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Apple Technician Guide

MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2009)Updated 2009-09-02

Apple Inc. 2009 Apple Inc. All rights reserved. Under the copyright laws, this document may not be copied, in whole or in part, without the written consent of Apple. Every effort has been made to ensure that the information in this document is accurate. Apple is not responsible for printing or clerical errors. Apple 1 Infinite Loop Cupertino, CA 95014-2084 USA + 1 408 996 1010 Apple, the Apple logo, Mac, MacBook, and Macintosh are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

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MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2009)ContentsManual Updates 8Updated 2 September 2009 8 Updated 17 August 2009 8 Updated 22 July 2009 8 Updated 19 June 2009 8 Updated 10 June 2009 8 Apple Technician Guide introduced 08 June 2009 9

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BasicsOverview 12Safety: Battery Precautions 13

Serial Number Location


Transferring the Serial Number 15 Note About Images In This Guide 15

TroubleshootingGeneral Troubleshooting 17Update System Software 17 Troubleshooting Theory 17 Hardware vs. Software 17 Functional Overview 18 Block Diagram 19 Liquid Submersion Indicators 20 Common Reset Procedures 21 Apple Service Diagnostics 22 Display Issue: Pixel Anomalies 23 Display Hinge Behavior 24

Symptom Charts


Startup and Power Issues 25No Power 25 Wont Start Up 28 Intermittent Shutdown 31 No Video/Bad Video 36

Battery Isnt Recognized or Wont Charge Kernel Panic/System Crashes 42 Battery Run Time Too Short 45 Wont Run on Power Adapter Alone 45 Power Adapter Issue 46 Noise / Hum / Vibration 48 Burnt Smell / Odor 50 Battery Leaking or Swollen 51 Uncategorized Symptom 51




Ethernet Port/Device Issue 52 AirPort/Bluetooth: Defective Wireless Devices 54 No/Poor Wireless Signal 56 Wireless Input Device Loses Connection 57 AirPort Card: Kernel Panic 59 Wireless Performance Issue / Slow Connection 60 Wireless Input Device Doesnt Pair 62 Uncategorized Symptom 63



Display Anomalies 64 Defective Camera / Built-in iSight Not Operating Correctly Backlight Issue / No Backlight 71 Noise / Unstable Flickering 72 Mechanical/Physical Damage 73 Cosmetic Defects 74 Uncategorized Symptom 74

Mass Storage 75Hard Drive Read/Write Issue 75 Hard Drive Not Recognized/Not Mounting 76 Hard Drive Noisy 78 Optical Drive Wont Accept/Reject Media 79 Optical Drive Read/Write Data Error 81 Optical Drive Not Recognized/Mount 83 Optical Drive Noisy 84 Optical Drive Not Performing to Specs 86 Uncategorized Symptom 87

Input/Output Devices


USB Port Does Not Recognize Known Devices 88 Built-in Keyboard Does Not Work Properly 89 Specific Keys Dont Work 90 Built-in Trackpad Does Not Work 90 Built-in Keyboard Has Dim or No Keyboard Backlight Built-in Keyboard Is Not Recognized 93 Built-in Trackpad Does Not Track Properly 94 Apple Remote Inoperable 95


Built-in Speaker Has No Audio 97 Distorted Sound from Internal Speaker 98 SD (Secure Digital) Memory Card Will Not Insert Into Slot 99 SD (Secure Digital) Memory Card Not Recognized By System 100 FireWire Port Not Recognizing Known Devices 102 Uncategorized Symptom 102

Mechanical Issues: Thermals and EnclosureReset/Power Button Stuck 103 System Runs Hot 104 Uncategorized Symptom 106


Take ApartGeneral Information 108Connector Types on Logic Board 108 Tools 111 Icon Legend 112 Temperature Concerns 112 Replacement Steps 112 Note About Images In This Guide 113 Screw Sizes 113

Bottom Case Battery 119


Removal 120 Replacement 122

Trackpad 123Removal 124 Replacement 127

Rear Hard Drive Bracket Hard Drive 133


Removal 134 Replacement 136 Installing Mac OS X 137 Installing Applications 137

Memory 138Removal 139 Replacement 141

Camera Cable Guide 142 LVDS Cable Guide 144

Fan 146 Optical Drive 148Removal 149 Replacement 151

Optical Drive Flex Cable

152 154

Sleep Sensor / Battery Indicator Light (BIL) Cable and Board Display Assembly 157163 Removal 158 Replacement 161 Display Hinge Behavior

