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How I learned to like Twitter after vehemently hating everything about it (hint: I found other car crazy people) May 20, 2009 Chris Baccus

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An analysis of what is going on in the automotive industry on Twitter and how brands are finding Twitter as a way to engage consumers, advocates, and others in their marketing efforts.


  • How I learned to like Twitter after vehemently hating everything about it (hint: I found other car crazy people) May 20, 2009 Chris Baccus
  • Social Media Participation Junkie
  • What is Twitter in One Dumb Slide
    • 140 word micro-blogging site
    • You can follow friends, co-workers, brands, celebrities, experts, and a lot of people you dont know
    • It can be about sharing mundane nonsense, but that is pointless
    • Its more about sharing knowledge, interesting finds, and bit-sized thoughts
  • Twitter Stats
    • Twitter Traffic Grows 1,382% In A Year (Feb. 08 vs. Feb. 09)
    • 17 million unique visitors in April 2009
    • Ranks as third largest social network
    • Average user spends 7.9 minutes a day
    • 53% of users are female
  • Twitter U.S. Adoption
    • 60% of Twitter users fail to return in one month.
  • Index of Twitter Users by Age Group
  • My First Few Weeks
    • Followed a bunch of social media experts
    Insight: Massive Diminishing Return. Follow no more than 3
  • Finally Some Good Advice
    • Need to answer: Why are you on Twitter?
    • Professional Reason: To engage better with automotive minded people, brands, experts to gain marketing insights or trends and to promote my Auto Marketing Blog.
    • Personal Reason: I love talking cars
    Insight: Find people who share your interests
  • Communicate Effectively
    • Communicate value
    • Its okay to promote your blog just dont ONLY do that
    • Dont just share links - share why
    Insight: Remember everything you say is public
  • My Tweet Cloud I average 5.7 Tweets per day
  • My Follow Strategy Insight: If you dont find value, purge Followed auto brands, dealers and publications Sometimes followed commentators who engaged with those accounts Followed people and websites I frequented Purged banal users and copy/paste cats
  • Why are they following me? Why are they following me? Why are they following me?
  • How I Engage
    • Flock
    • Tweetie
    • TweetGrid
    • BigTweet
  • Autos on Twitter
  • Some of My Favorite Auto Follows
  • Auto Public Relations on Twitter
    • Hailed as an effective way to monitor reputation, buzz, opinions, trends
    • Comcast and JetBlue are the darlings of PR Twittering
  • Auto Community on Twitter A chat all about cars, every Wed. Night from 8-10pm EST
  • Auto Contest Buzz - Nissan Cube Canada
  • Contest Effectiveness
    • Too Early to Tell
    • Negative: Most of the banter is less about the brand and more about those wanting to get votes for a contest
    • Positive: Some coverage is done by traditional and online media that gets the brand mentioned in new ways
    • Buzz Measures Misleading: When analyzing the success of a contest try to isolate discussions about the product, campaign, and brand to gage if it was a success.
  • Who Is Using Twitter Most Effectively for Marketing?
    • My Vote: Volvo XC60
    • Why? Promotion of ride and drive events, engages with community, searches for those commenting on Volvo, shares information beyond just their launch.
    • Extra-Credit
  • Volvos YouTube Twitter Ad Used DoubleClick's rich media dynamic data feed capability Largest expandable unit ever placed on YouTube's home page Volvo is about humanity. Twitter is about humanity.
  • An Effective Campaign Using Twitter
    • Initial Goal: Stay connected to intenders by promoting test-drive events
  • An Effective Campaign Using Twitter
    • 2. Found Natural Ways to Engage with Twitter Community
  • An Effective Campaign Using Twitter
    • 3. Engagement in Volvo Related Tweets in a Welcoming Manner
  • And Lastly Twitter is not a Strategy Strategy Message Delivery
  • Questions?
  • Thank You Christopher Baccus