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<p>,=' -=' - -- I translate the French manual to English. To download the French manual the link is @ next BM200 &amp; BM258 DIRECTION For your safety and that of your family, please read very carefully Important Safety Recommendations listed below . RECOMMANDATIONS IMPORTANTES POUR LA SECURITE 1 Read all the instructions - this will allow you to use your best Bread machine. 2 DO NOT touch hot surfaces, such as the metal inside the upper or the handle of the bowl. Always use a glove to remove the hot bread bowl. 3 Use your bread machine only for its intended domestic use. 4 DO NOT use if there are any visible signs of damage provided or if the cord is accidentally dropped. 5 DO NOT unit in water and never let the cord supply or plug get wet. 6 ALWAYS UNPLUG the unit when not in use, before assemble or disassemble parts or before cleaning. 7 DO NOT allow the cord to hang the work plan and do let not touch hot surfaces as an electric or gas. 8 DO NOT leave children or disabled people use the device unattended. 9 DO NOT put your hand inside the oven after removing the bowl bread. 10 DO NOT touch the moving parts in the machine Bread. 11 DO NOT exceed the maximum capacities of the unit established because this could cause an overload of bread machine. 12 DO NOT place the bread oven direct sunlight, near hot appliances or in a current of air. All these things can affect the temperature Internal oven, and the results could be doomed to failure. 13 In the unfortunate event of a power failure after the ingredients have been partially processed, you will need to start over. 14 DO NOT use outdoors. 15 DO NOT operate the machine Bread empty as this could severely damage it. 16 DO NOT inside the machine as a storage whatsoever. 17 DO NOT COVER holes exhaust steam located on the cover and make sure there is adequate ventilation around the machine bread when it works. 18 Clean the machine thoroughly and bowl after use but only after cooling. 19 DO NOT allow children to play with this machine. 20 WARNING: Do not use harsh ingredients or sugar cubes when you prepare the loaf. 2 3 2 YOUR BREAD MACHIN KENWOOD 1 1. Handle cover breadmaker 2. Viewing window 3. Leg lock 4. Control Panel 5. Alignment marks 6. Location lug Lock 7. Heater 8. Handle of the bread bowl 4 Inside machine - Top view 7 6 5 7 3 8 9 10 11 9. Kneader 10. Shaft drive 11. Coupling drive Measuring cup Measuring spoon Bread pan 5 Display Key Timer Key for Adjusting time Key for starting up THE COMMAND PANEL TIMER SET WHITE 0 Extended Bake 1 Regular SELECT 2 Large 3 Large Dark WHOLEWHEAT 4 Regular 5 Large START Guide for select Stop Button STOP 6 Large Rapid ----- SPECIALITY 7 French 8 Sweet 9 Dough 10 Cake/Quick Bread 11 Jam 12 Rapid Cycle 4 Program baking COMMENT UTILISER VOTRE MACHINE A PAIN Before the plug: Make sure the electricity you use is the same as indicated in your device. This device complies with Directive 89/336/EEC EEC European. Before using your bread machine for the first time: Remove all packaging and all labels, if applicable. Wash all parts of the device (see "Cleaning"). How to measure ingredients: It is extremely important to accurately measure all the ingredients to be used for best results. Do not mix metric and imperial. Use a measuring system or other. ALWAYS MEASURE liquid ingredients with the transparent measuring cup provided graduated. The liquid should just reach the mark on the cup at eye level, not below or above it. ALWAYS USE liquids that are room temperature or 20 C, unless the bread is prepared with the rapid cycle of one hour. Follow instructions in the cookbook. ALWAYS USE the measuring spoon provided to measure larger quantities small dry ingredients and liquids. For 1 teaspoon, fill flush and smooth top. For 1 / 2 teaspoon, measure up to the line. 5 SELECTION PANEL SELECTION panel lets you choose among several settings for different types of bread, and for pulp and jam. Each time you press a touch panel SELECT, the number on the billboard go to next menu setting control panel. You could, for example want to make a large loaf cooked: in this case you will enter the number key until the appearance of "3" on the billboard, and then press the START (Start). When you connect your machine bread for the first time, a single signal will sound and the window SEL (short selection) will flash to indicate that you must select the setting you want. You have 12 opportunities. BLANC 0 Extended Cooking 1 Regular 2 Large 3 Large Dark COMP WHOLEWHEAT 4 N4Regular 5 G5 Large 6 G 6 Large Rapid R SPECIALITY 7 French 8 Sweet 9 Dough 10 Cake/Quick Bread 11 Jam 12 Rapid Cycle 