API 16 AR Specification for Drill-through Equipment Remanufacturing

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API 16 AR Specification for Drill-through Equipment Remanufacturing. Summer Standards Meeting Communication Jan van Wijk / Chris Johnson API-16AR chairman Janvanwijk@Shell.com / Chris.Johnson@nov.com 25 June , 2013. Status. Draft document 50% state. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Slide 1</p> <p>1API 16 AR Specification for Drill-through Equipment Remanufacturing</p> <p>Summer Standards Meeting Communication</p> <p>Jan van Wijk / Chris JohnsonAPI-16AR chairmanJanvanwijk@Shell.com / Chris.Johnson@nov.com </p> <p>25 June , 20131220 L Street, NW Washington, DC 20005-4070 www.api.org2StatusDraft document 50% state.Task groups formed to work compile standard content on Welding, flow diagrams and certification.Meetings planned for welding subgroup and next face to face end August.Establishment of Material Data Book and Project History File as part of the API-16AR standard is essential for traceability. Completion time governed by welding subgroup progress on the subject.Complete draft document to be worked on in the August face to face meeting.Acceptance for Quality Specification Levels for remanufacturing process.Strong drive to deliver the standard for Ballot end 2013.</p> <p>1220 L Street, NW Washington, DC 20005-4070 www.api.org3Time Plan201220132014Q2Q3Q4Q1Q2Q3Q4Q1Q2Q3Q4Flow process charts and Remanufacturing Service LevelsBasic plan development.Working API-16AR document.Ballot-1Comments implementationAPI approval processQuality Specification Levels for Primary EquipmentQSL levels address equipment quality / specification only.Implementation of requirements listed in API-6A planned for next meeting in August.1220 L Street, NW Washington, DC 20005-4070 www.api.org4RSL-1RSL-2RSL-3RSL-4Engineering Design Verication/ ValidationYesYesYesYesMaterial Specification Requirements YesYesYes Higher chemistry restrictions &amp; properties YesSame as RSL-3Testing Hydro Testing of Assemblies with 3 minute hold periods. Hot work performed would shell test 1-1/2 times maximum working pressure. RSL-1 testing requirements MTR's traceable to impact testing on body. NDE Testing on body, bonnet, door, ram shaft, annular top </p> <p> All RSL-1 &amp; 2 requirements Impact test on body, bonnet or door, ram shaft, upper housing &amp; lower housing with MTRs. NDE Testing all major components &amp; wetted surfaces. UT or X-ray of all full penetration welds Hydrostatic test hold times 15 minutes. Yes Same as RSL-3Documentation on Components Maintained by Manufacturer1. Body, bonnet, door, ram shaft, annular lower &amp; upper housing MTRs or PMI 2. WPS records and Welder Qualification Records3. NDE qualification records4. Hardness records1. All RSL 1 Records 2. All NDE Records3. Post Weld Heat Treatment Records1. All RSL-2 Requirements2. All Major Components Reference specific serial numbers 3. Volumetric NDE Records4. Post Weld Heat Treat (Times &amp; Temperature) 5. Hardness Reports6. WPS Records 7. Dimensional Records1.Post Weld Heat treatment conducted with thermal coupler on part &amp; actual chart temperature chart recorded.2. Total hours of history heat treament for major components.3. All RSL-1, 2, 3 requirement. </p> <p>Documentation on Assemblies by ManufacturingTest ReportsActual test pressure charts &amp; reports with hold times.1. All RSL-2 Plus 2. C.O.C. 3. Assembly Traceability Records including Elastomer Records.4. Pressure Test RecordsAll RSL-1, 2, 3Records Furnished to PurchaserC.O.C.C.O.C. with Heat Treatment &amp; Hydrostatic Test DataDatabook with C.O.C. and all information above with exception to proprietary dimensions. Same as RSL-3 All records except proprietary dimensions1220 L Street, NW Washington, DC 20005-4070 www.api.org5Q&amp;AFor information, please contact API directly or contact:Jan van WijkAPI-16AR chairmanJanvanwiijk@shell.com</p> <p>Chris JohnsonAPI-16AR co-chairmanChris.johnson@nov.com</p>