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Rotary Presentation Tuesday, January 10, 2012 Dr. Felix Chow, Superintendent Stephanie Moran, School Board Member

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  • 1. Rotary PresentationTuesday, January 10, 2012 Dr. Felix Chow, Superintendent Stephanie Moran, School Board Member
  • 2. Since 2000, Anderson Community Schools has seen a loss of 3,500 students. In the year 2000, enrollment was at 10,400 students. In 2009, enrollment was at 9,124 students. This year enrollment is at 6,980 students. It has been the perfect storm for the loss of students in Anderson.
  • 3. Economic challenge Downward economy State Tax formula changes Open Enrollment School VouchersDisenchantment with current system .
  • 4. Strategic PlanThe core direction of the district: To improve quality of education by providing competitive choices in a safe environment.
  • 5. Building Reorganization Close both intermediate schools, East Side and North Side Intermediate Schools Re-0pen Edgewood Elementary School as K-5 Make the remaining elementary schools K-5 Make Highland a traditional middle school, 6-8 Consolidate freshmen back to the High School, 9-12
  • 6. Increase Choices Open the entire district for choice Work towards a Magnet School approach Create two zones: Forest Zone-Edgewood, Anderson, Erskine/River Zone- East Side, Tenth Street, Valley Grove Modify the Dress Code to allow for more choice
  • 7. Competitive Classes Continue the class size of 25 average Continue implementation of competency- based promotion Increase holistic education-finance, parenting, prevention, instructive technology Increase distinct course offerings- Chinese, Arabic, Advanced Placement Courses, Dual Credit, High Ability K-5 Increase hands on/vocational learning options
  • 8. Safety and Personal Responsibility Use of Bus Monitors Security Sweeps Drug Testing Hallway/Bathroom Monitors Increase consequences for disciplinary issues Zero Tolerance for bullying and disruptive behavior
  • 9. Enrichment/Remediation Collaboration with early literacy groups, afterschool groups, and summer/school break opportunity providers Individualized and differentiated instruction through the 8 Step ProcessThis process is already showing that it will increase the success of our students. There is success time built into each school day for enrichment and remediation.
  • 10. Instructional andAdministrative Excellence Collaboration with Anderson Federation of Teachers(AFT) on implementation of a Peer Assessment Review (PAR) Redefining academic leadership positions in the buildings and administration Commitment to getting the right people in the right places in the corporation
  • 11. Collaboration IMPACT Center-working with drop out students in non-traditional structure to re-engage students and increase student success Working with agencies and service providers to provide necessary and needed interventions for students Continue to recruit community members, leaders and volunteers to mentor and engage with students and families to increase student success
  • 12. Balanced Calendar Educational move toward alignment with the Common Core State Standards (The Common Core State Standards are set up in 9 week programs, 9 weeks lessons, followed by assessment. The teacher then has time to prepare remediation, time to re-prepare lessons, prepare new material so students a brought along at their own pace.) This also provides more days of instruction before the ISTEP+tests
  • 13. What ACS offers English Next Language(ENL), Special Ed., Learning Disabled resources at all levels, including homebound instruction Behavior Specialists, Physical Therapists, Social Workers, Reading Specialist, Literacy Data Coaches, Registered Nurses Pre-School, Full Day Kindergarten Nationally recognized PAR and ER&D evaluation plan Response to Intervention, Positive Behavior Support programs Certified Special Teachers-Art, Music, PE, Library AP/Dual Credit Courses Math and Language Arts Pacing Guides-Curriculum mapping Competitive Athletics, Robotics, Extra-curricular, Music, Drama 8 Step Process and Standard Based report cards
  • 14. Committed to Student Success throughInclusion and Unity We out performed other schools even thought WE TURN NO CHILD AWAY AND SEND NO CHILD BACK. We serve a population where over 2/3 of the students are from homes that qualify for free and reduced lunch We serve a population where nearly of the students are in need of special education We serve hundred of English language learning students We serve many homeless and food insecure youth
  • 15. Better Days are Ahead The students we serve have shown us that we can find strength and success when we work together, even in the most challenging circumstances. Students dont want to go back.they want to move forwardTOGETHER. Administration, School Board, AFT, teachers, and students are listening to each other and working together in unprecedented fashion We are planning progressively and strategically We are moving from surviving toward thriving
  • 16. Thank YouFor more informationvisit: