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  • Aperture and Shutter Speed

  • Aperture


  • Aperture


    Depth of Field

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  • Let’s discuss some technical issues of the digital camera.

  • What is white balance?

    What is ISO?

    Light has a temperature.

    Regular incandescent lightbulbs

    Fluorescent office lighting



    Light determines a cool or warm cast or tint

    SUN icon> represents normal daylight conditions in direct light

    CLOUD icon> is for overcast days, flat light, shade, window-illuminated interiors

    LIGHTBULB icon> is for incandescent lighting

    BAR-SHAPED icon> is for fluorescent lighting

    ISO = International Standards Organization

    Refers to film mostly - Variable Film Speed

    Higher the film speed, higher the light sensitivity and faster the exposure times; grainer the image

    3200 speed film. What it is good for?

    Popular ISO speeds are 100 for bright light (outdoor) and 400 for lower, average light and indoor shots.

    Most digital cameras have an auto-ISO setting; 200 is the lowest because it is generic.

    If you want to shoot in dim light without a flash increase your ISO. 400 and up.

    Higher ISOs result in more noise.

    } All have a unique temperature.

    } Common white balance symbols Simply, white balance = color balance

    Simply, ISO = light sensitivity.

  • Want more info on digital photography? There are some great podcasts

    available on iTunes.

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