buttons and holdthe button down, the numbers will scroll rapidly in the indicateddirection. If the number you want is very large, however, you can simplytype the value in from the keyboard. Press Enter when you finish to returnto mouse command mode (the mouse will not work while you are in keyboardinput mode). To exit keyboard input mode without executing your changes,press the escape key.

    The Menu Mover

    DETROIT has a special feature to allow you to customize the appearance ofyour game to a certain extent. Each of the pop-up panels that appears onthe screen will have a small yellow box in the upper left hand corner. Byclicking on this box, and then clicking elsewhere on the screen, you canrelocate the panel to any position you like. Once changed, the panel willshow up in that position whenever it appears for the rest of the game, evenafter saving and restoring. When you begin a completely new game, however,your settings will be lost.

    In a multiplayer game, each player can customize the location of his ownpanels separately - the game will remember which arrangement goes withwhich player and will bring up the right one at the right time. If youclick on the Menu Mover box and then decide you don`t wish to relocate thepanel after all, just right click and the panel will return to its originalposition.

    THE BASICS----------

    Starting Off in DETROIT

    Each time you start up DETROIT, you will be given the option to start a newgame, load a previously saved game to continue playing it, or quit back to

  • DOS.

    If you have already played and saved a game, you can select the Load buttonat this point. You will be given a list of up to twenty saved games tochoose from, each preceded by a letter

    Highlight the game you want to load, then click on Use, and your game willbe loaded and ready to play.

    If you are starting a new game, click on Start. The computer will presentyou with a number of panels that will appear only when you first begin agame, and not thereafter.

    Set the Number of Players

    First, you will be asked to set the number of players for the game. Eachgame can have up to four players. If there are fewer than four players,the remaining slots will be played by the computer. The first slot isautomatically set to human and can't be changed. (We have assumed that thefirst player will be human; if this is incorrect, we apologize.) Each ofthe other three slots can be toggled between computer and human byclicking.

    Choose a Starting Territory

    Next, you will be presented with the territory Map screen. DETROIT dividesthe world into sixteen territories: Northern Europe, Southern Europe,Eastern Europe, Northeastern USA, Southwestern USA, Southeastern USA,Northwestern USA, Canada, South America, Southeast Asia, Australia, Africa,China, Japan, India, and the Mid East. Choose one of these territories tobe your starting area by clicking on it. Since DETROIT strives forhistorical accuracy, not all starting territories are equal. For yourfirst game, we recommend starting in North America or Northern Europe.Later, for more of a challenge, you can choose other territories as yourhome base. In general, when lists of territories are displayed, yourstarting region will have a check mark beside it.

    Name Your Company and Your Car

    Once you have selected your starting territory, a keyboard input box willappear. Type in the name of your company ("Megabux Autos" for example),and press Enter. your company name may have up to fifteen characters init, which may be letters, numbers, or spaces. Then do the same thing toname your prototype automobile. Once you ha