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Desmond Savage, ATS Ireland Area Manager & Chairperson MESA Ireland presentation on applying manufacturing IT


  • 23 October 2013 Desmond Savage ATS Ireland Area Manager & Chairperson MESA Ireland The Independent Solution Provider
  • MESA International: An Overview Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association International (MESA) Do you know MESA? The Independent Solution Provider
  • Who is MESA International? Inside MESA for YOU is A world-class Resource Library of invaluable articles, whitepapers, Guidebooks and more Committees & Working Groups attacking the most pressing and demanding challenges manufacturers and producers face A professional network with member companies and individuals in 89 countries Industry's only independent, professional Global Education Program supported by the global MESA community A seat at the table to contribute to the dialogue shaping the solutions to drive Operations Excellence for the next 20 years! The Independent Solution Provider
  • MESAs Resources are Unparalleled Content Members Love - White papers Presentations Guidebooks XML Implementations Premium MESA members have unlimited access to our Resource Library Did You Know? MESA & WBF have invested over $13,000,000 in developing over 800 whitepapers, guidebooks, presentations and other materials in the MESA Resource Library The Independent Solution Provider
  • Current Working Group The Independent Solution Provider
  • ATS Company History Start Ups 1986 1991 1996 2001 2006 2012 Trading Automation Services MES Services Global Partner Sustainable Development Acquisitions The Independent Solution Provider
  • The Independent Solution Provider
  • Business Activities Training & Workshops Consulting On-Site Support Software Development Projects Products The Independent Solution Provider
  • Manufacturing Information System (MIS) v Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Data Analysis Needs The Independent Solution Provider
  • Manufacturing Enterprise Data Structure Paper Record Data Collection & SPC Overall Equipment Effectiveness The Independent Solution Provider MIS Solution Data Gathering & Reporting
  • Some Players Daily Production Scheduling Integration B2MML Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) Execution Review Approval - Release Equipment/Container Managment Data Collection & SPC Overall Equipment Effectiveness MIS Solution Electronic Data Batch Records (EBR) Gathering & Reporting Equipment Communication Standardisation The Independent Solution Provider
  • MES Video The Independent Solution Provider


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