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Anatomy of the Anatomy of the Keyword Search Keyword Search Results Screen Results Screen

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  • 1.Anatomy of theKeyword Search Results Screen

2. A keyword search will result in 3. keyword search results screen. 4. The navigation bar 5. provides quick links to other library pages and your library account. 6. The modify search button 7. goes to advanced keyword search. 8. The another search button 9. defaults to initial search screen. 10. The search Summit button 11. performs exact search in Summit. 12. The search history drop down menu 13. allows you to view and perform previous searches. 14. The modify search box 15. allows you to change your search by using the drop down menus. 16. The number of results produced by your search. 17. Sort results by relevance, date or title. 18. The page indicator allows jumping to other pages in your results list. 19. The save all on page button 20. saves all results to your book cart. 21. The relevancy ranking 22. rates how relevant your titles are to your search.

  • Very relevant titles

Highly relevant titles Most relevant titles Relevant titles Other relevant titles 23. The result list 24. lists the titles that match your search. 25. A specific result 26. contains details to that item. 27. The add to book cart button 28. adds a specific title to your book cart. 29. The title cover 30. allows you to see what the book looks like. 31. The rating stars 32. is the rating of the title by theWOU community. 33. The title link 34. accesses the full record for that item. 35. The author. 36. The material type and year. 37. The location of the item. 38. The call number link 39. allows you to see items shelved around that item. 40. The status of the item 41. informs you if it is available or checked out. 42. Related Slideshows

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