aquapaving the outdoor garden

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Hale Kula Elementary School October 1-5, 2012 Aquapaving the Outdoor Garden

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  • Aquapaving the Outdoor GardenHale Kula Elementary School October 1-5, 2012
  • What is this? Think about why it isincluded in this slideshow and give yourreason.
  • This is what the outdoor garden looked like beforethe project.Many thanks to Weston Solutions, SYNERGY, and theDepartment of Public Works for supporting this project.
  • Step 1: Digging the areaHow much dirt will be removed for thisproject?
  • Almost done with the dirt removal (Day 1)Do you see the strings and the poles? Why do youthink they put the strings and poles up?
  • Answer to the question about the dirt two bigpiles were removed from the area. Question What do you think they did with the dirt?
  • Day 2 What do you think these workers aredoing?Question -- Why is this an important part of theproject?
  • More leveling of the dirtQuestion Which GLOs do you think the workersexemplified during this project?
  • End of Day 2 Laying the gravelQuestion Why would they lay gravel overthe dirt?
  • Ready for the next step of the projectQuestion -- Do you notice the black plastic liningaround the edges? Why is the lining important?
  • Day 3 Laying down the Aquapave tilesQuestion Do some research and find out whyAquapave tiles were selected for this project. (Hint Think sustainability.)
  • Continuing to lay the tilesQuestion -- Why is it important for these workers tohave math knowledge and problem-solving skills todo their job?
  • Almost done!Look at the layout of the tiles. Are all the sidesadjacent? Explain your response.
  • Can you find where this pattern is located?Question -- What tools do you think these workersneeded to use in order to complete this project? Howwould these tools be used?
  • The original plan How did the original plan change?Question How did they get 447.5 square feet?What is the actual square feet of the project? How
  • Gravel was swept over the tiles to fill inthe gaps, then workers spread sealant over the whole area.
  • October 5, 2012 The Aquapavingproject is completed! Lets take careof this outdoor garden so many other students can learn in this facility.
  • Back to this photo What do you notice about this bottle? Why was it included in this slideshow?Send your ideas to Mrs. Iwase, and shell come by toyour classroom with the bottle to explain its
  • MAHALO to: Weston SolutionsDepartment of Public Works SYNERGY Futura Stone Think sustainability!