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An Easy Guide to Linked In Backgrounds

An Easy Guide to LinkedIn BackgroundsRuth Cotter

So maybe you're new to LinkedIn setting out on this great journey of job hunting, or maybe you've just spent all your time trying to master what you should be saying that you've completely forgotten to notice there's a background you could be visually luring people in with too.

Not to worry the majority of people on LinkedIn actually dont have a background, however I did notice the ones who did had very good ones and it got me thinking that I wanted one.

I set out on my research mission of what makes a good background photo, and how it linked in with the over all theme of a users LinkedIn accounts (excuse the pun).

So what I ended up discovering was that there is no standard background, and it isnt a one size fits all care, you can adapt and create these backgrounds based on you. So how exactly should you do that you ask let me tell you ..

First things First. If you are the artsy creative type and would like to make your own background from scratch soaked in creativity and personality here are some small details you'll need to know about the requirements:

File type JPG, GIF or PNGNo larger than 4MB.Pixel dimensions between 1000 X 425 and 4000 X 4000

Now if you dont have a heap of experience in Photoshop or illustrator not to worry there are plenty of ways you can get your theme across without hiring a painter for the week.

Sites such as http://freelinkedinbackgrounds.comhttp://www.linkedinbackground.comare excellent for preloaded images you can use for your backgrounds.

But before you go off creating or searching through images Id recommend you maybe go through what you want your image to say about you, if youre stuck for this why not ask yourself some of the following questions..

What's your job role? Is there some image you could use to depict your job, without you of course sitting behind a desk at arm length in selfie mode?A friend od mine works within Geo Mapping and I noticed on his background he had a similar photo to the one above.

What Do You Do?

Maybe you haven't reached the job stage yet and are working away at your degree, what's your favorite aspect and what do you hope to get into?

What Do You Study?

Where Are You From?Perhaps a skyline view of your city or an original photo of your hometown you may have taken? Use this its more creative than a generic design and it tells part of your story.

Where Have You Been?Have you travelled anywhere unusual and have a photo of it, the Great Wall of China, Taj Mahal, Christ the Redeemer? Yeah, these may be classed as tourist and less professional but from my research (general LinkedIn stalking) I feel these are pictures of character and give an insight into the travel you have done. (Pssst, thats me )

What Are You Good At?

Do you make something well? Do you have a talent for music or is it a passion you want to one day pursue. Try and incorporate some imagery symbolizing or portraying this.