ancient egyptian facts by ross and alfie. who was tutankhamen? tutankhamen was the pharaoh of egypt...

Download Ancient Egyptian Facts By Ross and Alfie. Who was Tutankhamen? Tutankhamen was the pharaoh of Egypt between 1337 BC 1328 BC. He became Pharaoh at the

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  • Ancient Egyptian Facts By Ross and Alfie
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  • Who was Tutankhamen? Tutankhamen was the pharaoh of Egypt between 1337 BC 1328 BC. He became Pharaoh at the tender age of 9. The Life and Death of Tutankhamen. (1342 1323 BC(E). The New Kingdom. 18th Dynasty) He was born Tutankhamen to the Pharaoh Akhenaton.
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  • How big was Ancient Egypt? In Ancient Egypt, the population was over 100,000 people. The population was at its height when the Jews were in Egypt.
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  • Why was the sphinx special? The lion headed sphinx was considered a god in Egyptian mythology. Some people may believe that the sphinx is 10,000 years old.
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  • How long did it take to build a pyramid? It was about twenty to forty years.
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  • Was Tutankhamen's tomb robbed? Yes he was robbed twice but it was covered so well that nobody else found it a part from Howard Carter.
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  • What were the boats like? T he boats were usually made of papyrus or wood and often had a sail.
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  • How rich was Tutankhamen? King Tutankhamen was found with so many riches as his tomb had not been robbed as badly as many other tombs, both because of position and rumors of the curse.
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  • Where was the gold? Where you can find gold in ancient Egypt is in King Tut's tomb. Sometimes, you can dig holes out in the middle of nowhere, and if you dig for about 25-30 minutes you will find gold.
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  • How long ago was Ancient Egypt? The Ancient Egypt has last for more than 3000 years.
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  • How did they build the pyramids? They collected sand and then they spent 100 years building it.
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  • Which Pharaoh built the pyramids? The first pharaoh who built the pyramid was Pharaoh zoser
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  • Why were cats special to the Egyptians? Ancient Egyptians was the first culture to domesticate and train cats for their own purposes such as protecting crops from vermin and snakes.
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  • Why did the boys where make up? Egyptians wore make up not like we do today instead they wore paint.
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