anti aging through bioidentical hormone replacement therapy

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Anti-aging therapies through bio-identical hormonal balancingDr. Westin

Suzanne Somers anti aging regimenGrowth hormone, thyroid hormone, estradiol, progesterone, pregnenolone, DHEA, GABA, Cortisol, melatoninNotice the trend? ALL hormones! She also uses: daily supplements/vitamins, frequently detoxs, specialized diet and exercise routines

Anti-aging is not.Old anti-aging paradigm: Plastic surgery (face lifts, tummy tucks, etc.)Expensive laser resurfacingGetting new joints with orthopedic surgeryTreating aches and pains with medications

Anti-aging is

The specialty is founded on the application of advanced scientific and medical technologies for the early detection, prevention, treatment, and reversal of age-related dysfunction, disorders, and diseases

My definitionAnti-aging is making lifestyle changes including diet, exercise and the supplementation of bio-identical hormones to natural physiologic levels to influence changes at the cellular level which correspond to improvement in both the phenotype and genotype of the individual.

Anti-aging regimenBio-identical hormone replacement (to physiologic levels)Exercise***DietTargeted supplementsStress and sleep management(reversal of chronic diseases with targeted medications may be necessary)

HormonesMost powerful molecules in biologyCritical to life - change your DNAControl metabolism of every cellDetermine gender differencesDetermine energy and moodOptimal levels are essential for health and quality of life

2 MAJOR problems...

All hormones decline with age, stress, toxins and illness!10% of people have subclinical hypothyroidism Every aging human = somatopause, menopause/andropauseStress causes early decline of DHEA and adrenal functionEnvironment (xenoestrogens)

Doctors dont get itreference range endocrinologyNormal ranges are NOT optimalInclude 95% of tested sick peopleNOT diagnostic rangesDoctors assume that all ranges are diagnosticMale free tesosterone: 35-155 5xFemale free testosterone: 0.0-2.2InfiniteFree t4 (thyroid): 0.6-1.83xAM serum cortisol: 5-255x

DHEA (major precursor)

Progesterone and Estrogen

Common viewPersistence of youthful levels of hormones would cause more heart attacks and cancerLoss of hormones is adaptive and helps us live longerFits pharmaceutical agenda: take drugs for symptoms caused by hormone loss

Against the common viewAging is a natural self destruct program that kicks in around age 25 in humansObesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attacks, autoimmune diseases and many cancers increase AFTER menopause/andropauseAging and loss of hormones are both natural and bad for youStudies of balanced hormone restoration show expected youthful benefits and improvements without proof of harm

Thyroid and cortisol deficiencies(fatigue, depression and pain) Thyroid sets metabolism, cortisol delivers fuelThyroid determines metabolism in EVERY tissueLack of either = slow metabolismBOTH must be optimal for health and quality of lifeDoctors have irrational fear of supplementing

HypothyroidismMental fog, poor concentration, depressionFatigue, need for excessive sleepCold extremities, always feel coldAches and painsThinning, dry, coarse scalp hairWeight gainConstipationAnkle swelling, puffy face

Diagnosing hypothyroidism1st - Symptoms 2nd - Basal body temp... 97.8-98.23rd - Labs...TSH Optimal levels 1-2 mU/l (reference range 0.5-4.5) Free T3 > 3.2 (upper of reference range)Free T4 > 1.1 (upper of reference range) Reverse T3, thyroglobulin antibodies, thyroid peroxidase antibodies

Right way to fix itUse of bio-identical T3/T4 hormonal therapy, titration to relief of symptoms (NOT the TSH)Iodine, selenium supplementationSupport adrenal function with supplements or bio-identical cortisol if necessaryVitamin C, salt, adaptogens

More than sex hormones Estradiol, progesterone, testosterone and DHEA are required for the function, growth and maintenance of ALL tissues in both sexesMaintain brain function and healthMaintain immune systemMaintain connective tissue: skin, hair, bones, muscleImprove insulin sensitivity: prevent diabetes, fatty liverReduce blood pressurePrevent heart attacks

Normal progesterone dominance



Women killers and hormonesCardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, dementia and breast cancer = RARE before menopauseFirst 3 = estradiol deficiency, breast cancer = progesterone deficiencyEarly removal of ovaries = increased risk of heart disease, osteoporosis and dementiaYouthful hormone levels protect women from these diseases

Coronary artery disease vs. age

Transdermal estradiol prevents heart attacks

Transdermal estradiol prevents heart attacks

Estrogen replacement preventsAlzheimers disease

n=5092 women followed over 5 years


OsteoporosisA hormone deficiency disease - the proper treatment is hormone restorationEstradiol prevents resorption of bone while testosterone, DHEA and GH build new boneHormone restoration including vitamin D = increases bone density better than bisphosphonates without side effects

Estradiol restorationProtects against heart disease, dementia, osteoporosisImproves insulin sensitivity - prevents diabetesEliminates hot flashes, restores sleepRestores cognitive function and moodMaintains thickness, fullness of skin and hairMaintains pelvic health, helps against incontinence and bladder infectionsProtects aginst colon cancer and macular degeneration

What about breast cancer?Estradiol stimulates growth of female organs, maintains female health and quality of lifePromotes cancer and other disorders if not balanced with progesterone and androgens

Estrogen DominanceAutoimmune diseasesAnxietyMoodinessPMSBloating, fluid retentionFibrocystic breastsHeavy periodsEndometriosisBreast cancerOvarian cancerUterine cancerGallstones

Progesterone balances estrogenBalanced levels of estrogen/progesterone prevent breast and endometrial cancer

Progesterone decline = anxiety, depression, irritability, mood swings, insomnia, pain and inflammation (joint, low back, etc.), osteoporosis

Breast cancer rate vs ageLoss of progesterone = higher risk of breast cancer

Who needs progesterone?Irregular menstrual cyclesNo periods - amenorrheaHeavy bleedingFibrocystic breast diseaseEndometriosis/adenomyosisEVERY woman in menopause

Provera is NOT = to progesteroneProveraCauses birth defectsDepressionInsomnia, irritabilityFluid retentionWorsens lipid profileIncreases risk of heart attacksIncreases stimulation of breastsCauses breast cancerProgesteroneMaintains pregnancyImproves moodImproves sleepDiureticImproves cholesterolNo increase in heart attacksreduces stimulation of breastsPREVENTS breast cancer

E3N-EPIC study55,000 women8 year f/u

E2 plus progesterone = no increased risk of breast cancer

Take awaysBio-identical hormonesTransdermal (through the skin)Estradiol/estriol combinationNatural progesteroneIndividualized dose titrated by youNO harm when used correctly, with LOTS of benefit

Take awaysNew anti-aging medicineHormones (bio-identical hormones)DietExerciseSleep and stress managementTargeted supplements