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Learn about: How to create a STRONG personal brand,On line Digital Assets to branding your self, Grab jobs info from social media conversation, Monitoring Your Personal Branding Performa, Personal branding lesson from Madonna


<p>Microsoft PowerPoint - personal-branding-seminar.pptx [Autosaved]</p> <p></p> <p>@caturpwsocial network</p> <p>and online community consultanta personal branding practitioner</p> <p>Be Clear.. Be Honest.. Be VisibleAn on line personal branding strategyAn on-line personal branding strategy </p> <p>through social media</p> <p>What we going to learn today?What we going to learn today?</p> <p>How to create a STRONG personal brand</p> <p>On line Digital Assets to branding your self</p> <p>G b j b i f f i l di tiGrab jobs info from social media conversation</p> <p>Monitoring Your Personal Branding Performa</p> <p>Personal branding lesson from Madonna</p> <p>A Bit of ME</p> <p>Personal Branding Practitioner</p> <p>A Social Media Enthusiasm</p> <p>Owner of Pingfans, Social Network and Online Community </p> <p>ConsultantConsultant</p> <p>Founder, FreSh (freedom of sharing)</p> <p>A happy Husband and fatherppy</p> <p>A Bit about Social MediaA Bit about Social Media</p> <p>Social Media Revolution</p> <p></p> <p>Using Social Media for Employment</p> <p>http://wwwyoutube com/watch?v=7wikndiAtc 7wi kndiAtc</p> <p>Social media is any tool or service that uses the Internet toservice that uses the Internet to </p> <p>facilitate conversations.- Brian solis on book Engage</p> <p>A Bit about Branding</p> <p>What did you see here?What did you see here?</p> <p>KalengRp. 500,-</p> <p>Buah ApelRp. 10.000,-</p> <p>Sepatu putihRp. 50.000,-</p> <p>What did you see now?What did you see now?</p> <p>Coca-colaRp. 6000,-</p> <p>Apple Computer</p> <p>Rp 10juta</p> <p>NIKE Air Jordan</p> <p>Rp 1jutaRp. 10juta Rp. 1juta</p> <p>Brand is</p> <p>the identity of a specific product, service,specific product, service, </p> <p>or business</p> <p>Branding isBranding is</p> <p>About to differentiate yourAbout to differentiate your product, service or business </p> <p>to get noticed by your target marketmarket</p> <p>to get noticed on what?</p> <p>Your great values of product, g pservices or business</p> <p>Great value offering from brandGreat value offering from brand</p> <p>Coca-colaGreat taste,</p> <p>Bring happiness</p> <p>Apple ComputerGreat value of </p> <p>quality</p> <p>NIKE Air Jordan</p> <p>Great qualityBring happiness quality, performance and </p> <p>lifestyle </p> <p>Great quality, comfort ability, </p> <p>good durability</p> <p>But its often the target market perceptions are different from brand perception on their valuesbrand perception on their values</p> <p>People perceptions of BrandPeople perceptions of Brand</p> <p>Coca-colaTo take care the </p> <p>Thi t</p> <p>Apple Computer</p> <p>C l St l</p> <p>NIKE Air Jordan</p> <p>Thirst Cool Style I love Jordan</p> <p>one people to another have theirone people to another have their own perceptions to the brand</p> <p>A BRAND is..</p> <p>A collections of PERCEPTIONSin the MIND of CONSUMERS</p> <p>Branding is</p> <p></p> <p>Branding is gJust like life</p> <p>If people perceptions is equal to yours,equal to yours, </p> <p>then surely you j st need tojust need to </p> <p>smile and enjoy j ylife</p> <p>WE (YOU and ME)WE (YOU and ME) are ALL</p> <p>BRANDBRAND</p> <p>W ll hWe all have a Personal Brand</p> <p>P l B d iPersonal Brand is</p> <p>the identity of YOU as a specific product servicespecific product, service, </p> <p>or business</p> <p>Personal Branding isPersonal Branding is</p> <p>b t t diff ti tabout to differentiate you as product, service or business p ,to get noticed by your target marketmarket</p> <p>Strong Personal Brand Can Help YOU stand Out from the CROWD</p> <p>Strong Personal Brand Can impress Employers</p> <p>Strong Personal Brand Can make your Dream Jobs come true!