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Appleby Magna Thermal Imaging Project Appleby Environment Appleby Magna Parish Council Slide 2 Rural village, c. 500 houses Mix of housing types inc: - historic buildings - modern executive homes - social housing Socially mixed: - farmers, ex-miners - commuters - retired Appleby Magna?? Slide 3 Working Together Longstanding community group Working on a range of issues 30+ supporters Enthusiastic volunteers Systems for managing tenders, contracts, budgets Reassurance of community interest Allayed privacy concerns Appleby EnvironmentAppleby Magna Parish Council Slide 4 New Approach We all know energy saving is important There is lots of information out there But most of us dont make the changes needed Thermal imaging of our community New, visually engaging approach Significance of us all making changes Simple solutions not high pressure sales Individual Problem?Shared Problem? Slide 5 Martin Hosier of TS Thermal Survey This has been a really unusual project. It is interesting to compare buildings of all types and ages within one community Slide 6 What we Wanted to Achieve Make energy saving a community issue Make people feel their individual actions added up to something bigger Provide people with information & options on their own property Analyse results at community level No-one named and shamed Motivated to take action Slide 7 Explaining Our Approach Before survey Leaflets door to door Parish News & village website Local press Before exhibition Repeat Thermal Images of a Whole Village Exhibition 5 th March Appleby Magna Church Hall Slide 8 The Benefits of Publicity Everyone knew imaging was happening & why Positive response Only 1 person asked not to be included Many invited us onto their land to get a better image High turnout for event Village talking point before the event Slide 9 The Imaging Process Engaged contractors TS Thermal Survey Ltd Pictures taken over four evenings in January We provided list of houses, location, access etc Images linked to spreadsheet of addresses Specialist software used to provide rating for houses (A-G) This allowed us to produce graphs of results by housing type/road etc Slide 10 Preparation Significant effort up-front so we could use the images as we wanted Slide 11 Analysis of Images Had to learn to read images Combined this with local knowledge Age of properties Property types Personal contacts Slide 12 Similar Age, Different Developer Slide 13 1960s vs Victorian Slide 14 Engaging People via the Exhibition Display panels overview of findings Rolling presentation of all images (487) Opportunity to view image of own property Talk to the Surveyor Slide 15 Green Achievements Generated interest in mundane topic of insulation by using thermal imaging Demonstrated new houses not always better than old houses can look similar, act differently simple solutions like closing curtains make a difference Changed peoples attitudes towards their homes insulation Comments like I didnt realise my cavity walls were still letting out heat Slide 16 Community Achievements Major talking point in the village 157 people attended the Exhibition Stands from RCC, NWLDC, National Forest extended interest and information Tea & biscuits kept people talking! Sent out over 70 images after event Recruited supporters to Appleby Environment More active support for our other projects on transport and local food Slide 17 How we Achieved It Our volunteers and supporters backed by Parish Council Twelve volunteers worked directly on the project over 160 hours, worth 1,120 Communities Cutting Carbon fund grant of 4,250 covered 73% of costs This allowed us to engage professional contractors making the detailed analysis possible Volunteers and SupportersCommunities Cutting Carbon grant Slide 18 Legacy We have Made images available to householders Put our analysis on our website Negotiated discounts for people who want more detailed reports Circulated information on what can be done Shown the potential for the community to reduce its carbon footprint Slide 19 What Next? We have raised awareness and interest and provided information... But we need to keep up the momentum By the time we had the exhibition it was already Spring and now we are having a warm Autumn... We are considering events such as Open Eco- houses, Identifying sources of low cost materials; DIY-helpers etc., Targeted leaflets etc.

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