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ANIMATE Your lessons!. Excite and Engage Your Students!. Reenay R. H. Rogers. Deborah Samaniego. AETC 2012. Animation. The act, process, or result of imparting life, interest, spirit, motion, or activity http :// Bring your lessons to life. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


ANIMATE Your lessons!

ANIMATE Your lessons!Excite and Engage Your Students!

Reenay R. H. RogersDeborah SamaniegoAETC 2012AnimationThe act, process, or result of imparting life, interest, spirit, motion, or activity

Bring your lessons to life.Grab the interest of your students.Put your content in motion.Using animation can spice things up!

What Skills Do I Need?If you can type, you can animate.

Lets look at some of the variety offered on the web.

Animating CharactersIf you just want to animate one or two characters for your PowerPoints, there are a variety of choices.

www.blabberize.comhttp://voki.comhttp://loogix.comBlabberize Your Lessons! allows you to make any photo that you have talk or sing.


How difficult is it to use Blabberize?

Create an account (its free)

Click on MAKE

Browse to find picture

Resize picture if needed

Select mouth area(you can resize by moving in circle)

Record audio- use mike, or use your phone

Edit and view

SaveTalking Avatars? Really??

Voki ExampleCreating a Talking Avatar Is EasyGo to Create an account if you want to access your Avatars later. The account is free.Choose the Create tab.Select a character style: Classic, Animal etc.Customize the appearance: Change clothing, accessories, even skin tone, eye color, lips, and more.Add your own voice or use text to speech to give your Avatar a voice.Choose a background.Finally, click on publish to email to a friend or get a code to embed in your website.

Animate Photos

LOOGIXUse Loogix to Animate Your PhotosChoose the type of animation you want.Browse to find your picture.Click on Generate Animation.Choose Save to Disk.You can then edit, copy, etc..

Create Fully Animated

Go Animate IntroStudent Created GoAnimated Project

XtranormalTo get started Create a free account or reasonably priced educators account Account TypesFreeEducator

Exciting Animated Lessons with Just a Few Clicks

Take a TourStudent Created Xtranormal Animation Projects

President Obama and former President Bush Discuss Energy

Some Students Just Go Beyond!The following project includedPowerPointVideo ClipXtranormal animationYouTube videoA video game

DO INK ExampleDo Ink is for the more advanced student.You can select from their props.You can draw your own pictures.Then click on play.

Lets Do Ink!

AETC 2012Reenay R. H. RogersThe University of West

Deborah SamaniegoHoly Spirit Catholic High