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2. The White HouseAddress: 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington DC 20500The White house was built between 1792 and 1800 and is the homeand office to the president of the United States. The building wasbased off of the Neoclassical architectural style and is made up of sixstories. The architect who begun building the white house was JamesHoban and was found by president George Washington in Charleston,SC. The president liked the work that Hoban was doing on a courthouse in Charleston so he asked him to build the white house. Thewhite house has been reconstructed various times by a handful ofpresidents, but the initial building took about eight years. 3. The Washington MonumentAddress: 2 15thSt NW, Washington DC 20007Construction on the Washington Monument began in 1848 andended in 1884. The building was created to pay respect to the firstpresident, George Washington. The architect for the building of themonument was Robert Mills. The monument is constructed ofgranite, marble, and bluestone gneiss and stands at about 555 feettall, which is the tallest building in D.C. It is the worlds tallest stonestructure and stands to the east of the Reflecting Pool and theLincoln Memorial. The Washington Monument is currently underconstruction due to damage caused by hurricane Irene. 4. The Lincoln MemorialAddress: 2 Lincoln Memorial Cir NW, Washington DC 20037The Lincoln Memorial was built to honor Abraham Lincoln, the16thpresident. The architect for the building was Henry Bacon.The memorial was structured after Greek temples and is aneoclassical monument. Inside there is a statue of Lincoln whichis 19 ft. high and weighs about 175 tons. The sculptors namewas Daniel Chester French. Also found on the interior, there isLincolns 2ndinaugural speech and his Gettysburg address whichare engraved. 5. Union StationAddress: 40 Massachusetts Ave NE, Washington DC 20002Union Station opened on October 27th1907. It wasimportant because it brought all of the cities rail roads toone place, which allowed for more tourists. The architectfor the building was Daniel Burnham and the architecturalstyle was Beaux-Arts and very classical. It is made ofmarble, gold leaf, and granite. Today it serves Amtrak,Metro subway trains, and local buses. 6. Saint Matthews CathedralAddress: 1725 Rhode Island Ave NW, Washington DC 20036Saint Matthews Cathedral is a Roman Catholic Cathedralestablished in 1839. It was dedicated to the Apostle Matthewand has a 35 ft mosaic of Matthew inside. It is the seat of theArchbishop Donald Cardinal Wuerl. The building is a red brickchurch with Romanesque architecture, which was inspired byItalian churches. The architects name is C. Grant LaFarge. TheCathedral is shaped like a Latin cross and seats around 950people. 7. The Washington NationalCathedralAddress: 3 101 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington DC 20016The Washington National Cathedral is an Episcopal church and is thesecond largest cathedral in the United States. Construction on thebuilding began in 1907 with the head architect being George FrederickBodley and the supervising architect being Henry Vaughan. Thecathedrals architectural style is gothic and the primary building materialis gray Indiana limestone. The cathedral is very decorated, it containsover 200 stained glass windows. Not only is it a church, but it is also aburial place for many important people, from Woodrow Wilson toHelen Keller. 8. The Old Post Office PavilionAddress: 1100 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington DC 20004The Old Post Office Pavilion is known as the old post office and theclock tower, but was renamed the Nancy Hanks Center. It wasdesigned by Willoughby J. Edbrooke, and is very old-fashioned and hasa rustication style that includes semi circular arches. The building has a315 ft clock tower, and was the first government building to have itsown personal electric power plant. 9. The Library of CongressAddress: 101 Independence Ave SE, Washington DC 20540The Library of Congress was founded in 1800 by John Adams. It is theresearch library of the United States Congress and is one of the the largestlibraries in the world. The library is located in four buildings. The people ofthe public are not allowed to check out any books, only high rankinggovernment officials and employees are allowed to do so. 10. Works Cited "National Park Site." National Register ofHistoric Places Official Website., 13Jun 2011. Web. 29 Apr 2013. "Old Post Office Pavilion-One of DC area." TheOld Post Office Pavilion. Hill Partners Inc..Web. 29 Apr 2013.. Photographs taken by myself and my brother