0 Setting Extended Cooking allows you to extend the cooking time after a complete cycle. After checking your bread, you may wish to cook a little longer for it to be just like you like. The extended cooking does can be used after completing one cycle for the bread and after the appearance of the word "END" (End) on the display. To activate the extended cooking: Press the STOP (Stop) (by leaving your finger on it) and SEL will appear. Press the SELECT button and select the setting "0. Press the TIMER SET (Setting Timer) until the appearance of extended cooking time desired. The display automatically shows "0:20" but you can choose between 1 minute and 60 minutes. Press the START button (Power) and two display dots (:) will flash, showing that the count has started. If you make a mistake or wish to change the cooking time during the countdown, press the STOP button until you hear a beep and SEL is displayed. You can reset the time baking. At the end of the cooking cycle extended, a beep will SALT will be heard and viewed. At this point, you can re-compose the extended cooking. 6 STOP SELECT START = = = = SELECTION PANEL 1 2 3 White settings can be used for almost any recipe bread using mainly white bread flour. 4 5 6 Full settings should be used for bread recipes using mainly of wheat flour or flour for bread. 4 5 7 The French setting gives a crispy crust could sk cooking is longer. 4 5 8 Setting Sweet baked bread at a lower temperature to reduce the overbrowning pasta containing more sugar. 4 5 9 The setting paste is used when you want to make the dough fashioned hand and baked in your own oven . 4 5 10 Setting Cake / Quick Bread is unique because it is not baking bread yeast-like cake, such as ginger bread. Breads quick did not need to lift. The ingredients are simply mixed and the bread is baked. 4 5 11 The setting automatically cook jam the jam in the bread bowl. 4 5 12 The Fast Cycle can be used to make a fresh warm bread in 1 hour For best results, use of yeast Extra mixing easier and less salt. Please note : Using the settings for normal white bread Close (2-3) and bread sweet (8), the alarm sound for the last 5 minutes of the second cycle Kneading remember to add the ingredients if necessary. If you do add not just ignore the alarm. If you use eggs, milk or other ingredients from the refrigerator, wait 30 minutes before using so they are at room temperature. 7 THE KEYS TO SET TIMER TIMER SET (Set timer) you can defer the process of Making bread for up to 12 hours after the time indicated on the pad. The delayed start is not recommended for settings for the dough, jam or quick cooking. IMPORTANT : with this function of delay start, you should not using perishable ingredients - that is to say foods that deteriorate easily at room temperature, such as milk, eggs, cheese and yogurt, etc.. To use the TIMER SET option, simply place the ingredients into the bowl bread and lock it in the bread machine. Then: Press the SELECT button to select the required setting. Press the button on the timer and the cycle corresponds to the setting selected will appear. Continue to press TIMER to display total time required. Each time you press the timer, the duration is extended by 10 minutes. You do not need to calculate the difference among the chosen setting and total hours required for the bread oven will include the cycle automatically adjusting the first time you press the TIMER. If you exceed the desired time, press TIMER to return to back. Example : Press SELECT to select your setting, by ex. (3), and use the TIMER button to scroll time increments of 10 minutes to display "8:30". If you go over "8:30", simply presstimer button until you return to "8:30". Press the START button and the two points display will flash to show that the timer has = been resolved and that the minutes will begin to be counted. If you make a mistake or want to change the time setting, press the STOP until you hear a beep and the SEL is displayed. You can then reset the time. When the cycle is complete, END (End) appear on display and a beep will sound to you that the bread is baked. START STOP = = Note important : Turn off bread machine after use and do not forget use a glove to remove the bread from bread pan. Always clean the bread pan with a hot damp cloth and dry it well after have used. 8 HOW TO BEGIN Cooking a normal white bread Ingredients 230 ml Water 350 g flour, unbleached white bread 15ml (3 teaspoons) of skimmed milk powder 7.5 ml (1 tablespoon and a half tsp) salt 10 ml (2 teaspoons) sugar 15 g de butter 5 ml (1 teaspoon) of dry yeast is easy to blend Note : You should add the ingredients in the order listed in a recipe. Do not open the lid during the cooking cycle as this may fall bread. 