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  • A Place to Call HomeDo you have somewhere that truly feels like home for you? The scriptures of Easter speak time and again about the family of God, of loving one another as brothers and sisters, as children of God.

    Several times, the Word invites us to abide, to reside, to dwell in the presence of the Risen One. Jesus promises to always be home for us. We are never alone, even when it feels like death and defeat have won the day. Before Jesus ascended to heaven, he told his disciples he was going to prepare a place for them, a home for them. But until then, it is our hope and prayer that FVUMC serves as the place you find your spiritual home.

    Home is a safe space for bringing all of who we are, wounds and all, and where we may journey together as a family toward wholeness. We are loved by God. We are loved by each other. We are safe to be vulnerable. We are connected and cared for. There is a place at the table for all, and there is always room for one more. There is a place to call home.

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    The WellspringApril 2016

    Fuquay-Varina United Methodist Church

  • Helping Hands Ministry Needs You!In the 12th chapter of Romans, Paul encourages the followers of Jesus to reflect Christs love through action in the world. One of the ways we are told to do that is to Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn (Romans 12:15).

    The Helping Hands Ministry here at FVUMC is one way that we mourn with members of our congregation by preparing and serving a meal to families in our church grieving the loss of a loved one. Served before or after funeral or memorial services, the meal not only relieves the family of the responsibility of preparing a meal that day, but also gives them a chance to spend time together as a family sharing memories and stories. Most of the time, the meal is served here at the church.

    When there is a death and the family would like a meal, members of the team are contacted via email or

    phone and given the opportunity to help with food donations, set-up, serving, or clean-up. The church provides the ham and chicken for the meal, but the rest of the menu items are donated by members of Helping Hands team.

    On average, it takes 15-20 volunteers for each meal, and there is currently a core of 6-8 volunteers who help almost all the time! We ask that you prayerfully consider participating in this important ministry. It is an honor to serve our congregation at such a time of loss, and everyone who participates receives far more than they give!

    After prayer, if you feel led to participate as a member of the Helping Hands team, please email Susanne Young at susanneyoung@msn.com with the words Helping Hands on the subject line or call Susanne at 919-552-7503 to add your name to our calling list.

    Habitat Wall-Raising Begins Fuquay BuildDid you know that the average rent for a two bedroom apartment in Wake County is $918 a month? This requires a minimum annual salary of $36,720. A family of four, with two adults each working at a minimum wage of $7.25 per hour, only earns an annual salary of $30,160 and is not enough to afford the rent for that two bedroom apartment.

    Habitat for Humanity of Wake County helps families secure quality affordable housing along with the benefits of homeownership. FVUMC has the privilege of working alongside a coalition of local churches, businesses and community groups to build a home in the Consolidated Pines Neighborhood for Marquida and her family. Marquida has recently graduated from

    the Police Academy and is a newly appointed Deputy. She and her two children will be relocating to Fuquay-Varina. We have reserved several dates for our church to participate: 4/9 Siding; 4/23 Interior Trim; 4/30 Siding and Trim; 5/14 Paint & Exterior Finish. You can help by working on the build site, contributing to the lunch for the workteam, sponsoring a welcome basket for one of the five families building homes, and most importantly by praying for this project and the families. Please sign up directly at http:vhub.at/fuquayvarina2016. To help with the lunches, please contact Carolyn Jackson (cbjnquay@gmail.com) or Lydia Walton (lwwalton6@gmail.com). For questions, reach out to Michelle Canada, mfcanada1@aol.com, 812-219-5553.

    Celebrating our Childrens

    Support of Habitat ProjectThis Lenten season, Quay Kids and preschool families participated in Coins for Lent and raised over $600 for our church-sponsored build for Habitat for Humanity.

    While collecting coins helped our families mark the season of Lent, it also allowed our children the a chance to have hand in making a difference for the families in Fuquay through Habitat for Humanity!


