Application for Project funding viewThe children in home are from different parts of Tamil Nadu How do the children get to school?

Download Application for Project funding  viewThe children in home are from different parts of Tamil Nadu How do the children get to school?

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<p>Application for Project funding</p> <p>Asha for EducationTM</p> <p>P.O. Box 322 New York NY 10040-0322</p> <p></p> <p>Asha for Education</p> <p>4</p> <p> 6 MONTH PROGRESS REPORT</p> <p>Please send fill out this form and send back to Asha for Education within 3 weeks from the time you receive this form. Thank you for your time and patience.</p> <p>PLEASE COMPLETE THIS FORM AND MAIL IT TO:</p> <p>KARL SALDANHA </p> <p></p> <p>CONTACT INFORMATION</p> <p>Name of the organization: PNEUMA TRUST</p> <p>Organization description - Professional Network for the emancipation odf the underprivileged masses an registered trust under Indian Trust Act ,Registered No:262/IV/03.</p> <p>Date of establishment - 05.05.2003.</p> <p>Contact person(s) Mrs.P.Paulin</p> <p>Phone number 9894686277</p> <p>Email</p> <p>AddressPNEUMA TRUST</p> <p>5/5/8,Elango Street, </p> <p>Shanthi Nagar, Madurai, </p> <p>Tamil Nadu, India,625 018.</p> <p>Location (village/town) - Madurai District</p> <p>Description of area:The place of the project is located in a semi urban place called Vilangudhi Panchayat</p> <p>STATISTICS</p> <p>Number of children currently enrolled in the project - 40</p> <p>Ages of the children - 5 years -16 years</p> <p>Standards taught - class 1 class 11 and industrial education</p> <p>Number of boys - 37</p> <p>Number of girls - 3 ( The girls stay separately )</p> <p>Number of teachers -1</p> <p>Number of MALE teachers -1</p> <p>Number of FEMALE teachers-Nil</p> <p>Current Teacher/student ratio Not Applicable (40:1)</p> <p>Salary of Teachers Rs.1500.00 per month</p> <p>School timings - Not applicable (The children stay in the home other than their school timings 9.00am-4.30pm)</p> <p>School days- Not applicable (All through the year the children stay in the home)</p> <p>Over all school attendance percentage the percentage of children stay is approximately above 90%</p> <p>Medium of instruction Tamil (Mother tongue)</p> <p>Economic background of the parents of the children </p> <p>The Parents of the children are from Below Poverty Line , 4 of them are total orphans. Most of the are semi orphans and their parents are agricultural coolies.( The children in Pneuma home for children are children of HIV/AIDS victims, children of Commercial sex workers and poor vulnerable children)</p> <p>Is the school in a rural or urban area </p> <p>The children study in 5 different schools. Among them 1 school is located in rural area.1 is in semi urban area and other 3 in urban area and the ITI in semi-urban area.</p> <p>Is it a residential school? Not Applicable. (The home is the residential home.)</p> <p>How far away are the homes of the children? </p> <p>The children in home are from different parts of Tamil Nadu</p> <p>How do the children get to school? </p> <p>Some of children go to school by walk, other go by Government bus.</p> <p>School days </p> <p>Monday-Friday </p> <p>FCRA Number: -0 7 5 9 7 0 5 4 0</p> <p>Below are some general questions regarding the project. Since your feedback is valuable to us, please make your answers as detailed as possible.</p> <p>Please tell us the progress of the school in the last 6 months (usually from April to September of the current year based on typical April 1 March 31 school year in India)</p> <p> The admissions started ion the year 2010 on April and May</p> <p> For this academic year 43 children were selected.</p> <p> The children study from class 2- class11 and 2 of them study in Industrial school.</p> <p> The children were admitted in the school.</p> <p> The school started on 04.06.2010.</p> <p> The children were given school bags, school uniforms, Note-books, stationery, mats, etc from different sponsors</p> <p> Eye Camp for the Children in collaboration with Aravind Eye Care Systems, 1, Anna Nagar, Madurai-20.</p> <p> Organized cultural Programme with Image Ladies club, Madurai the children participated in various cultural programmes and exhibited their talents.( Photographs attached)</p> <p>How do you think the school has improved in the last 6 months?</p> <p> The quality of food is good</p> <p> The children are given individual attention</p> <p> Motivation programme and counselling (personal and individual) are given to children by experts.</p> <p> Street theater programme to children had improved their confidence, creativity and talents.</p> <p> Thulir Illam children are members in this scientific congress which brought practical knowledge in science.</p> <p>What are the problems you have faced in the last 6 months? </p> <p> Continuing the education after 10th standard or 12th standard is poor.(though counselling and motivation programme for the children and their parents are given)</p> <p> Problems with the adolescent boys.</p> <p> Number of dropouts.</p> <p>How would you rate the overall effectiveness of this project over the past 6 months?</p> <p>The children stay in the home and they are continuing their education.</p> <p>Please give examples of activities at the project in the last 6 months. Please give details.</p> <p> Organized programme for the children from the sponsors to receive School bags, Note-Books, Stationary, school uniforms and their utensils. </p> <p> Conducted games programme with ROTRACT CLUB of MAVMM Engineering college Madurai.</p> <p> Cultural programme conducted in collaboration with Peace Trust Dindigul Tamil Nadu.</p> <p> Organized picnic for the children.</p> <p> Conducted an eye camp for the children with Aravind Eye care systems Madurai.</p> <p> Children are now doing the project on climate change with the Scientific forum Thulir Illam</p> <p> Concurrent counselling session and speaker are invited to motivate the children (Moral, Scientific talks)</p> <p>Please explain how Asha funds were used in the last 6 months.</p> <p> Asha fund were used for all the purpose along with the support of the local sponsors.</p> <p> Monthly Pay for the Staffs.</p> <p> Food for the children.</p> <p> Used for water and Electricity.</p> <p>Is there any other feedback you would like to provide to Asha for Education?</p> <p>We are always thankful for the support for our project. Only because of Asha we are able to do this. We are looking forward for your support in the future.</p> <p>Please send fill out this form and send back to Asha for Education within 3 weeks from the time you receive this form. Thank you for your time and patience.</p> <p>________________________________________________</p> <p>Your Signature</p> <p>P.Paulin</p> <p>Your Name Printed</p> <p>22.10.2010</p> <p>Date</p> <p>Page 4</p>