1. Place the dough on the drive shaft of the bread pan (see diagram on page 3). 2. Water should be at room temperature and poured into the bread pan. 3. Measure the flour and sprinkle the bread in the bowl, making sure it covers water. 4. Add skim milk powder, sugar, salt and butter in separate corners and the surface of the flour. 5. Make a hollow in the center of the flour but not reach the water, and add the yeast. 6. Put the bread pan in the chamber of the machine by using the alignment marks (), and making sure the bowl and it snaps the shot right side. Close the lid. 7. Connect the camera and press the SELECT button until the number (1) appears on the display. 8. Press the START button (Start). At the end of the cycle, stop the machine and remove the bread pan by holding its handle. Always use gloves. Pushing the bread and let cool on a rack for 30 minutes. Otherwise, if the bread is baking a little longer use Option E cooking time (see "Cooking prolonged"). If the bread machine is on the way "Pain" (1-8, 10, 12), it will change to "Keep warm "for up to one hour or until the machine is switched off, following this whichever happens first. For more information on making bread and other recipes, see your Cookbook Kenwood . 9 TABLEAU DETAILLE DES CYCLES POUR LE PAIN/LA PATE Now that you know exactly what is happening inside your machine bread during the process, the table below shows you in minutes and seconds time required for each cycle. These times are approximate and they are data as a guide. The total process time is also shown in hours and minutes, depending on your selection. Adjusting 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 CYCLE Extended White White White Sold Sold Sold French Sweet Dough Cake-Qu Rapid Bake Regular Large Large Regular Large Large RAPIDE Jam Cycle - 700 G 900 G Dark 700 G 900 G RAPID cooking 900 G 900 G GATEAU 1 Hour Cooking bread Resting* - Kneading - - - 30min* 30min* 15min* - - - - - - 1 Kneading 2 - 6min 6min 6min 6min 6min 6min 6min 6min 6min 6min 45min - - 27min** 31mi** 31mi**18min 25min 25min 22min 31mi** 24min 14min 15min 11min Lifting1 - 23min 29min 29min 76min 79min 39min 34min 40min 60min - Beating - 17mmin 1 Beating - - - - 10sec 15sec 15sec 5sec 5sec - - - - 2 Tapping - - - - - - - 10sec 10sec - - - - 3 - - - - - - - 5sec 5sec - - - - Rest - Shaping - - - 30min 30min 15min 29min 29min - - - - 1 - 5sec 5sec 5sec 3sec 3sec 3sec 5sec 5sec - Shaping - - - 2 - 10sec 10sec 10sec - Shaping 3 - 5sec 5sec 5sec - - - - 10sec 10sec - - 5sec 5sec - - - - - - - Lifting2 - 64min 54min 54min 55min 45min 45min 54min 49min - - - - Baking 60min 45min 50min 70min 45min 55min 55min 65min 50min - 90min - 31min Keep warm - 60min 60 min 60 min 60 min 60 min 60 min 60min 60 min - 60min - 60min Duration total*** 1:00 2:45 2:50 3:10 4:20 4:30 3:20 3:30 3:25 1:30 1:50 1:00 0:59 Max - deaying process - 14:45 14:50 15:10 16:20 16:30 15:20 15:30 15:25 13:30 13:50 13:00 12:59 *The cycle starts with a bread rest period, during which the meals or grains absorb the liquid ingredients. Soaking softens the flour or grain, and it helps ingredients to mix them better. It does not slide during this period **The alarm sounds during kneading to warn that it is time to add ingredients if the recipe recommends to add. *** The total does not include period "Keep warm". 10 TROUBLESHOOTING Here are some examples of typical problems that you might when you rencontier made bread in your bread machine. Be sure to read all these problems, their cause and possible action to be taken to remedy this and achieve your revenue. PROBLEME CAUSE POSSIBLE SOLUTION 1.The bread does not rise enough LE SIZE AND SHAPE OF BREAD Les pains complets ne lveront pas Situation normale, sans solution. autant que les pains blancs car la farine complte contient moins des protines qui forment du gluten. Il ny a pas assez de liquide. Ajoutez 15 ml/3 cuilleres caf de liquide Il manque le sucre ou il ny en a pas Assemblez les ingrdients dans lordre assez indiqu dans la recette. Vous avez utilis une farine qui ne Il se peut que vous ayez utilis de la convient pas. farine blanche au lieu de la farine forte spciale pour pain qui a une plus forte teneur en gluten. Nutilisez pas de la farine tout faire. Vous avez utilis une levure qui ne Nutilisez que de la levure dshydrate convient pas. agissant rapidement. Nutilisez pas de la levure frache. Il nja pas avez de levure a ou Mesurez la quantit recommande et bien la levure est trop vieille. vrifiez la date limite dutilisation sur lemballage. Le cycle rapide pour le pain a t Ce cycle pr...</p>