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Bring your self-published novel to life by creating animations with Bitstrips comic creator. In this example, the Young Adult Dystopian novel, Eternal Feud: Reunion at Walnut Cherryville, is transformed into a fun and engaging comic strip. See what happens when your novel gets animated with Bitstrips!


  • 1. What happens when your novel byCheck it out!

2. Eternal Feud: Reunion at Walnut Cherryville By Lauren SalemThe Scene When four delinquent high school seniors are abducted two months before graduation, they are forced to work in a futuristic, desert produce factory and must plot a plan to escape before they lose the freedom to choose their own destiny.Lets Get Animated! 3. Four teens are dismissed from for a seemingly normal lunch out with Counselor HankWhats Next? 4. Whats Next? 5. After being truck, their long drive to ainto a cargo take them on a placeWhats Next? 6. Whats Next? 7. They spend a night in the and Walnut Cherryville welcomes their new inhabitants by giving them Whats Next? 8. Whats Next? 9. The that needs to be done in this proves to be more challenging than Johnny, Vincent, Laura and Collins had anticipatedWhats Next? 10. Whats Next? 11. While Laura gets too much , Johnny cannot get enoughWhats Next? 12. Whats Next? 13. Nickname for a hulky woman with short, curly brown hair who manages the villages laundry services department. Do a bad job, shell spank you naked. Do a good job, shell eventually marry you.Whats Next? 14. Whats Next? 15. Hell-bent on , the 4 teens devise a , which requires supplies from the soon-to-be Governor's officeWhats Next? 16. Whats Next? 17. Laura puts her life at by a truck driver to his key. She worries that the escape plan is flawedWhats Next? 18. Whats Next? 19. Whats Next? 20. After narrowly escaping , the group celebratesWhats Next? 21. Whats Next? 22. Now its time to get reflect on theandWhats Next? 23. Whats Next? 24. Whats Next? 25. Collins gets on the whereabouts of his missing friends and the CounselorWhats Next? 26. Whats Next? 27. Vincent and Laura become hired painters, but decide to get the jobonWhats Next? 28. Whats Next? 29. Unfortunately, all 5 teens are and must face the wrath of and the . Abandonment is a serious crime punishable by death via a cruel reality TV show called Chair Trials Whats Next? 30. Whats Next? 31. Will Johnny and his friends survive beyond the Chair Trials season finale?Read the Book to Find Out! Learn more by visiting Special thanks to