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<ul><li><p>LETTER TO THE EDITOR</p><p>Appeal for an e-Group to Be Formed</p><p>Ramesh Kumar Sharma Puneet Tuli Surinder Makkar Vipul Nanda</p><p>Received: 2 March 2007 / Accepted: 7 March 2007</p><p> Springer Science+Business Media, LLC 2007</p><p>Plastic surgery has achieved great heights in the past few</p><p>decades as the members of the community have continued</p><p>to share their ideas, clinical acumen, surgical skills, and</p><p>new research. We are a rather small community, so it is all</p><p>the more important that we reach out and grow together.</p><p>Although the Internet and other sources of telecommuni-</p><p>cation have helped a lot in knowledge sharing within the</p><p>community, a lot more can be done.</p><p>The problems faced by plastic surgeons in developing</p><p>countries are different from those faced by their counter-</p><p>parts in the developed world. We believe that the formation</p><p>of an e-group of plastic surgeons all over the world,</p><p>under the Editorial Board of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (it</p><p>being the most widely circulated journal of aesthetic plastic</p><p>surgery), could go a long way in nurturing cooperation</p><p>within the fraternity. In this group, each member would fill</p><p>in his or her particulars and areas of interest.</p><p>The members of the proposed e-group could be further</p><p>divided into subgroups such as breast surgeons, facial</p><p>plastic surgeons, and the like. The members of a subgroup</p><p>could discuss difficult clinical problems among themselves</p><p>and pose their queries to experts in that field. This dis-</p><p>cussion within the subgroup could be moderated by a</p><p>specialist nominated by the editor.</p><p>Such an online discussion would provide surgeons</p><p>working in the peripheral centers of a developing country</p><p>easy access to the best advice in the world. All forthcoming</p><p>events such as continuing medical education programs,</p><p>workshops, and conferences could be communicated to all</p><p>the members of the group. Information about training</p><p>programs and fellowships could be sent to all the members</p><p>of this e-group.</p><p>We think such an e-group not only would help plastic</p><p>surgeons all over the world in sharing ideas, knowledge,</p><p>and expertise, but also would go a long way toward</p><p>bridging the gap between the privileged (developed) and</p><p>the not so privileged (developing countries). Shall Aes-</p><p>thetic Plastic Surgery again be the leader in this endeavor?</p><p>R. K. Sharma (&amp;) P. Tuli S. Makkar V. Nanda</p><p>Department of Plastic Surgery, Postgraduate Institute of Medical</p><p>Education and Research, Sector-12, 160012 Chandigarh, India</p><p>e-mail:</p><p>123</p><p>Aesth Plast Surg (2007) 31:416</p><p>DOI 10.1007/s00266-007-0063-x</p></li></ul>