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Melissa Bloomer ANTS EBulletin. Purpose. ‘Community of Practice’ Shared interests Medium for communication Information sharing Research/scholarly activities Clinical education issues Showcase unique initiatives or activities Contribute to shared knowledge. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Melissa

  • PurposeCommunity of PracticeShared interestsMedium for communicationInformation sharingResearch/scholarly activitiesClinical education issues

    Showcase unique initiatives or activities

    Contribute to shared knowledge

  • Does the eBulletin meet our need?Currently we have Quarterly electronic publication

    Reliant on member contribution and participation

    Inclusive of ANTS state committee reports

    Special interest storiesWe need more! Tell other ANTS members about the great work you or your colleagues are doing

  • Future growthConsiderationsAccess each edition of the eBulletin is accessed approx 600 times Member needs? does it suit our member needs?What would address our needs best? A scholarly peer-reviewed journal could help to raise the profile of ANTS and provide a forum for first time publishersContribution to Aust educational scholarship Jan Sayers reportRoom for an Aust focused educational journalNursing only or inclusive of allied health?

  • Educational journalMelissa Bloomer (eBulletin editor) met with Cambridge Publishing to discuss producing a peer-reviewed journal for ANTSAust owned specialist publisherWill help to refine purpose and needs, Help to target our market audience, Positive impact on membership

  • Some of the journals published on behalf of Societies are:ACORN The Official Journal of Perioperative Nursing in AustraliaAustralian College ofOperating Room Nurses

    Australia and New Zealand Continence JournalContinence Foundation of Australia (CFA)

    Australian Journal of Cancer NursingCancer Nurses Society of Australia

    Day Surgery AustraliaAustralian Day Surgery Nurses Association

    Journal of Stomal Therapy AustraliaAustralian Association of Stomal Therapy Nurses

    Neonatal, Paediatric and Child Health Nursing Journal Australian Confederation of Paediatric and Child Health Nurses and Australian College of Neonatal Nurses and Neonatal Nurses College AotearoaWound Practice & ResearchAustralian Wound Management Association

    Transplant Nurses JournalTransplant Nurses Association

    World Council of Enterostomal Therapists Journal The World Council of Enterostomal Therapists

    BriefThe Law Society of Western Australia

    The Australian MetrologistThe Metrology Society of Australia

    Microbiology AustraliaThe Australian Society for Microbiology

  • Educational JournalSuggestion of dual approachScholarly peer-reviewed educational journalSociety magazine (similar to current eBulletin)

    Electronic or PrintEditorialMarketing/PromotionalMarket audience, Impact on membership

  • Future direction points to considerWhere do we see ANTS going?

    How can we BETTER keep a geographically disparate membership connected?

    How can we contributeTo nursing?To nurse education?