analysis of kerrang magazine: front cover, contents page and dps

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Analysing front cover, contents page and double page spread of an Indie magazine

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  1. 1. Analysing front cover, contentspage and double page spread ofan Indie magazine
  2. 2. Front Cover
  3. 3. Analysis of front cover and contents page:coloursThe background photograph for the front cover is dominated byblack and white colours, however other colours are added throughediting and the text used. Through my research I know that black andwhite are the main colours for Indie artists as this is their main colourfor clothing etc. The colours added over the top are bright and standout, this is to exaggerate the feelings of a typical Indie artist; forexample, the connotations of red are angry, rebellious etc. On theother hand, they also use yellow to also show they are happy,outgoing characters as well. This front cover, like many other Indiemagazines, only has a few colours, usually a colours pallet thatconsist of black and white, then yellow and/or red is also used themajority of the time.
  4. 4. Mise-en-sceneProps- As I know from my research, there arent usually many props used in Indiemagazines; in this case there is only one used. The man on the front is holding across object which has the connotations of a rebellious character, which matchesthe connotations of the colours and the stereotypes of the characteristics of anIndie artists.Clothing- The character is also wearing what seems to be a white vest and somekind of black strap. The colours black and white are used again for the clothing tomatch the other colours in the background. This also matches the stereotypes of anIndie artists as they are known to wear vests and the colour also matches thestereotype.Tattoos- The tattoos shown on the character also match the sterotypes of an Indieartist, not so much the tattoo, however the connotations of tattoos on youngerpeople are known to include a rebellious person who doesnt think of theconsequences. The tattoos are also black which, again, is a colour associated withthe genre.Emotions of character-The character on the front cover does look happy, whichgoes against the props and dark colours of the background, however I know frommy research that Indie artists are happy characters, but also rebellious and feel likeno-one cares for them. This intrigues the readers as they will want to understandthe feelings of the character
  5. 5. Double Page Spread
  6. 6. Analysis of double page spread- coloursThis double page spread has stuck to the conventions of a three colourpallet that consist of black, white and red. As I have seen from pretty muchevery Indie magazine, the character in the background is wearing only blackand white coloured clothing; moreover, the background only consists ofblack and white colouring. The text used over the top of the background hasa lot of red in it, to stand out from the background and like most magazines,shows the behaviour and attitude of a typical Indie artist.
  7. 7. Mise-en-sceneProps- Like the front cover, there is only one prop used in the image of the double pagespread and as I know from my research, this sticks to the conventions of most Indiemagazines that they have minimal props, usually one or two if they actually use any. The propused in this image is a small dinosaur model, this could be used to again show the feelingsand emotions of a typical Indie artist. I believe this because the dinosaur is small butaggressive and full of emotions, this could be used to portray to the reader that Indie artistshave much bigger emotions than the body they are inside, and that is shown in their music.Clothing- The character in this image is wearing only black clothes with a bit of white. Thisagain sticks to the conventions of a typical Indie artist as they like black and white clothing toshow off their rebellious attitude.Character- The lead singer of Blink 182, Thomas Delonge, is the only character used in thisimage. As he is a very popular name in the Indie genre, many people will recognise his faceand know who he is, therefore he doesnt need any obvious props to show that he is a singerin a band.Text-The font of text used in this double page spread looks like a child has drawn it as it isvery scruffy. This could be another way to portray to the reader the rebellious and a kind of Idont care attitude. The fonts, along with the colour of the text (black and red) go togetherwell to show the attitude of a typical Indie artists. This is because the black shows therebellious attitude, however the red goes with it as the connotations of red are anger, dangeretc.