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The September 19th, 2011 issue of the Boise State student newspaper, The Arbiter


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    Issue no.12Volume 24

    September 192011

    Crash in Reno air race causes first spectator deaths in 47 years.

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    Obamas American Jobs Act may save the economy.

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    Check out which Broncos stood out against Toledo.

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    Drew Wright (39) dives into the endzone for the Broncos only rushing touchdown against Toledo in Friday nights ESPN game of the night.

    Wyatt MartinSports Editor

    Boise State 40, Toledo 15.The Broncos began their game

    against Toledo in similar fashion to their game two weeks ago against Georgia: slowly.

    Boises defense allowed the Rock-ets to drive the length of the field and score on their opening posses-sion, which consisted of multiple screen plays the Broncos were un-able to defend.

    Luckily, the Broncos were able to counter-punch with their own scoring drive on the following pos-session. Kellen Moores 25-yard

    touchdown pass to Tyler Shoe-maker, along with a successful PAT, put Boise State ahead 7-6 in the first quarter.

    The Broncos added another score on the following drive, when Moore dumped a screen pass to Doug Martin, who then juked, jived and dodged his way to a 71-yard touch-down reception. Unfortunately, kicker Dan Goodale was unable to convert the PAT attempt.

    The Rockets came out firing on their next possession, led by quarterback Terrance Owens. The Bronco defense was able to bend without breaking, forcing the Rock-ets to punt the ball. The game re-

    mained stagnate until the Broncos final possession of the first half when they drove 64 yards to the one yard line. Moore scared Boise fans when an attempted QB sneak at the goal line ended up with the ball on the ground in the endzone. Luckily, the officials called Moore down on the play. He was then able to connect on a fade route to the corner of the endzone with wide receiver Tyler Shoemaker on the next play to put Boise ahead 20-6.v

    The Rockets put together a nice drive of their own to finish the half and ended up with three more points off a field goal as time expired in the second quarter.

    The second half consisted mainly of Kellen Moore surgically slicing through Toledos defense (aside from an interception late in the third quarter).

    Bronco fans were forced to hold their breath early in the third when Moore came up limping after rolling out to the left sideline. He appeared to tweak his knee on the play and received some attention from Boise State medical staff, while sopho-more Joe Southwick finished the series. Moore was able to return the next series for the Broncos to lead them on a scoring drive.

    Moore finished the night com-pleting 32 of 42 passes for 455 yards

    and five touchdowns.The Bronco defense was able

    to hold the Rockets offense to 15 points, making their biggest play of the night on an interception by defensive lineman Chase Baker. Baker was able to corral a tipped ball thrown by the Rockets Terrance Owens.

    Doug Martin finished the eve-ning with over 250 all-purpose yards and a touchdown. Tyler Shoemaker grabbed only four passes, fortunate-ly three were for touchdowns.

    The Broncos will have a little more than a week to rest before their home opener against Tulsa next Sat-urday at 6 p.m. in Bronco Stadium.

    Lindsey HiLeMan Lifestyles Editor

    Recognized as one of Comedy Centrals 100 greatest stand-ups of all time, Paula Poundstone is one funny lady.

    This Friday, she will bring her mi-crophone, a stool and a can of Diet Pepsi to Boise, where she will per-form live at the Egyptian Theatre.

    Poundstone is a well known stand-up comedian, author and regular panelist on NPRs Wait, Wait Dont Tell Me, a weekly quiz show where host Peter Sagal lobs questions at three panelists who are

    competing for the prestige of being the most

    informed on current events.Its like being a batter in a batting

    cage, Poundstone said. And the guys I work with, I always feel like I should get a college credit just for sitting beside them because theyre very smart and very funny.

    Poundstone has various other credits to her name including her book Theres Nothing in this Book I Meant to Say, her comedy CD I Heart Jokes, HBO specials and appearances on numerous late shows and radio programs.

