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1. Which country is a multiracial country with 56 recognized ethnic groups? China 2. S U M O is Japan's national sport, although baseball is also very popular. 3. There are four different writing systems in Japan. They are ROMAJI, HIRAGANA, KATAKANA AND KANJI. 4. The most popular sports in China are: TABLE TENNIS, BADMINTON, BASKETBALL and chess. 5. Which European country is shaped like a boot? ITALY 6. Geographically, which country is the largest? RUSSIA 7. Which country celebrates Saint Andrews Day? SCOTLAND 8. The origin of Polo (the sport) is: (a) India (b) Britain (c) Persia (d) Argentina 9. The clothes Kaftan and Sarafan are the ethnic clothes to: (a) Russia (b) Germany (c) Poland (d) Croatia 10. Arnis, a form of martial arts, is the national sport in: (a) Indonesia (b) the Philippines (c) Malaysia (d) America 11. Which country is the only Portuguese-speaking country in South America? (a) Chile (b) Paraguay (c) Columbia (d) Brazil 12. What does AFL stand for? AUSTRALIAN FOOTBALL LEAGUE 13. Which country invented bobsleighing/bobsledding? ENGLAND 14. How many AFL teams are there currently? 18 15. Name 3 famous modern actors who know Kung Fu. JACKIE CHAN, JET LI, BRUCE LEE, SAMMO HUNG, YUEN BIAO AND DONNIE YEN 16. What is the national sport of South Korea? TAEKWONDO 17. Which city is the Eiffel Tower located in? PARIS 18. What does yum cha mean? DRINK TEA 19. In which country was the prodigy, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart born in? (a) Germany (b) Italy (c) Austria (d) Poland 20. Which country does Novak Djokovic represent and what sport does he play? SERBIA, TENNIS


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