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Rhodium?An Easy Guide To :

Metals Used In Jewelry

Rhodium? Never Heard Of It!Turns out this oddly named metal is a rare and expensive member of the Platinum family.

Rhodium plating is common with weddings bands and other jewelry because Rhodium is particularly brilliant and durable.

Why Is Sterling Silver Jewelry So Popular?

Silver alone is too soft of a metal for jewelry.

This is why sterling silver is the dominant form of silver jewelry. Its an alloy of silver and a small percentage of a base metal to create strength.


That just means that the sterling silver has been darkened to achieve a blackened appearance.

What In The World Is Vermeil?

Pronounced vehr MAY, gold vermeil is a form of gold plating that uses only precious metals.

The gold and sterling silver are fused such that it prevents flaking and chipping of the gold.

White Gold And Rose Gold

White gold is an alloy composed of yellow gold and a white metal to add strength and durability. Contrary to popular belief, the white color you see is a result of Rhodium plating.

Rose gold is an alloy composed of yellow gold and copper. Copper gives it that pink and rose coloring.

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