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“Blown Film Extrusion, It Starts Here” Presented by: Name: Steve Gammell Title: Sales Manager – North America Company: Macchi North America Plastic Machinery, Inc.

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  • “Blown Film Extrusion, It Starts Here”

    Presented by:Name: Steve GammellTitle: Sales Manager – North AmericaCompany: Macchi North America Plastic Machinery, Inc.

  • Resin Blending SystemsIn-Line Scrap Reclaim MethodsExtruders & Filtration SystemsBlown Film DiesAuto Profile Control MethodsAir Ring TechnologyIBC Systems

  • The Original Method

    Volumetric Blenders

    Gravimetric Batch Blenders

    Continuous Gravimetric Blenders

  • Batch gravimetric blenders weigh individual resin components in a single common weigh vessel The weighed resins are then combined in a mixing chamberWhen used with a gravimetric extrusion control system a second load cell measures the loss in weight of the mixed batch as the extruder consumes the resin

  • Load cellGravimetric

    extrusion control(continuous Loss-in-


    Weight bin on 2 load cells(Gain-in-weight

    Gravimetric blending)

    MIXER with mixing paddle

    Containing 3 batches on continuous mixing

    Slide gate

    Capacitive level sensor(min level)

    Capacitive level sensor(max level)

    Gravimetric Batch Blender

  • Each resin component has a dedicated loadcell to track individual resin consumptionThe component resin is continuously weighed and feed into the cascade mixing chamberThe combined component resin consumption data is used to gravimetrically control the extruder speed

  • 312

  • Trim & film scrap grinding

    Ground fluff extruder mounted refeed units

    In-Line trim repelletizing system

  • Top View Side View

  • Film Trim Delivery Trim Feed Via Twin Screw

  • Extruder baseExtruder drive motor & gearbox arrangementsFeed-throat types & barrelsBarrel heating & coolingExtruder feed-screwsFiltration systems

  • The extruder base must be built with sufficient strength to support the extruder itself in it’s initial transportation

    The base must provide the rigid strength to support its components and handle the axial stresses associated with the feed screw as well as the thermal expansion of the barrel and keep all the components in alignment

  • AC Belt Drive AC Direct Drive

    Gearless Direct Drive

  • Typically manufactured from alloy steel to withstand 10,000 + PSIBarrels are lined with more wear resistant centrifugally cast long wearing boron alloyMore abrasive polymers require tougher alloy liner materials to extend the useful service life of the barrelWorn barrels/feedscrews contribute to numerous processing issues, check them for wear frequently

  • Typically manufactured from flame hardened 4141 steel, with Chrome rootsFlight surfaces, require more wear resistant materials such as Colmonoy 56/83full width or X830Flight materials are either full width or in-laidMixing sections for improved polymer homogenization & melt temperature control

  • Manual lever style screen changer

    Manual hydraulic screen changer

    Hydraulic screen changer

    Continuous screen changer

  • Manual Lever Type Hydraulic Manual Type

  • Hydraulic Semi-Continuous Hydraulic Continuous

  • Normal Operating Position Screen Change Position

  • Bottom feed spiral mandrel die, mono layer or CoEx in either a oscillating & stationary configuration

    Side feed spiral mandrel die, mono layer or CoEx configurations

    Stack or pancake style die, CoEx die

  • Typically machined from ANSI 4140 & 4340 machinery steel.Dies are typically plated with either electroless nickel or chrome plating for improved polymer release properties, lower COF as well as to protect the die from corrosion. Factors in die design: material types, material properties & anticipated production rate by layer

  • Ten Layer Die

  • Principle Method

  • Principle Method

  • 3 – secondary flow-Venturi control

    2 – primary flow-

    1 – downward flow-

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    PRESENTED BYName: Steve GammellTitle: Sales Manager North AmericaCompany: Macchi North America Plastic Machinery Inc.