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  • Approaches to Greek Sculpture Rachael Hirt Spring 2013

    Grave Stele of a Young Woman Greek, Attic , Pentelic Marble, H. 70 1/16 in x 29 13/16 in 400 B. C. Metropolitan Museum of Art

    Selected Bibliography Grave stele of a Young Woman Garland, R. 2001. The Greek Way of Death. Bristol. 13-37. Haywood, R. 1964. Ancient Greece and the Near East. London. 528-533. Leader, R. 1997. In Death Not Divided: Gender, Family, and State on Classical Athenian Grave Stelae, American Journal of Archaeology, Vol. 101, No. 4. pp. 683-699. Manchester, K. 1999. The New Greek Galleries at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Apollo Magazine Vol. 449 NS. pp. 11. Palagia, O. 2006. Greek Sculpture: Function, Materials and Techniques in the Archaic and Classical Periods. Cambridge. 243-279. Richter, G. 1936. A Greek Grave Relief. The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, Vol. 31, No. 5, pp.108-112. Richter, G. 1936. A Greek Stele in the Metropolitan Museum. American Journal of

    Stele of Phainippe Archaeology, Vol. 40, No. 3, pp. 301-305. Greek, Attic Richter, G. 1970. Perspectives in Greek and Roman Art. London. 21-29. H. 40 1/4in., 20cm, 5 3/4 in. Richter, G. 1954. Catalogue of Greek Sculptures. Cambridge 400-390 B.C. Shapiro, H. 1991. The Iconography of Mourning in Athenian Art, American Journal of Metropolitan Museum of Art Archaeology, pp. 629-656. Sourvinou-Inwood, C. 1995. Reading Greek Death. Oxford

  • Grave stele of Phainarete Pentelic Marble Found in Athens 400 B.C. National Archaeological Museum of Athens

    Marble Funerary Lkythos of Myrrhine Found in Athens 420-410 B.C. H. 1.36 M National Archaelogical Museum of Athens

  • Stele of Hegeso Kerameikos, Athens 410-400 B.C. H. 1.56 m x .97 m Natioanl Archaeological Museum Athens

    Funerary Stele of Mika Kerameikos, Athens 410-400 B.C. National Archaeological Museum of Athens

  • Grave Stele of Ktesilaos and Theano Detail Attica 400 B.C. National Archaeological Museum Athens

    Stele of a Woman Fragment of a Mrble Grave Stele of a Woman Greek, Boeotian Greek H 62 x 38 in Pentelic 425-400 BC 400-390 BC Metropolitan Museum of Art Metropolitan Museum of Art

  • Fragment of a Marble Stele of a Fragment of a Marble Stele Woman Holding a Baby Greek Greek, Attic 400-375 BC Parian Metropolitan Museum of Art H 33 1/8 in. 400-375 BC Metropolitan Museum of Art


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