ants: argies vs pogos native harvesters ants at ccms

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  • Ants: Argies vs PogosNative Harvesters Ants at CCMS

  • BiodiversityThe number of different species that live in a habitat.

    High = Good Low = Bad

  • The Value of Increased Biodiversity1.Healthy Ecosystem- fight off disease- natural disasters2. Protect Resources-clean water-clean air 3. Food and Medicinenew food and medicineeconomy for people

  • Native Specieslocally adapted to their environment.

    They are connected to the other native species here and are dependent on each other for survival, shelter and food. Native species increase biodiversity

  • Non-Native Species

    They come from another habitat. Invasives -grow out of control Use up spaceNo natural enemiesThey prevent native species from growing

    Non-native species decrease biodiversity.

  • Harvester Ants and Horned LizardsSeed-harvesting ants can influence the abundance and distribution of plant species through both the selective harvesting of seeds and the construction of nutrient-rich nest mounds

  • Argentine ant and Harvesters

  • Argentine ant and Harvesters


  • Argies and horned lizards

  • Argies and horned lizardsX

  • Culver City Middle SchoolCCMS has harvestersBut only in one locationCollect data as research scientists

  • What to study?

    Location 1With Harvester AntsLocation 2No Harvester Ants

  • Harvester Ant Data

    Butterfly Garden

    Ground TempNumber of plantsSoil pHLight and MoistureGrassy Area

    Ground TempNumber of plantsSoil pHLight and Moisture

  • TodayDanger ants bite and stingFill out sheetAnswer questionsCompile data as a class

  • Harvester Ant DataCombine the dataWhat did we find?

    Butterfly GardenGrassy Area

  • Future WorkWhat can we recommend to try and get harvester ants to persist at CCMS?Monitor them and argiesNot get rid of habitatMake more habitatPrevent argeis from coming inMake a sign so others are aware