an introduction to amateur radio. the purpose of amateur radio “to encourage self- training in...

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  • An Introduction to Amateur Radio

  • The purpose of Amateur RadioTo encourage self- training in radio

  • Education vs TrainingSTELAR: Education

  • Foundation Licence

    Technical BasicsThe BIG 3

  • The Big 3Current (Amps)Resistance and Impedance (Ohms)Potential Difference (Volts)

  • A peculiar way of thinking?Current as electron vibration

  • A peculiar way of thinking?Resistance: transfer of electron energy to atoms resulting in energy dissipation by heating.

  • A peculiar way of thinking?Electrical Potential = energy possessed by electronsPotential Difference = energy transferred from electrons to a component

  • V = IR

  • Battery / Cell provides Potential Difference for circuitBattery/Cell source of Direct Current (DC).

  • Frequency

  • Frequencies you should know

    Electrical mains50 HzHearing 100 15000HzAudio comms 300 3000 Hz

  • Radio Frequencies to know