Display Clutch CoverRemoval 165 Replacement 166


AirPort Card


Removal 168 Replacement 169

AirPort Antenna

171 173

Right Speaker / SubwooferRemoval 174 Replacement 175

Front Hard Drive BracketRemoval 177 Replacement 178


Logic Board


Removal 180 Replacement 182

Left Speaker


Removal 185 Replacement 186

MagSafe Board 187Removal 188 Replacement 188



Removal 190 Replacement 191

Microphone Cable


Removal 194 Replacement 195

Center Bracket 196 Top Case 198

ViewsExploded View 201Main Assembly, 1 of 2 201 Main Assembly, 2 of 2 202 Display Assembly 203

External Views


Front View 204 Slot View 205 Port View 205

Screw Location DiagramsBottom Case 206 Main Modules 207 Display Assembly 208


Manual UpdatesUpdated 2 September 2009Take Apart: Battery: Added battery screw part numbers to step 2 Views: Screw Location Diagrams: Main Modules: Added battery screw part numbers

Updated 17 August 2009Troubleshooting: General Troubleshooting: Added section Display Hinge Behavior Take Apart: Battery: Updated wording about warning label. When same battery is installed, keep same warning label attached to battery. (A new battery includes a new warning label.)

Updated 22 July 2009Troubleshooting: General Troubleshooting: Replaced Troubleshooting Theory link with new reference. Take Apart: Connector Types on Logic Board: Modified camera cable shim Cautions. If the camera cable shim is not replaced during reassembly, the camera cable could work loose, resulting in a short or no video. A replacement shim is now included with replacement logic boards. Tools: Removed flat-blade screwdriver; added tri-lobe screwdriver part number Battery: Added tri-lobe screwdriver part number Hard Drive: Added step to remove two additional screws before removing hard drive. Optical Drive, Display Assembly, and Logic Board: Added link to Connector Types.

Updated 19 June 2009Take Apart: Tools: Corrected part number for thermal grease

Updated 10 June 2009Troubleshooting: Built-in Trackpad Does Not Work: Modified Deep Dive table for trackpad replacement Built-in Trackpad Does Not Track Properly: Modified Deep Dive table for trackpad2009-09-02 MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2009) Basics Manual Updates 8

replacement Take Apart: Battery: Removal: Added trackpad to first note Trackpad: Added new section following Battery for trackpad replacement instructions

Apple Technician Guide introduced 08 June 2009


MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2009) Basics Manual Updates 9

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MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2009) Feedback 10

Apple Technician Guide

BasicsMacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2009)

2009 Apple Inc. All rights reserved.


The MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2009) features a higher capacity, longer lasting embedded battery, a high speed FireWire 800 port, and a new SD card slot (removable flash media) that offers easier transfer of files from many digital cameras. The higher capacity battery must be serviced only by an authorized Apple service provider. The customer must not attempt to remove or service this battery, and doing so may void their warranty. Refer to the following site for available configurations of the MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2009):


MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2009) Basics Overview 12

Safety: Battery PrecautionsThis computer contains an internal-only battery that is serviceable by Apple-authorized service providers only. Tamper-proof screws are employed to prevent customers from attempting to remove it. WARNING: Every time you remove the bottom case, disconnect the battery cable from the logic board. WARNING: Because the battery is internal and connected to the logic board by a cable, it MUST BE DISCONNECTED before performing service procedures. If you fail to do so, live current from the battery will short circuit the components and render the logic board and/or LVDS cable unusable.


MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2009) Basics Overview 13

Serial Number Location

Turn over the computer to see the serial number etched on the bottom case near the hinge.


MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2009) Basics Serial Number Location 14

Transferring the Serial NumberWhen replacing a bottom case, retain the customers bottom case until the repair is complete. Before installing the replacement bottom case, use a fine tip permanent marker to write the original serial number clearly and legibly in uppercase box letters directly onto the inside of the new bottom case. CAUTION: Take great care in deciphering the small typeface of the etched serial number on the bottom case. You might need a magnifying glass to see it clearly. It is imperative that you transfer the correct alphanumeric characters. Keep in mind that Apple serial numbers always use the numbers 1 and 0 instead of the Roman letters I and O.

Note About Images In This GuideBecause a pre-production model was used for most of the images shown in this guide, you may notice small differences in appearance between the image pictured and the computer you