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    C R A N E S W I N C H E S W I N D L A S S E S C A P S T A N S

  • Custom Manufacturing.Absolute Quality.Appleton Marine has continued to supply custom marinedeck machinery and systems since 1971. Included are a widevariety of cranes, winches, windlasses, capstans, hose reels,fairleads, Navy UNREP equipment and special systems.

    Custom Manufacturing.Whatever the need, whatever the contract specification, Appleton Marine candesign, manufacture and deliver it. With its Diversified Problem Solving,Appleton Marine welcomes special requests and is experienced in adaptingor creating products for new or unique applications.

    Absolute Quality.Whether youre on the equator or in the arctic, at a port in Guam or milesfrom shore, in frozen darkness or broiling sun, you can count on AppletonMarine products to deliver unwavering performance in unforgivingconditions. With time and resources at stake, it is comforting to know thatAppleton Marine engineers and manufactures its products to possess theabsolute, highest quality.Appleton Marine

    Quality PolicyOur goal is continualimprovement in product qualityand customer satisfaction. We arecommitted to producing the absolutehighest quality products efficiently,competitively, on time and in accordance withall contract specifications and terms. We willcontinue to seek and apply the newestideas and best methods to improve ourproducts and service.

    Quality Assurance Plan Registrations and CertificationsAppleton Marine Quality Assurance Plan: Granted registration andcertification to the international standard ISO 9001:2000; licensed bythe American Petroleum Institute (License No. 2C-0002) to apply theirmonogram to cranes designed, manufactured and tested in accordancewith API Spec2C for Offshore Cranes, and received approvals forcompliance with API-Q1, MIL-I-45208, MIL-Q-9858, and MIL-STD-45662; granted certification for requirements compliance withnumerous international regulatory bodies; the AmericanBureau of Shipping (ABS) and the U.S. Coast Guarddesign criteria constitute the basis for allAppleton Marine products.

  • Industries Served


    Commercial Marine

    Appleton Marine designs andmanufactures marine offshore andshipboard products providing problemsolutions for commercial marine, offshore oil, and government industries. The unique needs of theseindustries, as well as special applications for mining,construction, and the military, are served throughAppleton Marines Diversified Problem Solving and custom manufacturing approach.

    Offshore OilCustom Applications (Mining, Construction, Military)


  • CranesStraight (Box) Boom CranesAppleton Marine designs and manufactures a full line of marine cranes. However, due to the varied needs of themarine market, standard cranes often cannot fill specificrequirements. In response, through its Diversified ProblemSolving approach, Appleton Marine routinely adapts andcustomizes cranes with boom styles, capabilities andavailable options to meet customers exact needs.

    Commercial and government shipboard applications

    Platform, FPSO, FSO and dockside installations

    Suitable for cargo, hose, boat, RHIB, ROV andpersonnel handling

    Specify load, radius, boom length, speed, powersupply and location/type of controls

    Straight (Box) Boom cranes offer maximum loadcapacity-to-weight ratio. Their simple design translates to lowest cost and quickest delivery.

    Floating Production Storage Offloading (FPSO) Maintenance Crane

    Offshore Maintenance Crane

    Offshore Maintenance and Provisioning Crane

    Boat and Aircraft Crane for U.S. Navy


  • CranesTelescoping Boom CranesTelescoping Boom cranes reduce deck spaceand stowage requirements without sacrificingoutreach. Single or multiple section telescopiccranes offer outstanding inreach whileminimizing topping height.

    DIVERSIFIED PROBLEM SOLVING:Whatever the need, whatever thespecification, Appleton Marinecan design, manufactureand deliver it.

    Cargo and Stores Handling Crane outfitted foroperation in Antarctica

    Army Corp of Engineers Lock and Dam Maintenance Crane

    Provisioning Crane for aircraft carrier

    USCG WLB B-Class Buoy Handling Crane

    RHIB Handling Crane on USCG patrol boat


  • In-plant testing of a self-contained electro-hydraulictowing crane with electro-mechanical cable on a U.S.Navy oceanographic vessel. A telescoping section isincorporated into the jib boom.

    CranesKnuckle Boom Cranes and FoldingBoom CranesKnuckle Boom cranes maximize the operatorsability to position loads while minimizing thatloads pendulum influence.

    Folding Boom cranes minimize deck spaceand stowage requirements while offeringexceptional outreach.

