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  2. 2. INTERVIEW OF CONTRIBUTOR GUIDED BY = CHETAN SIR & HIMANSHU SIR Contributor personality development
  3. 3. ANKIT VARIYA 140210116058 SEM :2 Branch: I.T.
  4. 4. BIPIN NAVDIYA Education qualification B.C.A.&M.C.A. Computer teacher in maruti school
  5. 5. Introduction of Contributor Bipin Navadiya is born in small family and try to good job for your family. He is very intrested person. He is kindly person to any other person.
  6. 6. Goal, Mission, Vision, Challenge Now, He is a teacher but his goal is become a best programmer. Now, He is become a good teacher and teach simple language for student. He is vision create a good student. He is challenge handle of many situation.
  7. 7. Short & Long term Vision He is go to school everyday and teach computer subject every student. He is become a helpful parson for every person in the society. He is create a talented student and further create the society. So this is long time vision.
  8. 8. Faced your competition The competition can copy your technology , but they can not copy the creativity, knowledge, competency and values of your committed workforce. He is believe in your competition is with your self not a others.
  9. 9. Qualities of Success According to him success is Believing in your self is the first secrete to success. So we should believe on our self. And internal satisfaction is also main topic of success.
  10. 10. Personality His personality is dynamic According to him Impression becomes from own personality. So people said first Impression is last impression.
  11. 11. Message of youth You have a learn not only books but clear a concept. He believe in JIVO ANE JIVVA DO. His message of youth is to become good contributor . So, he say that every students become good in his field.
  12. 12. THANK YOU