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    Appeal for an e-Group to Be Formed

    Ramesh Kumar Sharma Puneet Tuli Surinder Makkar Vipul Nanda

    Received: 2 March 2007 / Accepted: 7 March 2007

    Springer Science+Business Media, LLC 2007

    Plastic surgery has achieved great heights in the past few

    decades as the members of the community have continued

    to share their ideas, clinical acumen, surgical skills, and

    new research. We are a rather small community, so it is all

    the more important that we reach out and grow together.

    Although the Internet and other sources of telecommuni-

    cation have helped a lot in knowledge sharing within the

    community, a lot more can be done.

    The problems faced by plastic surgeons in developing

    countries are different from those faced by their counter-

    parts in the developed world. We believe that the formation

    of an e-group of plastic surgeons all over the world,

    under the Editorial Board of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (it

    being the most widely circulated journal of aesthetic plastic

    surgery), could go a long way in nurturing cooperation

    within the fraternity. In this group, each member would fill

    in his or her particulars and areas of interest.

    The members of the proposed e-group could be further

    divided into subgroups such as breast surgeons, facial

    plastic surgeons, and the like. The members of a subgroup

    could discuss difficult clinical problems among themselves

    and pose their queries to experts in that field. This dis-

    cussion within the subgroup could be moderated by a

    specialist nominated by the editor.

    Such an online discussion would provide surgeons

    working in the peripheral centers of a developing country

    easy access to the best advice in the world. All forthcoming

    events such as continuing medical education programs,

    workshops, and conferences could be communicated to all

    the members of the group. Information about training

    programs and fellowships could be sent to all the members

    of this e-group.

    We think such an e-group not only would help plastic

    surgeons all over the world in sharing ideas, knowledge,

    and expertise, but also would go a long way toward

    bridging the gap between the privileged (developed) and

    the not so privileged (developing countries). Shall Aes-

    thetic Plastic Surgery again be the leader in this endeavor?

    R. K. Sharma (&) P. Tuli S. Makkar V. Nanda

    Department of Plastic Surgery, Postgraduate Institute of Medical

    Education and Research, Sector-12, 160012 Chandigarh, India



    Aesth Plast Surg (2007) 31:416

    DOI 10.1007/s00266-007-0063-x


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