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Architecting Your Killer App on AWS from the AWS Summit in India Startup Track


  • 1. Architecting yourKiller App on AWS Evangelist Amazon Web Services @jiyosub

2. Standing on the Shoulders of Giants 3. ElasticityLoose CouplingHigh AvailabilityAgility 4. ElasticityLoose CouplingHigh AvailabilityAgility 5. ElasticityOn and Off Fast GrowthVariable peaks Predictable peaks 6. ElasticityOn and Off WASTE Fast GrowthPoorVariable peaksService Predictable peaks 7. ElasticityOn and OffFast GrowthVariable peaksPredictable peaks 8. AnimotoCapacity Peak of 5,000 EC2 instances Launch of Facebook App Time 9. Im sold, how do I get it? You have to be ableto scale horizontally! 10. Scale HorizontallyStateless ComputeMore Servers = More PowerBootstrapping is your Friend 11. Design TechniquesDevelop with Load Balancer State into NoSQL or cacheAutomate Bootstrap from S3 12. ElasticityLoose CouplingHigh AvailabilityAgility 13. Loose CouplingThe looser they are coupled, the bigger they scale. 14. Upload Analysis Rendering Distribution 15. Sounds good, Illtake some Loose Coupling too Focus on ServicesSimple Queuing Service Scale Services HorizontallyAutoscale on Queue Size 16. TRANSCODERECEIVE & PUBLISHQUEUE 17. AMAZON SWFWORKFLOW SERVICE FOR SCALABLE,RESILIENT APPLICATIONS 18. TASK GRAPHWITH DECISIONS?GOODOKRECEIVE CHECKSPAM TRANSCODE VIDEO LENGTHCHECKLONG SPAMSHORTENPUBLISH REJECT VIDEO & NOTIFYuse AMAZON SWF 19. CHAINED TASKS WITHOUT DECISIONS?RECEIVE TRANSCODE NOTIFYuse AMAZON SQS 20. ElasticityLoose CouplingHigh AvailabilityAgility 21. High AvailabilityAvoid single points of failure.Assume everything fails, and designbackwards. 22. High AvailabilityAvoid single points of failureAssume everything fails, and designbackwards 23. AWS BUILDINGBLOCKSInherently Fault-Tolerant Fault-TolerantServiceswith the right Amazon S3 Amazon Route53 architecture Amazon Elastic Load Amazon EC2 SimpleDB Balancing Amazon EBS Amazon AWS IAM Amazon RDS DynamoDB AWS Elastic Amazon VPC AmazonBeanstalk CloudFront Amazon Amazon SWFElastiCache Amazon SQS Amazon EMR Amazon SNS AmazonCloudSearch Amazon SES 24. Highly Available State Consider S3 for Read Access Partition DataReduce Reliance on Relational Database Systems 25. Highly AvailableDeploymentRoute 53Build and DestroyHot Standby 26. Design for Failure 27. ElasticityLoose CouplingHigh AvailabilityAgility 28. Focus on Core CompetenciesDatabase Scaling SearchScalable Web Properties Email Services 29. Infrastructureas Code Programmatic provisioning by APIEverything in AWS is an API 30. Tool BoxAM Libraries and SDKs IAMICloudFormation 31. Agile Architecture 32. Change the ParadigmYou are no longer writing an application. You are creating an entire architecture 33. ElasticityLoose CouplingHigh AvailabilityAgility


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