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A childrens book.


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    Of Ocean




    By Katie Wheeler

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  • A is for...

    Anchovy,a tiny fish who

    lives all over the


    This fish is very

    social and lives

    in a large group

    called a school.

    B is for... Barnacle,

    a small crustacean creature.

    It spends its whole life on a hard surface,

    like a rock, in the shallow waters.

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  • C is for...Cuttlefish, a creature that is related to the

    octopus and squid.

    It uses its skin to talk to

    the other cuttlefish. It changes

    colour to tell them if it is happy, sad

    or angry.

    D is for...Dolphin,

    a mammal just like you.

    Dolphins are very clever animals and

    work in a team.

    They use tools and tricks to catch their


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  • E is for...Elephant Seal,

    this is a large male who

    uses his long elephant like, nose

    to attract female elephant seals.

    The longer the nose, the louder

    the roar!

    F is for...Flying Fish, its fins are large

    and have adapted to act like wings.

    When predators are

    chasing the fish, it can leap out of the water and fly away

    from trouble!

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  • G is for...Giant Squid,

    a very mysterious animal who lives in the deep-sea


    They have the largest eyes of any animal in the world, each eye is the size

    of a football.

    H is for...H u m p b a c k

    Whale,a huge mammal as

    long as a bus!

    It often jumps high out of the sea and sings very loudly under the water to talk to the other


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  • I is for...

    Deep Sea Isipod,

    who lives on the cold deep, deep

    sea floor.

    They scavenge on dead creatures like whales who, have

    drifted to the bottom

    of the ocean floor.

    J is for...Jelly Fish,

    who are found all over the ocean, and have no bones.

    Their tentacles are covered in

    stingers which zap their prey and

    tangle them up so they cant escape!

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  • K is for...Krill,

    a very small, shelled creature who lives all over the ocean.

    These animals are near the bottom of the food chain and many other large ocean creatures eat


    L is for...Lion Fish,

    they are one of the worlds most

    dangerous animals.

    Their fins are covered in spines and on the end of these spines are glands containing


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  • M is for...Manta Ray,

    one of the largest fish in the world.

    It feeds from the bottom the ocean floor, with its large mouth open wide it filters its food

    through its gills.

    N is for...Needle Fish,

    a very dangerous predator.

    They are able to swim very fast and catch their prey by snapping their jaws in a sideways


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  • O is for...Octopus,

    a relative of the squid

    and Cuttlefish.

    It too can change the colour of its skin but it can also change the shape and texture of its

    skin so it can disguise itself.

    P is for...Parrot Fish,

    with teeth shaped like a Parrots beak.

    They use this beak to scrape off food from rocks and coral in the tropical waters where it


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  • Q is for...Quahog Clam,

    a hard shelled creature,

    which lives in the shores of North


    It lives in the surface sand at the bottom the sea and berries itself in the sand while it feeds.

    R is for...Rat Tail Fish,

    it lives on the deep dark ocean floor and has very large eyes and a very

    large mouth.

    This is so that they can spot their prey on the dark ocean

    floor and grab it before it can


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  • S is for...

    Sea Horse,S is for Sea Horse, found in shallow tropical waters.

    They hold onto their surroundings with their tails to

    stop them drifting away, as they are not very

    strong swimmers.

    T is for...Turtle,

    who comes to the surface of the

    water to breath, as they are mammals.

    They live most of their lives in the water but come onto the beaches once a year to lay

    their eggs.

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  • U is for...Urchin,

    a creature as round as a bouncy ball but covered in very dangerous spines for protec-


    It walks along the sandy bottom of the ocean with its hundreds of tiny


    V is for...Velvet Crab,

    an 8-legged creature

    with its skeleton on the outside of

    its body!

    It is covered in short hairs, which makes it feel just

    like velvet.

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  • W is for...Walrus,

    a large mammal who lives in the Arctic. It has a thick layer of fat all over its body, which is called


    This keeps it warm while it

    hunts under the icy water.

    X is for...X-ray Fish,

    a small fish that has skin,

    which is almost completely


    This means you can see all of its bones and organs while it swims along. Just like an


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  • Y is for...Yellow

    Fin Tuna,a large fish, which can grow the same length as a


    It has long fins, which are bright yellow and help it to swim very fast.

    Z is for...Zebra Shark, a bottom-feeding

    shark that lives in the

    tropical oceans and coral reefs.

    It sleeps all day on the bottom of the sand and hunts at


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  • An A - Z of Ocean Creatures.

    Katie Annette Elizabeth Wheeler

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    Vulpes Vulpes


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