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  • 1. 1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

2. Newspaper adverts 3. Double page spreads 4. 2.How/why they use/develop/challenge formsForms Usetypography (font style size & organisation) One or three coloursDifferent size font to showpriority 5. 2.How/why they use/develop/challenge formsForms UsevisualSimple layout todesign/layout make it easy to(composition) readphotography Minimal colour todraw reader in 6. 3. How/why they use/develop/challengeconventionsConventions Usecatchy titleBreaking intoTesco and Awards2010 understandthe theme of thetopicplacement and At the bottom orstyle of text side to look at the(titles/subtitles/par images firstagraphs) 7. 3. How/why they use/develop/challenge conventionsConvention Use Developcatchy/uniquePicture is placed at an The backgroundphotography and concepts angle to draw the readers contrasting with the to the text images of the cameras bringing the reader to the text 8. 4. How/why YOU use/develop/challenge formsForms Usetypogra We made our titlephystand out from the(fontsubtitles by the sizestylesize &organisation) 9. Forms DevelopvisualLayout of imagesdesign/layout communicate the(composition) theme of evolutionphotography Bold colours todraw reader in 10. 5.How/why YOU use/develop/challengeconventionsConventionsUse Developcatchy titleUsed a simple title for the advert We developed the titles in that reveals the topicthe double page spread by creating a word which relates to the subject of technology 11. 5.How/why YOU use/develop/challenge conventionsConventions Developcatchy/unique Developedphotography and photography byconceptsplacing theimages so thattheycommunicate anevolution oftechnology Developed theadvert by havingthe imagescoming out fromthe sides ratherthan the middle 12. Conventions Developplacement and style of text We used the channel 5 font in both the advert(titles/subtitles/paragraphs) and double page spread to be consistent In both the double page spread and advert wealso used red which is the colour of the channel5 logo 13. 4. How/why YOU use/develop/challenge formsFormsUseChallengeDevelopvisual design/layout Challenged channel(composition)5 adverts by having a captionphotographytypography (fontstyle size &organisation)a. COMPARE SIMILARITIES & DIFFERENCES (of forms) TO REAL DOUBLE PAGESPREADS/ADVERTS 14. 5.How/why YOU use/develop/challenge conventionsForms UseChallenge Developcatchy titlecatchy/uniquephotography andconceptsplacement andstyle of text(titles/subtitles/paragraphs)A. COMPARE SIMILARITIES & DIFFERENCES (of conventions) TO REAL DOUBLE PAGESPREADS/ADVERTS 15. Draft 1 Audience Feedback 1. Not clear and effective + sound was bad, not that manyexamples. 2. showing a montage of games 3. Presenter speaks too fast, not interactive, music needed and badsound 4a. The way technology of games has changed. 4b. Development+effects 5. Games are attracted to boys 6. Not colourful clothes, speaks too fast 7. No music used, sound bad couldnt hear parts 8. Good, liked the type writer part. 9. Titles/credits good interview know who they are 10. interesting information, but it was too quick to understand. 16. Audience Feedback Questions Advert Draft 2/3/Final Draft1.What do you think of our advert? Is it clear and affective? How? Why?Draft 2: Video games clear and effective.Draft 3: Yes, it shows the change of technology over timeFinal Draft: The writing stands out more than the pictures2. Are the images clear? -Overall, from Draft 2/3 and final Draft advert ancillary, our target audiences have agreed that the images are clear.3. Is the text clear and easy to read?- Overall, from Draft 2/3 and final Draft advert ancillary our target audiences have agreed thatthe texts were easy to read4. Does the advert relate to the overall topic? What does the image and textcommunicate to you. -Some of our target audiences do not agree, that the advert relates to the overall topic, such asin Draft 2. However in Draft 3, our target audiences suggested that it is straight forward, as well as our FinalDraft.5.What could be done to improveDraft 2: All technology versus new.Draft 3: Images of the games on the consoles.Final Draft: The black writing needs to stand out more 17. Audience Feedback Questions Double Page Spread -Draft 2/3/Final Draft1.What do you think of our double page spread. How and why is it effective?Draft 2: Not reallyDraft 3: Good range of old and new technology, it is creative and rhetoricalFinal Draft: Effective images, relate to topic, stands out.2.Is the layout of the images and text clear? Overall, from Draft 2/3 and final Draft double page spread ancillary, our target audiences have agreed that the images and text were clear.3.Are the sizes of the images and text appropriate. Our target audiences have agreed that they were appropriate sizes.4.Is the text easy to read? Our target audiences have agreed that they were easy to read.5.Does the double page spread relate to the overall topic of technology. How?Our target audiences have agreed that our double page spread relates to our topic,through the use of images, such as the binary codes and the difference types oftechnology platforms that we have shown as examples.6.What could be done to improve.Draft 2: Better images to communicate evolutionDraft 3: Font change to communicate technologyFinal Draft: Nothing, it was good.