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  • 1. By Kaiman Mehmet

2. Anime .. Anime , it can come in many different forms such as Cartoons (Anime Series)(Bleach) Movies and on paper forum (Manga) You probably don't notice it but u see Anime quite a lot in your lives. 3. Movies

  • There are many movies which are based on anime such as Pokemon, Princess mononoke and many more...

4. Cartoons(Anime Series)

  • The list is endless
  • Pokemon
  • Bleach
  • Naruto
  • And so on

5. Manga- The oldest of them all

  • Manga is for those want to read it and look at pictures instead of just watching it plain on a tv...

6. Thanks for Listening

  • SNM.
  • Any Questions? (please don't ask any)