animal farm chapter 4: the battle of the cowshed satirical comic strip group project

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  • Animal Farm Chapter 4: The Battle of the Cowshed Satirical Comic Strip Group Project
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  • Satire What is a satire? Give some examples of: Exaggeration Reversal Parody Incongruity
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  • Answer Satire uses various comedic techniques in order to make a comment or criticism about the subject or issue.
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  • Think Back to #Hashtag or iPhone 5 Videos What about pop culture was discussed? How did each video poke fun at pop culture?
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  • NOW, Think About War What are traditional elements of war? Battle? Tactics and strategy? Orwell has painted his readers a picture of the animals in battle against the humans. How can you take it a step further to truly satirize the situation?
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  • The Battle of the Cowshed Rumors circulated that the animals________________________. Mr. Jones & ________________ decided to _____________________________. However, the animals had _________ this and ___________________________.
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  • 1 st The pigeons flew overhead, then the geese pecked at the men. 2nd Muriel, Benjamin, and the sheep butted the men. Men were able to overpower and animals retreated. 3rd 3 horses, 3 cows, the rest of the pigs were waiting in ambush (Cowshed)
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  • 4 th Boxer took a blow at the farmer The men began to run in fear. -All the animals began to attack The men left. -Boxer kills one of the boys (he didnt mean to) -Snowball says, No sentimentality, comrade!
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  • 5 th The animals celebrate their victory with Beasts of England song and a flag raising ceremony.
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  • Directions: You will work in your reading groups ( Remember, this is a group grade!) You will have until the end of the hour on Friday to complete a FULL SCALE COMIC STRIP satirizing the Battle of the Cowshed.
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  • Requirements: Minimum of 8 boxes/ stills. Fully colored illustrations. Dialogue or captions for each box.
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  • You Should Find some ways to take the sequence of events and use a technique with them exaggeration for example. You may use all techniques or some.
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  • SAMPLE A drawing and a caption
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  • Multiple boxes in a sequence.
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  • DROP OFF BEFORE YOU LEAVE. A sheet with your group NAMES on it and HOUR. You may NOT take your work home!
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  • GRADING 8 boxes/ 3pts. / 24pts. Color / 4pts. Creativity / 4pts. Elements of Satire / 10pts. Total : / 42 summative points
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  • Presentation of the Comic In front of the class, front and center. 1 or 2 group members should read the comic still by still. As the audience or reader, you are responsible for assessing the work.
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  • Each of you are expected to complete the following during presentations -On loose leaf paper, MLA format. -Due AS you leave. This is your EXIT TICKET!
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  • Group Presentation #1 -Explain, in a few sentences, how the comic has used 1 technique of satire. ( Be sure to identify the technique.) Group Presentation #2 -Create a Bridge Map that identifies the relationship between The Battle of the Cowshed in Animal Farm and the battle satirized by this groups comic strip. ( _________ shows __________ as __________ shows ________.)
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  • Group Presentation #3 -Using the 6 + 1 rubric for Presentation, assess the groups work from 1-6. Provide a 1-2 sentence explanation of why this grade was fair. Group Presentation #4 - Explain what you found to be problematic or what could be done more effectively in this comic strip. Why?
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  • Group Presentation #5 What was particularly good in this comic strip? How did it help you to understand satire? Group Presentation #6 Create a Double Bubble comparing your own comic with that of this group.

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