    At her live stand-up shows, Poundstone interacts with mem-bers of the audience with the time honored, Where are you from? What do you do? With her sponta-neity and quick wit, which gets her audience rolling with laughter, she is often asked if she uses plants in the audience or preps people before the show.

    That would take far more en-ergy than I could possibly muster, Poundstone said. I dont even dry my hair before I arrive.

    When shes not traveling the

    country telling her little jokes" as she likes to call them, Poundstone stays busy caring for her three chil-dren, 16 cats, dog, bearded dragon lizard, bunny and the single ant left from her ant farm.

    Poundstone is also a spokesper-son for the Association of Library Trustees Advocates Friends and Foundations (ALTFF)or Friends of the Library as they were once, more simply knowna network of enthusiastic library supporters.

    The library is the best deal in town, Poundstone said. Its full of sex and crime and how-to and Henry VIII and Pippi Longstocking. Im never sure whats not to love in a library.

    Poundstone to tell her little jokes

    Paula Poundstone makes fans faces hurt from laughter.

    CHeyenne PerryJournalist

    The new 2011-2012 year brings a fresh outlook to the Associate Students of Boise State University (ASBSU).

    With an executive council com-prised of a president, a vice presi-dent, a secretary of clubs and orga-nizations, a secretary of academic affairs, a secretary of external com-munications, an assembly speaker, a budget director and delegates, AS-BSU attempts to cover every basis to improve proficiency.

    ASBSU works behind the scenes at Boise State and many students do not recognize the implications of its involvement. The student-led organization focuses on facilitation, such as providing funding for clubs, but it also means helping students

    get involved, Vice President Eric Schuler said. Weve kind of taken a more personal approach to it.

    The major change in the con-struction of ASBSU this year is the Student Assembly.

    Instead of having representatives from each academic college, the Student Assembly seeks to provide more specification by compiling one representative from each aca-demic department. Members of the executive council have high hopes for the Student Assembly.

    "By switching to the assembly you have more confidence that youre going to have equal representation, Schuler said.

    Another noteworthy transforma-tion from recent years is the replace-ment of the judiciary with the single position of Student Ethics Officer.

    This station manages a commit-

    tee that translates the constitution and performs the services of the pre-vious judiciary.

    One item, President Brandie VanOrder is excited about is the Get Involved with ASBSU form. It allows direct contact for students with questions to ASBSU members.

    Its like the best part of our job, Schuler said. When we get to talk to individual students.

    ASBSU also emphasizes advo-cating for the students. This means representing the entire student body and helping students represent themselves. Students serving on committees and making decisions allows for more involvement and student voice, something Schuler and the rest of the executive council try to assist.

    Its less about us having our ideas but allowing the students to give

    feedback into those decisions so that what they want actually comes out, Schuler said.

    Finances present daunting tasks as well.

    In the past clubs have had to sub-mit applications months ahead of planned events through the Finan-cial Advisory Board.

    Changes have been made so that clubs can put in applications to the Student Funding Board two to three weeks prior to the activities.

    If I have an idea now, I can see it happen this semester, not next year when I remember to put it in my annual budget, Schuler said of the benefits of this alteration.

    Council members focus their efforts on making allocated funds open to clubs this year. Having only used a fraction of the funds set aside for clubs and organizations last year,

    ASBSU looks to increase campus involvement and activities.

    Weve just seen a lot more stu-dent interest and I think it has a lot to do with the different approach ... more students have been in here in these first four weeks than came in all last year, Ryan Gregg, ASBSU Assembly Speaker, said.

    Freshman and sophomore repre-sentation existed in the early years when Boise State was known as Boise Junior College. In 1967, the student government adapted the presidential, vice presidential, secre-tarial, treasurer and class presidential positions.

    The Senate model, based upon the U.S. government, commenced in 1997. This model lasted until last years ASBSU decided to implement new structure changes to be fulfilled this year.

    ASBSU strives to continue moving forward