    Folding Boom Maintenance Crane during installation

    Knuckle Boom Stores and MaintenanceCrane for FPSO Marlim Sul

    Articulated Boom Crane for handlingpneumatic evacuation system for drybulk materials


    Knuckle Boom Crane during factory list test

  • MooringMooring systems that stand up to demandingenvironments such as those for the offshore oil industry,represent yet another of Appleton Marines diversecapabilities. Designed in accordance with (or certified to,as appropriate) ABS, BV, Lloyds, DNV, and others Appleton Marine will satisfy your requirement.

    Single and Dual Windlasses

    Pendant Line Winches

    Chain and Wire Rope Fairleads

    Overboarding and Underwater Fairleads

    Chain Stoppers

    Mooring Winches

    Towing Winches

    Offshore Mooring Systems

    DIVERSIFIED PROBLEM SOLVING:Whatever the need, whatever thespecification, Appleton Marinecan design, manufactureand deliver it.

    320 MT Pull-in Winch

    33 T Winch and Capstan with HPU

    32 MT Spooling Winch

    250 MT Anchor Pre-tensioning Winch


  • MooringShipboard Mooring SystemsAppleton Marine designs and manufactures mooringsystems for applications ranging from the mostsimple to the most demanding. All designs aregoverned by regulatory agencies including ABS, BV, Lloyds, DNV and U.S. Coast Guard.

    Constant Tension Mooring Winches

    Combination Mooring Winch/Anchor Windlasses

    Single and Dual Wildcat Anchor Windlasses

    Vertical Anchor Windlasses

    Combination Anchor Windlasses/Capstans

    Electric and Hydraulic Mooring Winches

    A complete line of Deck Fittings

    Combination Anchor Windlass Mooring Winch

    Horizontal Anchor Windlass

    Constant Tension Variable Frequency Drive Winch

    Powered Mooring System for USCG Great Lakes Ice Breaker


  • Mooring

    DIVERSIFIED PROBLEM SOLVING:Whatever the need, whatever thespecification, Appleton Marinecan design, manufactureand deliver it.

    Electric Controlled Hydraulic Combination Anchor Windlass/Capstan

    Cross Deck Winch for USCG WLM 6,000 lb working load

    Horizontal Mooring Winch/Capstan

    U.S. Navy AOE Vessel Vertical Mooring Capstan


  • GovernmentGovernment EquipmentAppleton Marines Absolute Quality policy, precision manufacturing,and professional contract management enable it to continue to meet theU.S. Governments demanding quality requirements for manufacturingprocedures, material control and rigid testing standards.

    Underway Replenishment Equipment (UNREP)

    Amphibious Bulk Liquid Transfer Systems (ABLTS)

    Auxiliary UNREP Gear includingtrolleys, missile STREAM strongbacks,sheaves, slings, hose assemblies, fittings, etc.

    Amphibious Bulk Liquid TransferSystem (ABLTS)

    Slewing Arm DavitSpanwire Winch

    Gypsy WinchHauling Winch

    Double Drum Air ClutchHauling Winch


    Anti-slack Device

    Sliding Padeye, Strongback,Traveling Surf and Trolley with

    Sheave Assembly

    Topping Winch

    Cargo Drop Reels

    Saddle Winches

  • TestingWinch Testing

    Crane Testing

    Appleton Marine offers a variety ofproducts to support and complementall product categories. If you dontsee it here, please ask its likelyalready offered or we can design,engineer and build it to meet yourexact needs.

    Full Line ofSupporting Products

    Simulating the mostchallenging shipboard

    working conditions,Appleton Marine tests

    all winch functions andcapabilities to the limits oftheir design specifications.A Test Certification Report

    is supplied with eachwinch, verifying the

    performance andoverload levels attained.

    Every Appleton Marinecrane is pushed to the limits of its designspecifications to complywith customers most rigid testing standards.Performance andoverload levels attainedduring testing are verifiedon the Test CertificationReport supplied with each crane.

    Appleton Marines crane test platform can testcranes rated up to 10 million ft-lbs overturningmoment and 15 list.

    Winches are tested for loads up to250,000 lbs using Appleton Marineswinch test tower.

    Crane and Winch Radio and ChestpakRemote Controls

    Electro-Hydraulic Power Unit for USCG Buoy Tender

    Diesel-HydraulicPower Unit

    Explosion-Proof Electro-Hydraulic Power Unit(Available with Fire andGas Safety System)

    Operator Cabwith AC

    Crane and DeckEquipment LoadMonitor Display Screen


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    Any time, day or night, anywhere in the world, Appleton Marine offersskilled service fast. Our highly qualified personnel offer repair,maintenance, inspection and certification services.

    Spare Parts InventoryReplacement parts are often needed as quickly as possible.Appleton Marine stands ready with an extensive inventory of theparts you need and the ability to deliver them without de