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  • Ancient Rome Lasting Legacies Form of Government Important People of Rome Expansion of an Empire Art, Architecture, and Entertainment
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  • Beginning of Rome Legend of Romulus and Remus Circa 750 BC Abandoned brothers Raised by She-Wolf Romulus killed Remus
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  • Early Government Republic Form of government in which the power rests with the citizens who then vote to select their leaders to represent them Patricians and Plebeians Tribunes Consuls Senate Dictator
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  • Roman Republic vs. U. S. Government RomeUnited States Executive 2 Consuls, elected by the assembly for 1 year, commander of army President, elected by citizens for 4 years, commander of army Legislative Senate-300 memebers Tribal Assembly- elected according to where they live Both elected for life Senate-100 members, 6 yr terms House of Representatives-435 members, 2 yr. terms Judicial Praetors-eight judges chosen for 1 year Supreme Court-9 justices, appointed for life by President Legal Code Twelve Tables list of rules that were the basis of Roman Law U.S. Constitution Citizenship All adult male landowners onlyAll native-born or naturalized people
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  • Punic Wars (264 146 BC) Series of 3 wars between Rome and Carthage Hannibal and Scipio
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  • First Triumvirate 60 BC Union between Pompey, Crassus, & Julius Caesar Crassus Very little known about him Wealthy Roman businessman, probably a millionaire Killed while fighting in a war in 53 BC
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  • Pompey Roman General Popular among citizens because of military victories 73 BC Defeated slave uprising lead by Spartacus 60 BC Married Julia Caesar, daughter of Julius Became a rival to Julius, fighting for power and control
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  • Julius Caesar (100 44 BC) Leader of Army in Gaul Very successful and popular 49 BC began asserting control in Italy Caused Pompey to flee to Egypt Appointed Dictator for life in early 44 BC Assassinated March 15, 44 BC (Ides of March)
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  • Second Triumvirate 43 33 BC Consisted of Lepidus, Marc Antony, and Octavian-nephew of Caesar. Octavian to become leader and expand the Empire
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  • Marc Antony Met Cleopatra while in Anatolia with troops Accused of plotting or rule Rome from Egypt Defeated by Octavian in 31 BC Committed suicide with Cleopatra
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  • Augustus (Octavian) 63 BC 14 AD Nephew and adopted son of Julius Caesar Wanted to restore the Republic Ablest Emperor of Rome Reformed the government by adding a civil service, paid workers System of roads All roads lead to Rome Strengthened army and navy Increased the size of the Roman Empire Pax Romana (27 BC 180 AD) Died in AD 14 of natural causes
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  • Height of Empire
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  • Emperors Successors (Following Augustus) Tiberius 14-37 AD Caligula 37-41 AD Nero 54-68 AD Trajan 98-117 AD Marcus Aurelius 161-180 AD Constantine 272-337 AD
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  • Decline of Roman Empire Diocletian (245? 313) Attempted to reform the Empire Splits empire into East and West Reforms only slowed the decline, didnt stop it Reasons for the decline: Political office seen as a burden, division of empire, moving of capital Social lack of patriotism, huge difference between rich and poor, little interest in public affairs, low confidence in empire Economic poor harvests, inflation, no more war plunder, heavy taxes, disruption of trade Military threat from northern tribes, low funds for defense, lack of interest in army, lack of loyalty
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  • Fall of the Roman Empire Germanic Invasions AD 376-476 Ostrogoths, Visigoths, Franks, Anglos, Saxons, Burgundians, and Vandals Attila the Hun Romulus Augustulus Last Roman Emperor 14 year old boy Deposed and sent into exile in 476 Eastern half of Empire, Byzantine Empire, survives and flourishes


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