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Learn about: How to create a STRONG personal brand,On line Digital Assets to branding your self, Grab jobs info from social media conversation, Monitoring Your Personal Branding Performa, Personal branding lesson from Madonna


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@caturpwsocial network

and online community consultanta personal branding practitioner

Be Clear.. Be Honest.. Be VisibleAn on line personal branding strategyAn on-line personal branding strategy

through social media

What we going to learn today?What we going to learn today?

How to create a STRONG personal brand

On line Digital Assets to branding your self

G b j b i f f i l di tiGrab jobs info from social media conversation

Monitoring Your Personal Branding Performa

Personal branding lesson from Madonna

A Bit of ME

Personal Branding Practitioner

A Social Media Enthusiasm

Owner of Pingfans, Social Network and Online Community


Founder, FreSh (freedom of sharing)

A happy Husband and fatherppy

A Bit about Social MediaA Bit about Social Media

Social Media Revolution

Using Social Media for Employment

http://wwwyoutube com/watch?v=7wikndiAtc 7wi kndiAtc

Social media is any tool or service that uses the Internet toservice that uses the Internet to

facilitate conversations.- Brian solis on book Engage

A Bit about Branding

What did you see here?What did you see here?

KalengRp. 500,-

Buah ApelRp. 10.000,-

Sepatu putihRp. 50.000,-

What did you see now?What did you see now?

Coca-colaRp. 6000,-

Apple Computer

Rp 10juta

NIKE Air Jordan

Rp 1jutaRp. 10juta Rp. 1juta

Brand is

the identity of a specific product, service,specific product, service,

or business

Branding isBranding is

About to differentiate yourAbout to differentiate your product, service or business

to get noticed by your target marketmarket

to get noticed on what?

Your great values of product, g pservices or business

Great value offering from brandGreat value offering from brand

Coca-colaGreat taste,

Bring happiness

Apple ComputerGreat value of


NIKE Air Jordan

Great qualityBring happiness quality, performance and


Great quality, comfort ability,

good durability

But its often the target market perceptions are different from brand perception on their valuesbrand perception on their values

People perceptions of BrandPeople perceptions of Brand

Coca-colaTo take care the

Thi t

Apple Computer

C l St l

NIKE Air Jordan

Thirst Cool Style I love Jordan

one people to another have theirone people to another have their own perceptions to the brand

A BRAND is..

A collections of PERCEPTIONSin the MIND of CONSUMERS

Branding is

Branding is gJust like life

If people perceptions is equal to yours,equal to yours,

then surely you j st need tojust need to

smile and enjoy j ylife

WE (YOU and ME)WE (YOU and ME) are ALL


W ll hWe all have a Personal Brand

P l B d iPersonal Brand is

the identity of YOU as a specific product servicespecific product, service,

or business

Personal Branding isPersonal Branding is

b t t diff ti tabout to differentiate you as product, service or business p ,to get noticed by your target marketmarket

Strong Personal Brand Can Help YOU stand Out from the CROWD

Strong Personal Brand Can impress Employers

Strong Personal Brand Can make your Dream Jobs come true!

How to Create aHow to Create a STRONG Personal Brand ?

A strong personal brand is aA strong personal brand is a mix of reputation, trust, attention,

and execution.~ Chris Brogang

Be Clear.. On communicating your goals, values, and identity 1Oncommunicatingyourgoals,values,andidentity

Personal BrandingBranding

GoalsGive youGive you

Brand Directions

Short-term(first or second year)(first or second year)

Mid-termMid-term(3-5 year)

Long-term( thi t hi b t t k(something to achieve but take more


Personal Branding Goals Tips (William Aruda)

Your personal brand should pset you apart and get people talking

You are valuable when you canYou are valuable when you can add something to others?

But, Others can be valuable too

to survive, you must differentiateto survive, you must differentiate by effectively packaging


Be Clear onBe Clear onYour identity PackagePackage

Name RecognitionName Recognition is the Key to Success

personal brand identity portfolio

Your nameYour title

Your addressYour office space (does it reflect who you are?)

Your business card

Scott the Name Tag Guy

personal brand identity portfolio - contd

Your personal styleYour personal styleYour speaking styleYour presentationsYour presentations (including your PowerPoint visuals)Your website (got to have one)

What Color is Your Brand?

Steve Jobs personal style

black and a jeans as Apple philosophyblack and a jeans as Apple philosophy

Be Honest.. 2On your Unique Selling Preposition (USP)OnyourUniqueSellingPreposition(USP)

To answer the Question,Why I shouldWhy I should

choose you?

Businesses must define their USP in order to effectively compete in the y pmarketplace and now, more than ever, job seekers must too. So what makes jyou unique?

Its aIt s a


few tips on Developing USP

Put yourself in the shoes of othersPut yourself in the shoes of othersin your industry such as hiring

it tmanagers, recruiters etc.

Pinpoint what these managers are looking for in a candidate. What profile do current employeesWhat profile do current employees

in that position fit?

Now take a step back and look at yourselfyourself.

What makes you different from that profile? What problem can you solve? What is that little bit of extra umph that makes you unique?

I help individuals and companies make the most of talent My method marries themost of talent. My method marries the

sublime with the systematic allowing for creativity and change with a strong focuscreativity and change with a strong focus

on foundation and implementation.

Successful USPs can be used as a personal slogan and should bepersonal slogan and should be

incorporated into all of your marketing activities.

Be Visible.. 3On line and Off lineOnlineandOffline

80/20 Rule to find the jobs

80% NetworkingNetworking

20% job bankjob bank

Networking Off lineNetworking Off line

Professional clubProfessional clubKnowledge sharing forum

Networking On lineNetworking On lineUsing your On line Digital Assets

O li Di it l A tOn line Digital Assets to branding your selfg y










Choose Your On line Digital Assets

your site is your 24/7your site is your 24/7 salesman

one click away


Content Marketing StrategyCo e a e g S a egy

Search Engine OptimizationSea c g e Op a o

S i lSocial Media

Networking Sites Popular For Finding Jobs

http://wwwyoutube com/watch?v uoYdNuAqeTM

Secure Your NameSecure Your NameOn social media channel




Grab jobs info from social media conversationconversation

Listen first, then talking

opportunities criticsinfluencing



The fans




Jobs opportunity


prospecting customers new relations


Keywords/Keywords/ key success

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Social Media Monitoring Tools (FREE)

Social Media Monitoring Tools (FREE)

RSS tweet search

twitter search RSS provide you the recent conversationstwittersearchRSSprovideyoutherecentconversations

Social Media Monitoring Tools (FREE)

Monitoring Your Personal Branding PerformaBranding Performa

Googling Your-selfGoog g ou se

Social Media Monitoring Tools (FREE)

Social Media Monitoring Tools (FREE)

Social Media Monitoring Tools (PAY)

Social Media Monitoring Tools (PAY)

Personal Branding Lesson

Lesson from Madonna

ofof Madonnas



Everyone is entitledEveryone is entitled to my opinion

madonna- madonna

1Stand for somethingsomething

I stand for freedom of expression, doing what you believe i