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Apollo Bramwell Hospital Corporate Brochure.



    Boasting state-of-the-art technology, accomplished medical professionals and exclusive international accreditation, Apollo Bramwell is the Indian Oceans leading private hospital.


  • From a high standard of care and treatment flexibility to private rooms and added peace of

    mind, several private healthcare

    benefits are immeasurable.

    Aiming to provide these

    boundless merits to the island

    nation of Mauritius is Apollo

    Bramwell Hospital (ABH).

    About Apollo Bramwell

    In November 2005, the

    Chennai-based Apollo group

    of hospitals and British

    American Investment signed a

    memorandum of understanding

    to construct a 200-bed

    multidisciplinary medical facility

    in Mauritius. Today, ABH is the

    Indian Oceans largest private

    hospital, with over 200 nurses

    and 200 physicians and dentists,

    most of which are trained

    or certified to international


    ABH prides itself on being

    a one-stop convenience,

    with numerous inpatient and

    outpatient services such as high

    dependency units, neonatal,

    cardiac and general intensive

    care, paediatric private beds,

    consultation rooms and a 24-

    hour emergency facility.

    In addition to patient comfort

    with fully air conditioned rooms,

    healthy meals three times a

    day, individual TV screens and

    internet access, visitors are also

    catered for with special lounges,

    cafeterias and shops.

    For the founder and chairman

    of Apollo Hospitals Group Dr.

    Prathap C. Reddy, employing

    technological advances to

    provide patients with the best

    care possible is a prime concern.

    Our endeavour is to establish a

    state-of-the-art hospital with the

    highest standards of patient care

    and with wide-ranging facilities

    under one roof, he notes.


    As the majority of us are all too aware, life is full of unexpected twists and turns. But whatever happens in our work and social life, health remains a priority. Several individuals still rely on national health services to provide treatment and care in times of hardship, however more and more people are seeking private cover and protection.

  • Our mission is to bring healthcare of international standards

    within the reach of every individual. We are committed to the

    achievement and maintenance of excellence in education, research

    and healthcare for the benefit of humanity.

    Papworth partnershipIn June 2013, ABH signed a partnership agreement with the

    world-famous Papworth Hospital in London to enhance specialist

    cardiac services and educate key clinical staff.

    We are proud to be associated with Papworth Hospital, which is

    truly a leader in cardiothoracic surgery and cardiology, but is also the

    UKs main heart and lung transplant centre, notes David Gray, deputy

    chairman of Apollo Bramwell Hospital.

    Apollo Bramwell will greatly benefit from the support of Papworth

    Hospital, which will include the potential for having surgeons and

    cardiologists performing diagnostic and therapeutic procedures at

    Apollo Bramwell.

    Every year, Papworth treats over 22,800 inpatients and 53,400

    outpatients requiring specialist heart and lung treatment from the

    UKs largest cardiothoracic hospital. Apollo Bramwell hopes to gain

    invaluable insights from the Cambridge-based hospital, which has

  • proud to announce the launch of a full-service orthotic and prosthetic

    facility. The new department aims to offer renewed hope, greater

    mobility and a better quality of life for amputees that have lost a limb

    as a result of disease or an accident.

    Diabetes is a common reason why Mauritians lose a limb and

    need to use a prosthesis, David reveals. This service will therefore

    offer a special prosthetic program to fit the individual needs of each

    patient. We provide amputees with mobility, comfort and an improved

    self-image thanks to the latest designs available in prosthetic limbs.

    Along with expert guidance and support to help choose the

    right prosthesis that best suits their needs, patients will also benefit

    from careful monitoring, as long-term care is required for devices to

    accurately fit and function correctly.

    David explains: Due to technological advances prosthetic

    components are continually changing, which can make the decision-

    making process confusing.

    While we utilise modern technology, it is important to

    understand that the latest and greatest appliance is not always the

    most appropriate for every patient. Our policy is to provide the most

    appropriate device, matching the patients lifestyle in the most cost-

    effective manner.

    The department at ABH

    has been established alongside

    Marissa Nel & Associates,

    a specialised orthotic and

    prosthetic facility in South

    Africa, and Ottobock, a German

    organisation that produces

    prostheses, braces and orthoses.

    Accreditation, quality and certification

    ABH has now joined an elite

    and exclusive circle as one of

    only 385 hospitals in the world

    to win the Joint Commission

    International (JCI) gold

    accreditation. With over 350

    stringent guidelines, covering

    surgical hygiene, anaesthesia


    Bougainville Lane, Beau Bassin, MAURITIUSTel: 230 464 6315 // Fax: 230 464 2629

    Email: pharmatradeltd12@gmail.com

    Pharma Trade Ltd.

    JULPHAR, Gulf Pharmaceutical Industries, U.A.E // FRESENIUS KABI, South Africa //



    The Hospital Product Specialist & Sole Representative & Distributor of:

    witnessed over 1000 heart and

    lung transplants since it was

    founded over 30 years ago.

    Papworth is a fantastic

    institution with a history of

    outstanding results, including

    the first ever heart transplant

    operation in the UK back in

    1979, cites H.E. Nick Leake,

    British High Commissioner to


    Apollo Bramwell is bringing

    specialised services to the

    region for the first time, such as

    those provided in conjunction

    with Papworth. It will position

    Mauritius on the right track to be

    a services hub for Africa.

    New facility at ABHEarlier in 2013, ABH was

  • procedures and air quality, the accreditation is recognised as a symbol

    of quality, which reflects an organisations commitment to meet high

    performance standards.

    JCI accreditation is a further indication of the Apollo Bramwell

    Hospitals commitment to world-class medical excellence; it means

    first and foremost the highest standard of care for our patients, the

    hospital boasts.

    Despite this industry recognition, ABH still employs a quality

    management system to produce results that meet and exceed

    stakeholder and public expectations.

    By reinforcing the goals and objectives of patient care, quality

    is not only an additional step of control or inspection, but an integral

    part of our daily practices and work for every employee throughout

    the hospital, notes ABH.

    The hospital is continuously exploring ways of improving the

    quality of healthcare through the latest evidence-based medicine,

    audits of services, integrated care pathways, indicator measurements,

    voice of customers, customer satisfaction including complaints/

    incidents and other standardisation frameworks.

    ABH promotes a proactive culture that encourages patients to be

    involved in the decision making process and to ask questions at every

    point of their treatment.

    From the time the patient steps in the hospital till the discharge

    journey, quality standards are applied and respected to cater for best

    quality of healthcare that the patient experiences, asserts ABH.

    Ultimately, ABH is a world-class facility that acknowledges how

    significant health is in todays modern society. Any patient visiting

    Mauritius can rest assured that they are in the best hands possible.

    While we utilise modern technology, it is important to understand that the latest and greatest appliance is not always the most appropriate for every patient. Our policy is to provide the most appropriate device, matching the patients lifestyle in the most cost-effective manner.


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