</p> <p>How to Create aHow to Create a STRONG Personal Brand ?</p> <p>A strong personal brand is aA strong personal brand is a mix of reputation, trust, attention, </p> <p>and execution.~ Chris Brogang</p> <p>Be Clear.. On communicating your goals, values, and identity 1Oncommunicatingyourgoals,values,andidentity</p> <p>Personal BrandingBranding </p> <p>GoalsGive youGive you </p> <p>Brand Directions</p> <p>Short-term(first or second year)(first or second year)</p> <p>Mid-termMid-term(3-5 year)</p> <p>Long-term( thi t hi b t t k(something to achieve but take more </p> <p>time)</p> <p>Personal Branding Goals Tips (William Aruda)</p> <p></p> <p>Your personal brand should pset you apart and get people talking </p> <p>You are valuable when you canYou are valuable when you can add something to others?</p> <p>But, Others can be valuable too</p> <p>to survive, you must differentiateto survive, you must differentiate by effectively packaging </p> <p>lfyourself</p> <p>Be Clear onBe Clear onYour identity PackagePackage</p> <p>Name RecognitionName Recognition is the Key to Success</p> <p>personal brand identity portfolio</p> <p>Your nameYour title</p> <p>Your addressYour office space (does it reflect who you are?)</p> <p>Your business card</p> <p>Scott the Name Tag Guy</p> <p></p> <p>personal brand identity portfolio - contd</p> <p>Your personal styleYour personal styleYour speaking styleYour presentationsYour presentations (including your PowerPoint visuals)Your website (got to have one)</p> <p>What Color is Your Brand?</p> <p>Steve Jobs personal style</p> <p>black and a jeans as Apple philosophyblack and a jeans as Apple philosophy</p> <p>Be Honest.. 2On your Unique Selling Preposition (USP)OnyourUniqueSellingPreposition(USP)</p> <p>To answer the Question,Why I shouldWhy I should </p> <p>choose you?</p> <p>Businesses must define their USP in order to effectively compete in the y pmarketplace and now, more than ever, job seekers must too. So what makes jyou unique?</p> <p>Its aIt s a </p> <p>F YOU h WORLDFrom YOU to the WORLD</p> <p>few tips on Developing USP</p> <p>Put yourself in the shoes of othersPut yourself in the shoes of othersin your industry such as hiring </p> <p>it tmanagers, recruiters etc.</p> <p>Pinpoint what these managers are looking for in a candidate. What profile do current employeesWhat profile do current employees </p> <p>in that position fit?</p> <p>Now take a step back and look at yourselfyourself. </p> <p>What makes you different from that profile? What problem can you solve? What is that little bit of extra umph that makes you unique?</p> <p>I help individuals and companies make the most of talent My method marries themost of talent. My method marries the </p> <p>sublime with the systematic allowing for creativity and change with a strong focuscreativity and change with a strong focus </p> <p>on foundation and implementation.</p> <p>Successful USPs can be used as a personal slogan and should bepersonal slogan and should be </p> <p>incorporated into all of your marketing activities.</p> <p>Be Visible.. 