  • Costa Rica to Guatemala: Connecting with our ZOE Group You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul,

    and with all your mind. This is the great and first commandment. And a second is like it,

    you shall love your neighbor as yourself. Matthew 22:37-39

    February 29, I had the opportunity, along with Rob Pavone, to visit the youth FVUMC supports through ZOE Guatemala working group. During the three days we spent with our kids and other working groups, I can truly say I saw God at work everywhere!

    Day one, we joined a team from a UMC in Texas that supports 3 working groups including a group that is about to complete the 3-year program. Immediately, we saw the connection between the working group and Billy from the Texas team. You could see the light in the eyes of the youth someone out there cares and loves us enough to set their life aside and be with us.

    On day two, we were blessed with the opportunity to meet the working group FVUMC supports. What an amazing group of young people, ages 14-17! Their dedication to one another and their families (each has an average of 3-5 siblings) is nothing short of awe-inspiring. Some of the boys walk 1 hours; some of the girls ride 2 buses for 1 2 hours.

    They have constructed a small place to meet and conduct their group business making 250 tamales, rellenos, or chuchitos. They buy ingredients Thursday, prep Friday, and gather at 5am Saturday to make and sell their product. On top of this, they each have a personal business and take care of their families; 8 attend school in the afternoon. Our group was so excited to meet us and to share the food they make!

    With great pride, they also showed us some of their personal businesses. Three of the youth have learned to cut hair and gave us a demo on each other. One young girl sells used clothes door-to-door. Others raise animals. Jennifer makes perfumes to sell. (Jennifers mother could not pay an extortionist in Guatemala City so they came to her house, killed her mother at the door, shot her little 7-year old sister in the eye, and a brother in the leg.)

    One of the most humbling experiences I have ever had was being so warmly welcomed into their homes. By our standards,

    they live in extreme poverty, yet they were so proud to welcome us and show us their homes and their businesses. We prayed with each of them. Even more humbling was that they prayed for us.

    Jesus spoke a lot about relationships. This trip once again reinforced how important it is for us as the church to go. On several occasions, I had the opportunity to kneel and speak to one of our youth. In broken Spanish and through a translator, I was able to connect on a personal level. One young lady broke into tears talking about strife in her family. When another girl broke down for the same reason, I was able to simply rest my hands on the first girls shoulders as she stood in front of me in tears for her friend. I could feel her sink into the comfort of a loving touch. This was a God moment. And there were many.

    It is my hope and prayer that FVUMC will visit our group twice a year. It is so very important to these kids who have to live as adults and parent their siblings. Carla with ZOE Guatemala and The Living Heritage Foundation got very excited at the prospect of Karen coming to Guatemala and teaching infant massage. It is our hope that Karen, Angelee, and I can return to visit our group in mid-September, and again for Easter 2017. If the logistics work out, we hope that some of you can come join us. Knowing that there are people in NC who pray for them, and some will set their lives aside for a few days to visit, means more than any amount of money; it is invaluable.

    Yours in Christ, Les Page

    Les & Rob with FVUMCs ZOE Working Group

    The building the group constructed for their food business 3

  • Serving and Sharing: Clothing Closet Is 5/7

    The Clothing Closet is a ministry offered quarterly to provide free clothes for those in need in the church and community. Our guests receive a Christian welcome, breakfast, printed devotion, and help finding what they need. To make this outreach possible, it takes many hours of setup to organize donations. Ways you can share the gift of your time:

    Help bring the clothing from the sheds into the centrum. Trucks needed! Wednesday evening 5/4 at 6:30pm

    Organize and sort donations Thursday 5/5 from 9am-4pm and Friday 5/6 from 9am-2pm

    Offer a warm greeting to our guests (or help clean up) at the give-away on Saturday 5/7 from 8-10am. Cleanup immediately following

    Donate trash bags or baked goods/breakfast items.

    Donation Tips Separate items by type/size (ex: Ladies Medium).

    This is a huge help for sorting!

    Use bags that can be tied at the top and tie them so items cant fall out. Dont o