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Basic forms of poetry and what they are.



2. WHAT IS POETRY? 3. POETIC FORMS Haiku Sonnet Cinquain Quatrain Acrostic 4. Haiku is a Japanese form of poetry. It is written with a total of 17 syllables The format is 5/7/5 Listen to the sample HAIKU 5. The sonnet is a form that has 14 lines and uses end rhyme. Some sonnets are written in this format: octet plus a sestet; others are written in three quatrains and a rhyming couplet-(two lines that rhyme). Shakespeare was one of the more famous sonnet writers. THE SONNET 6. Cinquain Poetry is made up of five, usually unrhymed, lines. The lines are written with two, four, six, eight and two syllables, respectively. CINQUAIN Mother: Gentle woman, Always giving, loving; Inspiration, guidance, support; Mother. 7. Like its name implies, the quatrain is a poem made up of four rhyming lines. The usual rhyme scheme for this poem is abab. The Butterfly & the Bee consists of one quatrain with the abab rhyme scheme, one with acac and a final quatrain with bdbd. QUATRAIN 1. Methought I heard a butterfly a 2. Say to a labouring bee: b 3. "Thou hast no colours of the sky a 4. On painted wings like me. b 1. "Poor child of vanity! those dyes, a 2. And colours bright and rare, c 3. With mild reproof, the bee replies, a 4. "Are all beneath my care. c 1. "Content I toil from morn to eve, b 2. And scorning idleness, d 3. To tribes of gaudy sloth I leave b 4. The vanity of dress. d William Lisle Bowles. 8. QUESTIONS?