3On line and Off lineOnlineandOffline</p> <p>80/20 Rule to find the jobs</p> <p>80% NetworkingNetworking</p> <p>20% job bankjob bank</p> <p>Networking Off lineNetworking Off line</p> <p>Professional clubProfessional clubKnowledge sharing forum</p> <p>Networking On lineNetworking On lineUsing your On line Digital Assets</p> <p>O li Di it l A tOn line Digital Assets to branding your selfg y</p> <p>SOCIALNETWORKING</p> <p>BOOKMARKINGVIDEOSHARING</p> <p>SOCIALNEWS</p> <p>PHOTOSHARING</p> <p>DIGITAL ASSETS</p> <p>BLOGGING</p> <p>MESSAGE</p> <p>MICROBLOGGING</p> <p>BOARDS</p> <p>Choose Your On line Digital Assets</p> <p>your site is your 24/7your site is your 24/7 salesman</p> <p>one click away</p> <p>WEBSITE</p> <p>Content Marketing StrategyCo e a e g S a egy</p> <p>Search Engine OptimizationSea c g e Op a o</p> <p>S i lSocial Media</p> <p>Networking Sites Popular For Finding Jobs</p> <p>http://wwwyoutube com/watch?v uoYdNuAqeTM</p> <p>Secure Your NameSecure Your NameOn social media channel</p> <p>LinkedInLinkedIn</p> <p>TwitterTwitter</p> <p>FacebookFacebook</p> <p>Grab jobs info from social media conversationconversation</p> <p>Listen first, then talking</p> <p>opportunities criticsinfluencing </p> <p>complaints</p> <p>competitorscritics</p> <p>The fans</p> <p>news</p> <p>complaints</p> <p>compliments</p> <p>Jobs opportunity</p> <p>compliments</p> <p>prospecting customers new relations</p> <p>somanythingtolistenonsocialmedia,whatareyougoingtolistento?</p> <p>Keywords/Keywords/ key success</p> <p> Nama kita Jobs title</p> <p>tags</p> <p> #akuntanjobs #IBM</p> <p>ID (twitter)</p> <p> @PWC @caturpw</p> <p>Link URL</p> <p></p> <p> Nama bulan daerah</p> <p> #jakarta@ p g</p> <p>Contoh mendengar:</p> <p>Mendengar pembicaraan yg berisi tentang jobopportunityakuntan di #IBM</p> <p>Keywords:jobs,career,lowongan,akuntansi,accountantTags:#IBM</p> <p>ID:@ibm_idLinkURL:</p> <p>Social Media Monitoring Tools (FREE)</p> <p>Social Media Monitoring Tools (FREE)</p> <p>RSS tweet search</p> <p>twitter search RSS provide you the recent conversationstwittersearchRSSprovideyoutherecentconversations</p> <p>Social Media Monitoring Tools (FREE)</p> <p>Monitoring Your Personal Branding PerformaBranding Performa</p> <p>Googling Your-selfGoog g ou se</p> <p>Social Media Monitoring Tools (FREE)</p> <p>Social Media Monitoring Tools (FREE)</p> <p>Social Media Monitoring Tools (PAY)</p> <p>Social Media Monitoring Tools (PAY)</p> <p>Personal Branding Lesson</p> <p>Lesson from Madonna</p> <p>ofof Madonnas</p> <p>mostpowerfulpowerful</p> <p>lessonsSource:</p> <p>Everyone is entitledEveryone is entitled to my opinion</p> <p>madonna- madonna</p> <p>1Stand for somethingsomething</p> <p>I stand for freedom of expression, doing what you believe in and going after yourwhat you believe in, and going after your </p> <p>dreams. ~ Madonna</p> <p>2Always deliverdeliver</p> <p>We never had to cancel a show before, she says in a low doleful voice Never neversays in a low, doleful voice. Never, never, </p> <p>never. ~ Madonna</p> <p>3Be clear about whatabout what </p> <p>you wantA lot of people are afraid to say what they want Thats why they dont get what theywant. That s why they don t get what they </p> <p>want. ~ Madonna</p> <p>4Be aworkin progressinprogress</p> <p>Iammyownexperiment.Iammyownworkofart. ~ Madonnaart. Madonna</p> <p>5Dontbeafraidtobloody a few nosesbloodyafewnoses</p> <p>Better to live one year as a tiger than a hundred as a sheep Madonnahundred as a sheep.~ Madonna</p> <p>6Dontbeafraidtobreak the rulesbreaktherules</p> <p>I wouldnt have turned out the way I was if I didnt have all those old-fashioned values todidn t have all those old fashioned values to </p> <p>rebel against. ~ Madonna</p> <p>You are the chief marketing officer for the brand called you,officer for the brand called you, </p> <p>but what others say about your b d i i tf l thbrand is more impactful than </p> <p>what you say about yourself.y y y</p> <p>Googling YourSelf</p> <p> y p Q</p> <p>Thanksbl itt /</p>


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