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Download Animal Task Force General introduction. The Animal Task Force (since 2011) A European Public-Private Platform (PPP): research, farmers & industries organizations

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  • Animal Task Force General introduction
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  • The Animal Task Force (since 2011) A European Public-Private Platform (PPP): research, farmers & industries organizations Promoting a sustainable and competitive animal production sector in Europe; By fostering knowledge development and innovation in Europe; Covering the whole animal production chain.
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  • What we do: Arrange dialogue on sector innovation with key stakeholders in Europe. (EC, Members of Parliament, industry organisations, NGOs, scientific community) Enhance cooperation in European research & innovation Provide input for EU research agenda (Horizon2020, EIP-Agri, JPI FACCE, SCAR) Stakeholders EAAP 2014 Brochure Enable knowledge exchange (workshops, events, website)
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  • Our impact: White Paper 2013 Research and innovation priorities for a competitive and sustainable European livestock sector
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  • Knowledge development to adress societal challenges by innovation
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  • White Paper 2013 Key priority areas
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  • Addendum 2014 input H2020 2016/17
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  • Towards innovations in animal production
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  • ATF members (2015) Private sector (European Technology Platforms and Branch Organizations) FEFAC, FABRE-TP (EFFAB), IFAH-Europe COPA-COGECA, UECBV, EDA, FEFANA, CEJA, CEMA, FVE/EVERI Leading European Research Organizations Aarhus University, CERTH-HELLAS, EBRC, GEFETEC, IBNA, INIA, INRA, LUKE, Polish Academy of Sciences, SLU, Teagasc, Wageningen UR, DAFA, CRA, NPPC, IAS.
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  • Baltic, Central Europe, Balkans (2015) Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia Slovakia, Czech, Hungary Austria, Switzerland Slovenia, others 2 nd Addendum to the White Paper
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  • Increased emphasis on Aquaculture (2015) 3 th Addendum to the White Paper Improved (climate smart) production systems (onshore RAS, offshore IMTA), with robust and efficient species, supported by smart breeding, customised feeding and alternative feed resources
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  • Central theme for 2015: Precision Livestock Farming Precision Livestock Farming as key theme for 2015, and all aspects contributing to PLF: Feeding Health management Housing systems Breeding Agri technology Big Data management
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  • Dialogue with EU institutions Monthly visits to Brussels by ATF President. Target institutions: DG Research & innovation DG Agriculture & Rural Development DG Maritime Affairs & Fisheries DG Climate DG Health & Consumers European Parliament, MEPs Agri committee
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  • ATF Presidency & Secretariat Dr. Martin Scholten President Director Animal Sciences - Wageningen UR, 2 nd term for Martin, 3 rd term for Wageningen UR Prof. Jean-Louis Peyraud representing research organisations Directeur de recherche animaux INRA 1 st term for Jean-Louis Ir. Jan Venneman representing industry organisations General Secretary FABRE-TP 1 st term for Jan (2 nd term for FABRE-TP) Florence Macherez & Inge Krijger -Secretariat
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  • Activities 2015 Innovative farming seminar (IfA & ATF) 19 May UK EAAP / ATF Special Session How to implement Precision Livestock Farming 31 August Warsaw, Poland ATF Seminar on PLF 11 November 2015 Brussels PLF position paper end of 2015
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  • @AnimalTaskFrc For latest news and upcoming activities :


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