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The Royal High SchoolTeaching and Learning NewsletterIssue 2

October 2017

Digital Learning in RHS

In-service day 23 October staff training

All staff received training in setting up a Class One Note Jotter in smaller workshops helpfully facilitated by staff. This will be further reinforced in similar workshops throughout the remainder of the session, so please do not worry if you ran out of time. Andrew Curry is also very happy to come and visit classes to help support you with digital learning, so please do get on touch with him. Sessions on iTunesU will also run, so you can eventually decide which platform you prefer for sharing curricular content.

I shared the basic digital competences for using the IPad, established by the Digital Learning Working Group. Training will be offered to all staff covering all of these competences during CAT whole school sessions. These competencies will also form the basis of the iTunesU course for digital learning at the RHS that Holly and Andrew are in the process of creating. This means there will eventually be an on-line manual for staff that they can consult, and share with new staff. I have attached these competencies at the end of the newsletter.

Tips and ideas from staff using OneNote

Using OneNote as a portfolio for skills work

Isabelle had the idea of pupils creating a skills page for each subject on their personal OneNote jotter. This would mean that for each subject they would have a page to record their target grades and learner conversation feedback, but also a skills page. They could take a photograph of a piece of work that displays their literacy or numeracy skills in their different subjects and build up a portfolio of skills. We will look at rolling this out across the school.

Using OneNote to support parents evening conversations

Sharon is planning to use the class OneNote jotter to support conversations at parents evenings throughout the session, as it is an easy and convenient way of sharing work with parents.

Naming of OneNote Jotters note from Holly

If you have created a class notebook, please do not rename it. It causes major syncing issues with the pupils, they can be worked round but they are complex and unnecessary.

If you have not created a class notebook for classes but wish to, can I recommend you create a name such as Higher Computing 17/18 this will negate pupils having 5 notebooks that simply say Higher .

Camera or Office Lens

App of Term

Wendy has pushed out Office Lens to all iPads just remember to accept when you receive the notification.


The built in Photos app for iPad includes some little known hidden features. The mark-up feature allows you to draw or type on an image as well as magnify certain areas of the picture which is really useful. Click on the link below for some further tips about how to mark up your photos so handy when modelling work.

Office Lens

Office Lens is a document-scanning app, but it has many more uses than simply scanning. You can use it to take a picture of a whiteboard during a presentation and then fix the view so it looks like you are right in front of the board. Lens also features Optical Character Recognition, this means it can read text from pictures. Take an image of text and then choose Immersive Reader when you export it to have the app read the text aloud to you. The app will also export documents into word so they can then be edited.

CPD Twilight sessions

Holly has been doing a great job pulling together an in-house CPD programme. The programme is based around the T&L PRD that staff identified during the self-evaluation session last May. Sessions over the next month include

Tuesday 7th November @ lunch time OneNote drop in session with Holly in her room.

Liane Hooper Cooperative Learner Refresh (2 Sessions) in Room 44

Wednesday 15th November @ Lunchtime Session 1

Looking at the benefits of cooperative learning in class and the fundamentals of cooperative learning. Furthermore, looking at the differences between cooperative and collaborative learning with a Q&A Session

Wednesday 22nd November @ Lunchtime Session 2

Session looking at practical applications and resources to take away and use

To gain the most out of the session it is recommended that staff attend both.

Visible Learning

Rory Murray in Room 12 Thursday 30th November 3.35pm-4.35pm

Targeted Support using Visible Learning for Certificate classStudents.

For classteachers or CL's interested in running a similarprogramme in their subject/faculty, interested in using data to drive improvement for middle to lower end learners, or are interested inusing practical visible learning techniques for middle to lower end learners in their subject.

Getting Into Leadership

Pauline Walker in Computing Room 2 Monday 4th December 3.35pm-4.35pm

Also in addition to that Holly has created an iCal for you to subscribe to so you can keep up to date with all the CPD events going on around the school throughout the year. It will let you know when/where and what the CPD is about. Simply, click on the link below from your email on your iPad and hit subscribe.

As you are probably aware, all S1 and S2 pupils now have one enhancement block a week during which they are focusing on literacy skills. The courses are the product of cross faculty collaboration. These lessons are being delivered by a mix of staff, which is useful when trying to remind pupils they are developing their literacy skills right across all the breadth of their school curriculum. There are certain literacy skills that are forming the foundation of this course. I thought it would be useful for all staff to be aware of these skills, so we are all aware of what is being taught and we can then reinforce and embed in our own lessons. The key strategies are

Key Literacy strategies being rolled out in the enhancement course

Reading scanning for relevant information

Writing and talking summarising information, including preparing and delivering group presentations

Visual literacy making inferences from images including graphical representation of data

Writing producing a report

The pupils are pulling together all these skills to write a report. Structural support and scaffolding, including success criteria, have been produced in a literacy mat, which you can access on this link. If you are producing pieces of work using a similar format, you will find it helpful to use this support.

There will be a session led by Dougie later this session to ensure all staff are aware of the literacy strategies being taught so we can all work to support them across the school.

Basis iPad competencies to be delivered





using ical

using ibooks to organise pdf content

orgainising photos into useful folders

backing up data on icloud



deleting and undoing folders/documents/apps no longer required.


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