animals endangered

Animals endangered Class of 5th and 6th year

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Animals endangered

Class of 5th and 6th year

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In class, we looked on the interactive whiteboard a documentary about the greenhouse effect, the consequences it has on the environment and


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The greenhouse effect is a natural phenomenon that allows the Earth to regulate its temperature. But because men and pollution, it causes adverse climate change for

the planet and animals. We do experiments to understand.

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Now that we understand the greenhouse effect, we are documenting animal endangered as a


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We present our presentation to the class and try to find ways to save.

• Darwin's Fox : enforce laws to save and place in nature reserves.

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• The Okarito Kiwi : retrieve her eggs in the wild and placed in nature reserves.

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• The monk seal : awareness and establish areas of marine protection.

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• The drone Franklin : create habitats and import new pollinators.

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• The greater bamboo lemur : awareness and createassociations.

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• Kangaroo rats : create laws to protect and classify its website.

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We also conducted educational panels with other animals endangered. It will be exposed in school to educate other students.

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Finally, we brought the literature on endangered animals that we presented to other students.

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