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Software Architecture INCloudA Survey by Yang YangIntroductionAn Brief Introduction to Cloud Computing and Software ArchitectureCloud ComputingDevice AbstractionSoftware ArchitectureCloud ComputingNameDescriptionMain FramePowerful, integrated, bigGridLarge scale computing services, typically heterogeneous, distributed, and parallelCloudAll types of rapidly provisioned, on-demand computing or application services.2) Any service delivered across the Internet, without requiring hardware or software installation.3) Service customize & rentingUtilityThe pay for what you use billing method. May or maynot be cloudlike in other ways.IaaSVirtualized server and network hardware, provisioned by customer control via portal or API.SaaSExecution environment with software abstractions over thecapabilities and operational management of the underlyinginfrastructure.PaaSApplication features provided without hardware or softwareinstallation. May or may not execute on any of the aboveenvironments.Device Abstraction

Device AbstractionDevice DistributedTask/Thread DistributedVirtualizationAllow any OS to runInfrastructure As ServiceUniform API

Software Architecture The software architecture of a program or computing system is the structure or structures of the system, which comprise software components, the externally visible properties of those components, and the relationships between them.

-WikipediaSoftware Architecture in CloudDiscuss Architectures in CloudAn Easiest OnePropertiesAmazons EC2 + S3The Master/Worker PatternHadoop / GooglesAn Easiest OneDo Nothing!The environment is CompatiblePropertyAdvantages to GainRisks to MitigateScalabilityAvailability

BundlingGeographyEphemeralityEC2 ES3 @ Amazon

Cluster on Farm && Server in ImageAdvantages Run as many servers as you want Pennies per hour Virtual server images stored in S3 Control via web services API

Quirks Clean boot is really clean Local storage not persistent IP addresses assigned randomly

Bundling Deployment by Virtual MachineThe Master/Worker Pattern

M/W PatternMasterTask DistributingDatabase AdministrationWorkerComputingResult Feed Back

M/W Pattern AplicationsNew York Times - converted 11 million articles from their archiveVideo transcoding/processing - Animoto.comFrom 50 to 5,000 processing nodes in 1 weekThen back down to a few hundredHadoopHadoop CoreDistributed File SystemMap Reduce Operation

Hadoop BaseHighly Scalability

Distributed File SystemGoogle File SystemSingle MasterMultiple Chunk Server

Map Reduce (cont.)



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